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Top 13 Best Blenders For Green Smoothies In 2021: Which Is The Best For Your Choices?

On the market today, the family blender is increasingly designed for convenience, depending on each family's needs. Therefore, to choose to buy the best blender for green smoothies, customers need to know their desired uses, learn about the benefits, and classify today's blender.

Do you want a tasty and nutritious fruit smoothie to be processed quickly? Without splashing about, would you like to grind fine-grained grains? The blender would make the housework of the human easier.

 To support you choose the right one for your needs, has picked the best blenders for green smoothies for you right here. Read our thorough analysis of the top 13 blenders for green smoothies below if you don't know what kind of blender you want.

best blender for green smoothies
best blender for green smoothies
best blender for green smoothies
best blender for green smoothies
best blender for green smoothies

Best Blender For Overall

Best Blender For Quick Smoothie Cravings

Best Blender For Powerful

Best Blender For Value

Best Blender For Auto-Cleaning

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best blender for green smoothies, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top Best Blender For Green Smoothies Reviews 2021

The Pro 750 from Vitamix is the first blender on our list. You may also note the Vitamix is also the next thing after it. 

 The Pro 750 is short and wide design-wise, so we think people with small kitchen spaces will appreciate it. This comprehensive design also means that you don't have to continually use your tamper to push your greens towards the vortex because they do not pile up on the sides.

Another noticeable difference is that the 750 has five preset programs. These five programs include soup, frozen desserts, grinding coffee and nuts, and batter/dough mixing. Vitamix's other neat program is the auto-clean setting, which is useful because this blender is not dishwasher safe.


  • Most cabinets can be fit
  • A big pitcher can contain several ingredients.
  • Functions preset
  • Strong but silent engine
  • An effective process for cooling
    Seven-year pledge


  • Expensive prices
  • Not power-efficient

The Vitamix 5200 blender is getting hot on our list. This blender is our top choice for its reliability and power compared to the more expensive Pro 750.

First, let us discuss the BPA-free container. The Vitamix 5200 has a box of copolyester Eastman Tritan. This substance makes the 64-ounce container robust and dampens the sound made while mixing at the same time. To preventing movement during operation, the box rests on a rubber pad that serves as a buffer and decreases vibration. For easier pouring of material, it also has an ergonomic soft-grip handle.

Also, the container has the patented easy-off 2-part vented lid from Vitamix. This arrangement ensures that while adding ingredients when mixing to prevent spillage, you can quickly remove the lid plug by twisting it off. For green smoothies, this choice is beneficial, mostly if you have forgotten some ingredients or if you want to monitor the quality of each portion. 

The 2-peak horsepower motor of the Vitamix 5200 can rotate the blades at 37,000rpm. Aircraft-grade, hardened stainless 3-inch steel blades are the blades of the blender itself, ideal for slicing up green leafy plants, frozen fruits, and ice.


  • Durable 64 oz Eastman Tritan jar that resists vibration
  • A powerful combination of the engine and blades for consistent mixing
  • Effective cooling down
  • Easy-to-use dial for speed control
  • Seven-year guarantee
  • Cleans quite quickly


  • Some individuals can find it loud
  • Unremovable blades

Blendtec's Absolute Classic Original Blender's blending operation continues with intentionally dull blades. The tough fibers that make greens so tricky to get right for smoothies are crushed and reduced to mud. In your smoothie, the Blendtec cylinder on which the blades are mounted produces a vortex that attracts ingredients through the edge rather than moving them out. After that, we will have a creamy, light green drink that is smooth.

It is easy to clean, like our top pick. Only apply water and a little soap, and with the force of its engine, it'll clean itself. For full flexibility, it has programmable cycles too. It's so useful that the blades will whirl with enough friction to steam up the broth if you like it. 

What you're not going to like about this is the price. It won't come cheap. You're not going to like noise, either.


  • Smoothly mixing greens
  • Self-cleaning


  • Noisy
  • Expensive

The Explorian of Vitamix puts super-sharp stainless steel blades on top of one of every blender's most efficient motors for cutting action that virtually liquifies greens. You'll plop in fibrous kale and spinach with only a little bit of liquid and think you're mixing mushy strawberries, bananas, and yogurt. 

It's quiet because of all that strength. It's not going to stress you are making a bunch of rackets blending a smoothie for breakfast. Even though the blade column is not reusable, it's easy to clean. For a drop or two of dish soap, dump some warm water into the basin and turn it on. In a minute, it self-cleans itself.

The other thing that makes this a good blender for greens is that green smoothies help improve your spirit, which you're going to need once you look at the price. It's super pricey.


  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Grinds greens smoothly


  • Expensive prices

Our next blender may sound like a popular film franchise, but the question is, when it comes to mixing your greens, does it come close to success? 

It looks like a regular blender, physically; a pitcher with a pouring spout and a base of 1100 watts. By pulling on the very prominent ring at the end, you can take off the lid of the pitcher. You can see three presets consisting of a green smoothie, auto pulse/ ice crush, and a smoothie as you switch to the control panel.

We find the green smoothie feature helpful with vegetables such as kale and celery, but with a minor drawback of leftover peels from fruits. Regardless of what greens you add, the green smoothie feature can last for 60 seconds, which can be a concern if you put other ingredients that take a longer time to blend.

But don't worry, at any time during mixing, you can customize each preset feature's speed with 1 (lowest) labeled as mix and 5 (highest) labeled as liquified.  

What's special about the BBL620 is that it's safe for dishwashing, but you can still take advantage of its auto-clean functionality at the same time. Just fill it with a little soap and water and push the auto-clean button. We will complement the BBL620's auto-clean feature and name it in this analysis the best blenders for green smoothies.


  • Auto-clean feature
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Shuts off immediately after the countdown
  • The overload protector device stops overheating.
  • Die-cast foundation and stainless steel blades of surgical-grade


  • Visible peels after a mixture
  • Blades should not be detached

No products found.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 uses a 1-high torque power base combined with an emulsifying stainless steel blade to produce the "cyclonic action" unique to the NutriBullet Pro. This action results in an easy breakup of seeds, whole fruit, and wheatgrass. The NutriBullet Pro skill makes this model our choice for the best personal blender because even with hard ingredients, it will give you a smooth consistency in your blend.

We note that this product is useful for individuals who want their green smoothie on-the-go and it helps to have a flip-top to-go lid that suits your smoothie in any Nutribullet Pro cup for mess-free travel. You can also get a gigantic 32-oz mug with one lip ring and a tall 24-oz cup for easy drinking with one treated lip ring. Twist the cup in the opposite direction after blending and lift it from the base of the blender. Then add the lid, and it's ready for flying. 

Cleaning is also convenient since the blade soap and water can be rinsed, and the cups are clean for the dishwasher.


  • Great for green smoothies on-the-go
  • Compact
  • Quick to clean


  • Noisy
  • A warranty lasting one year
  • Prone to leaks and spills due to repeated usage or errors by users

We'd propose the Blender By Cleanblend if you're looking for a reasonable balance between quality blending and price. It doesn't quite have our top two picks' blending ability or features, and it's not as affordable for the cash as our best. Among them, it sits right. 

If you don't like the odd fiber loop, it does a decent enough job with green smoothies, and like our top two picks, it's self-cleaning. 

Of course, it is pretty loud. When it cleans itself, for proper cleaning and repair, it sometimes needs a complete disassembly. This one is impossible to take apart.


  • Strong efficiency and value balance
  • Plays great on greens
  • Self-cleaning


  • Noisy
  • Difficult to take apart

With this blender, mixing soft fruits is not a question, but note to take the core out of apples and pears if you place them for a smooth consistency in your green smoothie. Greens and vegetables are finely textured, so to reach the perfect quality, you should play with the liquid and proportions of the vegetables applied when mixing. 

The single-serve Ninja cups for green smoothies would perform well and pulverize fruits and vegetables better than the pitcher.There is also no problem with the machine smashing frozen fruits and ice cubes. There is no tamper, so you should use the pulse button to assist with a smoother mixing vortex. At pulse velocity, you can even cut vegetables. 

The drawbacks we have with this device are that you have to be vigilant with the sharp removable blades when it comes to washing. The pitcher also has crevasses that need cleaning with extra effort. 

When mixing, you should also not add ingredients to the blender because it does not have a tamper to drive the blades' components further. We also assume that over years of use, the rubbery plastic base will wear out. Also, the device is loud during operation.


  • The model 2-in-1
  • Strong reliability of green smoothies, particularly with the Ninja cups
  • Ice and frozen fruit can be combined.
  • Affordable


  • Removable Sharp Blades
  • Noisy
  • For prolonged use, pieces can not be durable

The BL770 has a powerful 2-hp motor that can mix dense smoothies with very a few residual pulps from the ingredients. If you're thinking of producing a big batch of green smoothies, the 72 oz pitcher is also appropriate. A tower blade assembly that is ideal for mixing soft fruits and vegetables is within this pitcher.

The blender, though, creates a grainy feel from harsh ingredients such as carrots, broccoli, mango, and cauliflower. This result can be a concern for individuals who want a smooth texture in their drinks, mostly because most green smoothie recipes use fibrous-rich ingredients. 

We also find that the skins and seeds of berries were not pulverizing entirely. For those who have preferred a touch of texture in their smoothies, these findings will work.

With this blender, frozen fruits and ice cubes are not a concern, but low-quality plastic containers may grow cracks from repeated heavy loads of these ingredients, so be careful. To reach the perfect blending quality with the elements, you can also use the pulse button to drive the components down into the vortex.


  • Strong for ingredients frozen
  • Right for those who want a smoothie of texture
  • The machine has a lever that locks it during use on the counter.


  • The grainy texture of smoothie with certain ingredients 
  • Accumulating ingredients on the sides of the pitcher
  • The restricted setting of three-speed
  • During washing, sharp blades can be harmful
  • Noisy
  • One-Year Guarantee

If you enjoy the two 16-oz cups used in the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender, maybe an enticing alternative sounds like a blender that contains 3 cups in different sizes. For on-the-go mixing, the BL482 consists of 18, 24, and 32-ounce cups with two spout lids. We assume that with the number of smoothies you can produce, the various cup sizes will give you comfort and independence. Best of all, in addition to the engine, everything is dishwasher safe!

The BL482 control panel only consists of four keys, similar to our previous blenders. There are no dedicated smoothie presets, but on the right side, there is the blend (45 secs) and ultra blend (60 secs) feature to choose from. These two tasks have allocated time cycles that you can see in the middle counted down by the timer. There are two buttons on the panel's left side typical for most blenders: the pulse and start/stop control.

The timer of this blender is equally beneficial to Breville because it helps you realize how long you have been pulsing or blending to prevent having an overheated engine. But the blender will automatically switch off anyway if the machine happens to hit a high temperature. You will ask to wait for a while before using it again if that happens. 

Finally, even though the BL482 is at par with other blenders that use on-the-go cups, this machine can be susceptible to a short lifetime due to a limited one-year warranty. It is also a very noisy model that, during use, shakes.


  • Three different cup sizes
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Timer
  • Automatically shuts off to prevent overheating


  • Over time, sharp blades will wear out
  • Issues surrounding leaks
  • One-Year Guarantee
  • During operation, the blender is not secure and can slip off the counter unattended
  • Noisy

A classic-looking blender from Oster is next in our review. 

As its control buttons take up most of the area on its foundation, the Oster Pro 1200 stands out from the rest. With three preset functions (green/frozen smoothies, food chop/salsa, and milkshake) at the end, the control buttons are arranged in an inverted pyramid. The Oster Pro also features a 7-speed mode that you can choose from under the preset buttons by selecting low, medium, or high buttons.

You should start with the Oster Pro if you're searching for a machine that you can use to pursue the green smoothie bandwagon, but you're too skeptical about sticking to a personal blender. The Oster Pro's smoothie feature works well, but we urge you to start combining more problematic ingredients such as carrots and leafy greens first to pulverize them thoroughly.

What if I made a smoothie just for myself? No concerns, a 24-oz cup with a lid also features the Oster Pro 1200. The same way you mix with a personal blender, you can use this 24-oz cup. This cup is, though, a little larger to fit correctly to the base of the blender. We have pointed out no o-ring on the cover that comes with the cup to act as an added grip. This lid configuration can be a concern because, if you unintentionally tip the cup over, it can cause leaks.


  • Affordable, but powerful enough to create "smooth" smoothies
  • Easy control panel to use without confusing symbols
  • Quick to clean


  • Leaks can be caused by user mistakes in adding and reattaching the components

Both personal blenders are also our last two devices. But first, let's start with the Ninja Personal Blender. We suggest the QB3001SS if you want a stylish-looking personal blender that does not take up much room in your kitchen.  

You can get two 16-oz cups when you buy this kit, each of which comes with its cover. What's good about these cups is that they feel robust for fast drinking and their lids have spouts.

This blender utilizes a motor base of 700 watts and has enough power to make you well-blended smoothies such as spinach and kale from leafy veggies. By pressing the cup down to help you pulverize more problematic ingredients with stems, you can also take advantage of its pulse feature. 

The lids, cups, and blades are also dishwasher secure for washing. But with the scissors, you've got to be careful because they're sharp. We assume that while sharpness works well in developing a well-blended green smoothie, it could be a drawback in the future. They will theoretically fade with time and impact the nature of the smoothie's consistency, as we have discussed with other sharp blender blades.


  • Durable cups
  • Can pulverize fibrous ingredients
  • Easy to clean


  • Over time, sharp blades will dull
  • No chronometer
  • For certain individuals, 16-oz can be a small serving

This machine from Black + Decker, a personal blender, is another affordable choice. For anyone looking to get a single serving of their green smoothie on-the-go. 

Two 20-oz jars of twist-on travel lids and a 275-watt motor base come with the machine. It also has a FusionBlade in stainless steel and a necessary power on/off switch. The jars, lids, and blades are all safe for dishwashing as well. This machine can render smoothies from soothing ingredients, but it can take more time for more challenging and denser ingredients to mix.

We don't like this machine because it was complicated to put the container on the blender base, and if you're not careful, it could get messy. We appreciate the 2-year warranty for this price point on this device, however.


  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • 2-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • No arrangement up a pulse 
  • Jar positioning is vulnerable to user error.
  • It will take longer to mix harder and denser ingredients.

How To Choose To Buy The Best Blenders For Green Smoothies

best blender for green smoothies

The primary use of a Blender to create delicious, cool fruit smoothies needs to be decided. Any of our tips below will help you pick the right blender for your favorite dishes to be processed. There are currently several forms of blender on the market, but you should remember the following problems to pick the best blenders for green smoothies that suits your needs. 

Demand for use

First, take a deep breath and think about what you buy a blender for?

best blender for green smoothies

A product that suits your needs, not redundancy - is always a smart consumer choice. We have many cases, willing to spend more than the initial budget to own products with various features but only use them a couple of times. To process vegetables, meat, and fish as baby food, you can consider using a hand blender.

If your needs are only grinding pepper, dried nuts, or ordinary fruit grinding, a traditional blender is the best choice. The versatile blender is suitable for mixing nutritious drinks or cooking with unique recipes.

Product capacity

It is a fact that when choosing to buy a blender, consumers often learn more about the design and features of the machine and ignore information about grinding capacity.

best blender for green smoothies

So, to choose a blender with how much capacity is reasonable? The answer to this question depends on what type of blender you want to buy and its purpose?

The rotating speed of the blade depends entirely on the power consumption of the machine. The larger the capacity, the faster the grinding time, the higher the grinding efficiency.

In short, if you are using fresh foods, vegetables, and fruits, you can choose the best blender for smoothies with a capacity of about 300 - 400W. Machines from 500W or more are suitable for grinding frozen foods, nuts.

Mill capacity

For some consumers, this is not so important. And in fact, I find this view to be entirely accurate.

best blender for green smoothies

When the amount of food to be grinded exceeds the jar's allowed capacity, you can split it into several grinding times without affecting the finished product. This means that each grinding time will be faster; the machine motor does not have to work continuously, making the machine's life increase.

But this means you will spend more time with more batches. So consider choosing the most appropriate jar capacity.

Material of mill - blade 

best blender for green smoothies

These are two essential parts that determine the performance of a blender. Stainless steel or stainless steel alloy is the most common material that makes up the most popular blade today. It is difficult to distinguish a right blade that does not warp, rust after a period of use. Therefore, you can only judge by feeling and trust the name of the supplier.

Utilities, additional features

When choosing to buy a blender, you need to pay more attention to see if it has any other components. For example, the element automatically switches off the power when overloaded, automatically turns off the engine when the machine works for a long time - the engine is too hot. With the blender adding automatic features, sometimes it is very convenient and safe.

best blender for green smoothies

Blender noise 

Many blender goods have a noisy noise, similar to the hood's noise, because of the blade's high and heavy rotating speed. However, most of the new grinders are fitted with rubber padding at the four corners of the tripod to help stick to the product's surface, minimizing noise dramatically. 

Plastic blender products also produce louder noise than those made of glass material. Furthermore, while running, engine noise is also a contributor to the general noise of the blender.

Are you still wondering about which blenders for green smoothies will be right for you? Take a few minutes to learn and it will help you to know how to use the blender properly in this video:

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Blenders For Green Smoothies

A balanced smoothie starts with decent ingredients, so it depends on the blender to get the creamy feel. It can crush ice, pulverize frozen fruit, and obliterate challenging greens such as celery and cucumber with the right blender for smoothies. To close the bargain, throw in a splash of almond milk or OJ. In a couple of minutes, the result is a silky, fluffy smoothie filled with vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats (depending on what you add). 

Besides, blenders are super flexible as well. You can even use this kitchen gadget to make purees, salad dressings, ice cream, and even soups while you're not preparing your morning smoothie. If you have not found a device that is right for you, please refer to the top 5 best blenders for green smoothies that we will recommend below.

With all the details we have given above, we hope that you have found the best blender for green smoothies to suit your purposes. We hope that our advice has been very useful to you, and we wish you will have a great experience with the products that we have introduced. We would love to hear from you and wait for your answers in the comments below.

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