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Bella Juicer Reviews: Informative Knowledge For You

This article is a detailed review of  Bella juicer extractor, which particularly is the Bella 13694 model. There is a common statement that you will get what you pay for. Nonetheless, that awareness is not suitable for the Bella juicer machine. Although this product gets an inexpensive price, it goes beyond my expectations. Therefore, I read a bella juicer reviews based on my experience to bring you all pros and cons, and especially its outstanding features. 

This juicer is one of the best machines to help you make freshly healthy drinks at home. You can be able to juice ingredients from thick shape to leafy greens into an absolutely energizing and healthy nutrient glass of goodness.

The following content will give you a clear idea on the Bella juicer that you are planning to purchase. Let’s dive in and it would be beneficial for you with my bella juicer reviews.

3 Striking Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Bella Juicer

You are chasing a healthy lifestyle with juicing that is a great idea. Consuming juices not only help people absorb the ultimate nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables, but also good for ones who are on a diet. I am a huge fan of smoothies and always get one in the morning, that is a good way for me to refresh myself after a long sleep. Before I start the bella juicer reviews, I will provide you several things so you can consider when bringing a Bella juicer extractor home.

Knowing tips to invest in a right juicer is important for your budget and preferences. Here are a few things you should take into account to make a proper decision.

  1. What purpose do you use a juicer for?

There are many juicer models to serve for each purpose such as juicer for tomato, for carrots, juicer for celery. Indeed, a lot of juicers are designed to juice thick and harder ingredients. You ought to buy a juicer that suits best for the fruit and vegetable types you want to juice. I personally find that the Bella juicer 13694 is good at juicing dense and citruses products, however, it is quite inappropriate for leafy greens. 

  1. Types

There are two popular kinds of juicer including masticating and centrifugal juicers

  • Masticating: also well-known as slow juicers

In my viewpoint, this kind is expensive and produces less juice as they create small heat, causing them to cost more if you need to juice greater batches.

  • Centrifugal: 

Some people claim that centrifugal juicers will destroy nutrients because they have a quick juicing process. I see that this juicer type produces excellent juices that are wealthy in colors and nutrients. And I also can experience the benefits of these juices, just as great as juicer made from masticating juicer extractors.

The Belle juicer is a centrifugal type that from my experience, it really brings many advantages for juicing.

  1. Budget 

The juicer quality may reflect through its price. When people look at a low-priced juicer, they often pass it. Bella 13694 juicer is really worth it even though it has a low price. This product has surprised me with both the cost and functions.

So do not underestimate anything before you start using them. However, if you prefer a higher juicer extractor, there are a bunch of choices for you to select. On the other hand, when you are on a tight budget, browse top best cheap juicer, you will definitely get one.

Determine how much you can afford to buy the right appliance. The most pricey juicer machines are not the most effective, therefore, planning a budget will assist you to begin on your hunt.

I just mentioned the most 3 outstanding factors for you to look at prior to purchasing your juicer. There are some different things you should also pay attention to. The more vital reminder is how your juice tastes rather than what juicer machine product you buy.   Anyways, cheer up for your decision to start a healthy lifestyle with juices.

Overview Of Bella 13694 Juicer Extractor Machine


One of the most remarkable features of this product is its 1000 watt motor, which cannot be found in any juicers at such a price. Running in a 1000-watt motor that rotates the cutting disc at a 2-setting speed of 14000 RPMs and 12000 RPMs. The smaller speed is to juice soft ingredients such as oranges and pears. 

The product is equipped with a micro-mesh filter to produce the juice out and keeps the waste from dripping, so you can enjoy a pure juice. The Bella juicer is made of stainless steel materials, which helps to improve resistance to leaks. 

The Bella juicer is a worth investment with not only the energy efficiency but also the durability. You can use it everyday without the fear of straining its performance and effectiveness. All elements of this model are BPA-free. 

Featured an extra-wide 3’’ feed chute so you do not have to spend much time pre-cutting fruits and vegetables to start juicing. This size is huge enough to match a whole peeled orange or an apple without the need of cutting.

The Bella 13694 juicer extractor works the most suitable for juicing hard ingredients such as carrot, celery and beet. Fruits like cucumber, apple, strawberry, mango and similar products also can be juiced from this  Bella juicer. Nonetheless, leafy greens for example spinach and kale will be quite difficult to juice with this model. You may roll them up and cram the chute feed then start the machine, that way will be more efficient and easy to juice.

The useful tip for you here is to interchange among hard and soft fruits and vegetables to boost yield. A few customers believe that the Bella juicer also has a struggling time juicing carrots and beets although it possesses the strong motor. 

But you can reduce that issue by using a small pace while forcing pressure down. The Bella juicer features an anti-drip outlet, which is the unique handy characteristic of centrifugal juicers products. A spout has to be changed from a closed place into an open position prior to beginning the juicing process. 

The Bella 13694 juicer manufacturer provides you a full 2-year warranty to guarantee the quality and long-lasting using trust. Almost all centrifugal juicers get up to 5 years of warranty as the high speed that participates in the juicing making process make the motor burn out quickly.

You are a newbie to juicer machines, you will surprisingly know how easy the Bella juicer is to operate and clean. The Bella 13694 model is detachable, that means you can use the dishwasher to clean your juicer as it is safe. 

The product’s parts such as the juicer bowl, pulp container, chute feed and pusher are effortlessly clean by rising off with water or put on the highest location of the dishwasher for a detailed washing. 


  • Extremely affordable
  • Possess a sturdy 1000-watt motor
  • Extra-huge feed chute reduces prep-time
  • Stainless steel materials for long-lasting durability
  • BPA free and dishwasher-safe
  • Massive capacity
  • Eye-catching design


  • Noisy
  • Not good at juicing leafy greens
  • Solely 2000 RPMs distinctive among the 2-setting speeds
  • Some consumers complaint about cracking Bella juicer’s plastic parts

Detailed Features Of Bella Juicer Reviews

The Bella 13694 juicer is an amazing machine for beginners with a hard motor run, large chute feed and plentiful juice amount juice produced for an actual low-price product. I write my experience though this bella juicer reviews post to provide you all the benefits as well as drawbacks of its features. Then you can rely on that before purchasing for Bella 13946 juicer. 

  1. Dimensions and Appearance (3.5/5)

This Bella juicer has a 14-inch height, 9.7 width inches and 17.3-inche depth, it is considered a medium-sized juicer. It can fit in a difference of kitchen surfaces. This juicer has a sight weight of 8.8 pounds, which helps you to carry it easily. 

The Bella 13694 juicer extractor is made of polished stainless steel materials and dark elements. With this kind of material, you can feel secure about the durability and rust problems. 

*Note: With the Bella juicer’s eye-catching design, it contributes to the look of kitchen decoration.

  1. Energy Effectiveness (4/5)

Running a 1000-watt motor with a setting of 2 speeds including 12000 RPMs and 14000 RPMs, this Bella 13694 juicer machine manifests adequate power to produce ultimate juice from hard ingredients such as pears, guava and apples, even carrots and beets. 

If you want to juice soft fruits such as oranges, mangoes and peaches, using a lower speed function is great. The Bella juicer is equipped with a micro wire filter that produces silky juices as that mesh keeps the waste and pulp separate to the juice. You always can enjoy smooth and fresh juices without the annoying pulp left. 

Owing to its extreme-sharp edges, this product can be capable of juice leafy greens including celery, spinach and kale. However, the Bella juicer is not the best for juicing leafy greens. 

*Note: Customers are suggested to roll along leafy greens together to create them harder, so easier for juicing.

  1. Anti-drip Spout (2/5)

The Bella 13694 juicer is one of rare centrifugal juicers I checked that equipped an against-drip spout. This characteristic helps you to get rid of the strainer bowl from the head body of the juicer appliance, and transfer the juice holder from the filter container devoid of dripping your juice out of the tube.

Almost all of centrifugal juicers do not come with anti-drip tubes, as manufacturers feel that their addition is not essential. It is a special new function of the Bella juicer model, however, this causes more tricky to clean the machine. The plastic cover that is spinned to change the spout to an open or closed site cannot be taken out, so it will be a problem if you wish to wash the spout correctly.

*Note: The need of Bella’s against-drip spout adjustment does not create any additional difficulty to assemble. 

  1. Exclusive Juice Container (2.5/5)

Centrifugal juicer products are designed with a juice holder including 2 distinctive parts: the container itself and a cap that matches over that container and is particularly made to suit the whole juicer’s juice tube. This Bella product consists of the same 2-section, but plus an additional chrome sleeve. It has a sole aim is to formulate the juice holder standing beside the juicer, entirely assembled, more appealingly appearance. 

From my point of view, I noticed that the chrome sleeve presence leaned towards the negative side than a positive on how it influenced the total juicer functionally. In placing those 2 sections together, I saw it was moderately simple to take out of the sleeve from the holder, but it was really tricky to assemble back into the sleeve. Besides, the sleeve inclusion also had difficulty for the juicer cleaning process.

*Note: Users may experience the tricky to place the chrome sleeve around its juice container to exactly suit into position.

  1. Simplicity of Use (3.5/5)

Owing to an extra-wide chute feed of 3 inches, you can effortlessly stuff this Bella juicer 13694 with different characteristics of ingredients following little cuts or without pre-cutting. Users can juice a whole apple without sliding, or a middle-size orange without chopping can be fed to the chute tube, however, people should peel outer skin to prevent bitterness. 

This feature may be ideal for those who are always in a rush and need a fast, healthy and refreshing cup of juice, which still provides enough nutrients for meals.

The Bella juicer also includes a 1-litre pot, it allows you to produce more juice with no need of an additional container. The jar comes with a pouring stream and a squish-free lid, assisting the juice extraction operation easily and avoiding kitchen messes.

This juicer product is tactically robusted with underneath rubbers to keep it away from dropping off the counter, that means you do not have to hold onto the machine while juicing. Furthermore, there is also a firm lock to avert leaks when the juicer is operating.

*Note: Big size fruits such as pineapple and watermelon need to be cut before juicing. Newbie consumers can never be worried working with such an excellent Bella juicer thanks to its manual instructions, mentions a diversity of tips that will be easy to help them start juicing.

  1. Easy For Cleaning Up ( 2.5/5)

Most parts of the Bella juicer 13694 are safe for dishwashers, which helps the cleaning process is not complicated. The disassembly parts such as the juice bowl, juice pot, pulp container, pusher and chute feed can be washed with clean water or put on the dishwasher’s highest rack for a depth cleaning. 

The filter and cutting edge should be cleaned by a specific brush composed in the parcel. The stainless steel materials aid the outside components of this Bella juicer effortless to clean as well. 

However, users can face some cleaning issues due to the chrome sleeve. The parts that are made of chrome finish, are hard to clean or I can say tricky to clean to the spot where they seem clean. 

*Note: The benefits of stainless steel products are safe and easy to clean with or without dishwashers. 

  1. Durability (3/5)

The Bella juicer brand provides customers with 2 years of manufacturer warranty, that means the constructors are confident on the durability of this juicer. The product external is made of stainless steel, which contributes to the whole appliance hardy. Its cutting edges are also designed with stainless steel, therefore, it can be able to handle the pressure and speed while it is juicing hard fruits and vegetables.

The filter is produced from micro-mesh material, which increases its rust resistant. You will feel secure with BPA-free plastic of Bella parts, which makes the appliance endure the challenge of time.

*Note: The rubber foundation that avoids the device from dropping off the surface also promotes its durable longevity.

If you are a beginner of using juicer, I attach this video hope you have a clearer idea on how to disassemble and clean this Bella juicer:

Some Alternative Choices

The Bella juicer is a good selection if you are a newbie on juicing. With my bella juicer reviews above, you may still be confused by a lot of things before purchasing. Although this Bella juicer is a worthy investment, I will advise you of some other differences of juicer models so you can compare and make an appropriate decision. Let’s follow me and discover some interesting comparisons.

Breville BJE430SIL

HZz0ZdaAYE3ktnJyutLMUxQ6nSjn1QGr2ixNhdtKheHQO Cvc9lCXWGanhcBtS1E7mcSK2vDA Rc0T 09CBK 3W7ZioKu7uGJbCTeqqjhx7iWPwD3qb4l T2toQ1N6d9bg72l1Vj

One of the heaviest competitors to compare with the Bella 13964 juicer is this Breville BJE430SIL model. While the Bella juicer operates quite noisy, this Breville runs quieter juicing thanks to its small speed motor of 850 watts. 

Temperature can decrease the juice nutrition, therefore, picking a cold juicer extractor is a brilliant option. The Breville juicer has exploited the “Cold Spin Technology” of the brand to change ingredients throughout its cutting disk and wire with a noticeable juicer’s heat.

Another difference of this Breville from the Bella 13694 juicer is that it features a LED display, which can notice you to stop juicing when the motor is overloaded. Hence, the motor is long-lasting and provides high protection. 

The model produces juices that can keep in good nutrition juices for 3 days. You just need to rotate the juicer lid of the juice pot before placing it in the fridge. An extra positive point of this product is its juicing flexibility with various kinds of ingredients such as celery to carrot, broccoli, beets, avocado and apple. 

Cleaning is an easy task as most components are safe for dishwashers, except the juicer shelter, juice pot and lid, however, it does not require much effort. To reduce the energy, you can place a compostable bag into the pulp bottle. There are some similar Breville juicers products you can refer to.

Distinctive points:

  • Runs quieter
  • Higher price
  • Cold Spin Technology to prevents loss to nutrients and vitamins from heat and procedure
  • LED display to notice when the motor is overburden juicing
  • Suitable juicing for all kinds of hard to soft fruits and vegetables
  • Controllable with 2 speeds for harder or softer fruits and vegetables
  • Enormous juice capacity and huge pulp container
  • Small wattage

KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Extractor

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This product features a mighty motor with further 1300 watt potential in a dimension which is only lesser compared to that of numerous standard juicers. The other thing that makes this KOIOS juicer exceptional from the Bella 13694 juicer is that it is designed with shiny innovative stainless steel with 13-row jagged  saws smoothly allocated, providing more sophisticated crush, accurate mesh and greater juice produce. 

This juicer comes with a 16 oz cup of juice, so it allows you to produce enough juice for your family in the morning and you do not have to worry about clogging and foaming after juicing. Just enjoy your fresh and healthy morning juices for an energy day.

With this KOIOS, you can also juice a whole apple or pear without pre-cutting  prior to juicing. Furthermore, like the Bella juicer, you do not have to hold onto the machine when the juice is being produced. This KOIOS juicer presents versatility for you to juice with 2-wheel and pulse mode. 

The advanced speed ranges from 12000 to 15000 rotation per minute is appropriately juice soft ingredients such as tomatoes and peeled oranges, meanwhile, if you are juicing harder fruits and vegetables like celery, carrots and beets, the strong speed of 15000 to 18000 spin per minute is more suitable. 

Another plus point of this KOIOS juicer is that it is effortless to clean compared to the Bella juicer product. It also features BPA free and 304 mesh filters with all made of stainless steel for durability, which not only helps you to juice efficiently but also does not take much time for cleaning up. 

There are soft and hard ingredients you could choose to juice, however, soft fruits and vegetables are tricky to juice. Therefore, if you usually juice soft vegetables such as tomatoes, there would be many tomato juicers that are produced to be the most suitable for juicing them.

Distinctive points:

  • Larger motor of 1300 watt
  • Developed 13-row jagged saws for operating exactly and producing absolute juice from fruits and vegetables
  • Huge juice capacity of 16oz in short time
  • Big chute feed
  • Do not need to cling onto the machine while operating
  • Lower speed of 12000 to 15000 spin per minute to juice sorf fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, while powerful speed ranges from 15000 to 18000 rotation per minute is for harder ingredients like apples, celery.
  • Easier clean than the Bella juicer
  • 304 mesh filters to promote the effectiveness

Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

K3wf43VjsPoX94QJVewRynILyFEPlsDAl0axXz hciIpEI9RFrAoClk BM8vgG3Pql2OAdzryzrRuYrRd8YDjUYKAW KpDuEKp8yZG7iNraJhOgy132ZppPrG1 LiTMTigeZ1aQX

This Omega juicer model is also a heavy competitor of the Bella 13694 juicer. The model possesses the Nutrition System, which could get attention from any juice homemade. It is a masticating juicer machine with a small 80 RPMs speed. 

This product diminishes high temperature build-up as well as reduces the oxidation process, which can simply juice any kinds of ingredients and boost the beneficial enzyme. Another different feature of this Omega model compared to the Bella juicer is that it is designed with the auger scheme into a cavity to crush and push the fruits and vegetables into the juice chute feed without lacking nutrients.  

Besides, the Omega model appears with a unique developed nutrition arrangement with the absolute functions for extracting the ultimate nutrients, vitamins and enjoy with a healthy wheatgrass, fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for your health. 

This product comes with an adjustable end cap along with 5 controller settings for the greatest juice production. Although it runs a strong motor, it still gives you a quieter working environment than the Bella juicer so you do not have to worry about disturbing others. You can save time for preparing cups of fresh and healthy juice for your family thanks to its large juice capacity and make sure to drink nonstop juicing with automated ejecting pulp.

Distinctive points:

  • Small speeds of 80 RPMs
  • Minimize high temperature developed
  • Decrease the oxidation to keep juices in a good condition and maintain the healthy nutrients
  • Has the auger scheme to prevent leaking valuable nutrients from ingredients while juicing
  • Unique advanced nutrition scheme to extract the ultimate nutrients for juices
  • Runs quieter if you are disturbed about the noise environment
  • Large capacity that suitable for producing juice for the whole family
  • Featured an automated ejecting pulp to make sure you can enjoy nonstop juicing with your beloved ones

Aicook 3-in-1 Slow Juicer

gHaC lwxUkOvErryDIcjAsbTowHhwRUu1JhQT7kdOSKUZ7iZTszL7GB84sb1DQ0V4W4ZDfeu0 oyuAl9aoE7tMJR9bfeaihtgl bGmhK6 n5dT ANDZJnqvxyTXypc1xW

This product is a great alternative choice as it will not disappoint you with its excellent flexible features. Compared to the Bella juicer, this model has a greater dimension, which would be a problem for those with small kitchen space. 

It is equipped with 2 filters, one rough and other is fine, which helps you to examine how much pulp produces into your finished juice drinks. With the Bella 13694 juicer product, you cannot make desserts like ice cream, however, this Aicook model allows you to do it. In order to create your favorite frozen desserts, you just need to remove 2 strainers.

This juicer can also puree baby food, which makes it a better pick for those seeking for a juicer that can produce different things. Concentrated to the Bella juicer model, this product runs noiseless with a low 60 decibels level. 

It has a wide feed chute of 3 inches, however, I suggest you should still cut hard fruits and vegetables such as carrots into small pieces to make juice more effective. This product also has a longer warranty period of 3 years compared to 2 years of the Bella juicer.

Distinctive points:

  • 2 different strainers including one rough and one fine, help you be able to control how much pulp left when juicing is done
  • Can make desserts such as ice cream
  • Can be able to puree baby food, suitable for those who want to possess a versatile juicer function
  • Runs quietly with a low 60 decibels level compared to the Bella juicer
  • Large feed chute of 3’’, however, it is advisable to cut hard ingredients to make juice process effectively
  • Longer warranty period of 3 years

Sum Up

The Bella juicer is a brilliant choice for both price and function. At a price of around $60, it may be much cheaper than other centrifugal juicers, however, you can believe and give it a try, then you can impress with its useful and functional product. 

With my bella juicer reviews, I hope you get an informative idea on how it works, the pros and cons of this product. However, it has some drawbacks, but they are not a big deal than the advantages it offers you. This Bella juicer would be appropriate for people who are finding a powerful budget juicer. The 1000 watt motor will efficiently help users have a strong power to juice fruits and vegetables in a few minutes and sturdy to handle a daily juice without worrying of overwork. 

I would say people always get a delighted feeling when they buy a cheap product but still operate excellent like the Bella juicer. This is all about the Bella review I propose for you. In conclusion, this is an amazing centrifugal juicer that is not only affordable, but also suitable for those who are looking for their very first juicer machine. Thanks to its strong motor, extra-wide chute feed and extracting the absolute juice from ingredients, users can use it easily as well as quickly get fresh and healthy juices everyday. Hope my bella juicer reviews post gives you a relaxed time for your search and if you find that useful, give me your thoughts about my article. Click here to check the other juicer products if you want and soon bring one to start a green life. Cheers.

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