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Top Best Commercial Blender For Smoothies: Best Choice For Grinding Your Foods!

Besides the necessary items for the cooking process such as microwave, oven, juicer,... the blender is also indispensable to help your cooking become easier. The blender can make a lot of different dishes, drinks, and smoothies, helping the whole family to supplement nutrition and improve health. So where to buy a good blender? What are the best commercial blenders on the market today? How many types of blender, the price of the products like? What are the criteria for choosing a blender today? It can seem difficult to choose a blender that is right for your family. Don't worry, in our post below we'll give you the top 19 best commercial blender for smoothies  - the best choice for your modern kitchen!

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Best Product For making multiple drinks at the same time

Best Product For food when grinding in a mill

Best Product For speed conversions

Best Product For cleaning containers and setting up operating programs

Best Product For ensuring floor hygiene

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Commercial Blender For Smoothies, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top 19 Best Commercial Blender For Smoothies Reviews 2021

This blender has up to 3 tanks up to 15 liters capable of crushing ice and fast pressing of fruit and fish with 360-degree stir and stir. Besides, the function of cooling fast drinks makes it easy to have a cool smoothie on a hot summer day.

The PC tank is sturdy, not fragile, and BPA-free, safe and healthy. The high-end body is less rusty and durable over time.

The panel is mounted on the side of the body with a separate stirring switch for simple use. Unique and modern look with easily removable and cleanable plastic trays.


  • Beautiful and luxurious with a large tray for hygienic safety
  • The trays operate independently so it is possible to grind a variety of beverages at the same time
  • The machine has many modes of operation with different beverages


  • Large steam blender
  • Do not use in the sunlight-quality
  • Only used for 110V power supply

This is a food blender with an electronic keyboard we introduce next in the top 19 best commercial blender for smoothies.

The product can grind-heavy foods thanks to a 3-3 engine with 4 heavy horsepower, 3 speeds, and maximum pulses allowing cutting and mixing food fast.

The electronic keyboard is easy to use and clean. The stainless steel container with handles allows for easy handling and filling.

Besides, the rubber mounting is easy to remove and clean and the sharp, stainless blade offers high performance during operation.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Housing material is safe for food and users
  • High milling, mixing and cutting efficiency


  • Finely ground nuts cannot be ground
  • Can not be used with 220V power supply

If you need a product that will work for a long time without overheating then this product is the perfect choice for you.

The product's speed adjustable allows you to cut, grind, or mix different foods with high precision and consistency. After each use, just cleaning the machine by washing the food container will help the machine clean and last longer.

The blender is designed with a hole that pushes the material down the blade with the prosthetic fit through the hole on top of the mounting, the speed control knobs and the accelerometer are mounted on the tripod for smooth speed.


  • Simple design, easy to use
  • Multiple operating modes and flexible speed changes
  • Outstanding performance
  • The container is easy to remove and clean


  • Can not be used with 220V source
  • There is no timer setting
  • The plastic container is more or less safe for food

If you want a quiet space even when using a blender, in the top 19 best commercial blender for smoothies, we recommend this product.

The product has a container made of plastic that provides durability and avoids cracking as well as fragments of the container into food such as glass.

At the same time, it is also easier to clean and more compact than stainless steel containers. The back cover of the product is made of plastic and magnetic protection helps reduce cleaning time.

The product is installed with 6 program buttons to operate 34 programs with 93-speed change modes to bring you many choices.


  • The machine has many operating modes to bring the most accurate and perfect speed for the output product
  • Small noise
  • The magnetic back cover design is both beautiful and convenient
  • Easy to clean


  • Many modes should need understanding and understanding before using
  • Cannot be used to cook soup

This blender consists of 2 containers with a capacity of up to 12 liters each, made from BPA plastic for food safety and hygiene. The operation control panel is installed on the side of the machine with simple yet convenient on/off switches.

The product's evaporator is made from stainless steel, providing both aesthetic value and cooling the product in the most effective way. The machine is capable of stirring 360 degrees with surprising efficiency.

The machine is also installed with a powerful compressor that allows product cooling, energy-saving, long-lasting and stable operation, and low noise at the same time.


  • Small engine noise
  • Energy saving
  • The product has a large drain hose allowing for quick dispensing
  • Large ventilation holes allow for quick heat dissipation
  • The removable drip tray ensures the cleanliness of the floor


  • R404a refrigerant is less safe
  • The weight of the product is heavy
  • Difficulty in moving products

This product is one of the machines that operate with double tanks with a capacity of up to 15 liters each, with a capacity of up to 400W, cold temperatures from minus 2 degrees C to 3 degrees C, and a rinsing process. out within 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Thanks to the operating principles set up for the machine, it can brew coffee, iced juice, and other frozen beverages, giving you a great cooling experience without adding ice or waiting for drinks. refrigeration, powered by refrigeration.

With a 2-sided cooling system, you no longer have to worry about drinks on hot summer days.

Besides, the product has a tank made of PC plastic with high hardness and heat resistance, bearing capacity, food safety, and high durability. It is also easy to disassemble and clean after use.

Instead of using electric shafts like other products, this blender uses electromagnetic transmission shafts and magnetic transmission shafts in parts that provide good product quality and longer service life.

The heatsink section is designed with stainless steel with gaps to help the machine ventilate and cool while operating. Also, the drip tray makes it possible to rinse drinks without worrying about dirty floors.

This product has on / off controls on the side of the machine that allows you to easily use the machine's operating modes with a lid that allows you to protect the buttons from getting dirty during work.


  • The large capacity tank allows you to grind more food
  • Operation of the blender is simple and easy
  • The water tank protects the floor from spills
  • Cold drinks can be made quickly without ice or refrigerated


  • Too difficult in cleaning the machine
  • Only works with 110V
  • Large grinder weight, difficult to move

One of the best in a unique tank design among the top 19 best commercial blender for smoothies reviews 2021.

The product's storage tank consists of 2 new four-sided jars with soft rubber caps to help protect the container and not to splash food out during operation.

The containers are made entirely of BPA-free plastic, providing a safe and healthy use. The innovative stackable jars reduce overall mixing space and time and increase mixing efficiency.

The black body has an on-off switch in the center of the front and an LED display that allows you to keep track of your operating modes.

At the same time, the top of the camera body has buttons to adjust the operation mode, saving space, and convenient for you to observe and select modes.

These buttons are set up with a smart touch interface, user-friendly, with just a light touch, the machine will operate and give consistent results.

The blade is 10 times thicker and stronger than other blender blades giving you great performance. The blades are easy to use and clean, though.


  • The blade is thick and sharp for many times more efficient operation
  • Unique and creative design, save space
  • High mixing performance
  • Easy operation


  • Cleaning the container is not easy

This product is beautifully designed and luxurious with basic black tone and clean. It operates professionally with maximum capacity up to 3.5 levels allowing smooth smoothies, ice, or soup to be ground quickly.


  • Gentle and handy
  • High grinding efficiency with a variety of foods
  • The handle is spacious and has a good slip resistance
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Switchboard easily gets stuck
  • Can only be used with 110V power supply

This blender is designed with the Vitamix control panel that incorporates a capacitive touch screen and a physical dial for easy use. The touch screen of the machine makes it easy to adjust the machine's operation and hear your movements.

The timer lets you cook the most precise and delicious dishes with the built-in programming of 5 programs. You no longer have to worry about overheating or undercooking.

Capacitive pulse and start/stop touch buttons, just turn the knob and you can change the adjustment speed from slowest to highest.

The knob has a very soft grip, flows smoothly as you rotate and flick through the speed settings. The slowest speed is very slow and the highest is high enough to heat a liquid through friction to a boiling point.

The blender is also designed with a beautiful durable metal drive for blade coupling.
Wireless connection is a special mode used with this product that allows the machine to identify the media for the correct operation.

The pre-programmed modes allow you to work with them according to your preferences.


  • Easy to use
  • Many action programs allow you to cook more dishes
  • There are precise timers for all kinds of dishes
  • Smart touch screen


  • Small mill
  • The noise is quite loud

If you are looking for a simple yet durable whipped cream machine, this is a promising option.

This machine has 3 1/3 horsepower engines, a three-speed switch, and a stainless cup with 3 cups of 950ml cup and an extra cup.

Compared to previous mixers, this mixer offers more energy to use for batters and for mixing eggs.

At the same time, you can beat 3 cups thanks to a system of 3 mixers with different large and small rolls. When the cup is attached to the guide the machine will operate and stop when the cup is removed.

The stainless steel cup is light and can be easily removed from the holder. The stand itself is also detachable, so if you find it dirty, you can clean it up in no time.

Thanks to sealed ball bearings, the multipurpose motors are individually balanced and vibrations are minimized. The machine is made of plain stainless steel so it is easy to clean and clean.

The engine of the machine is versatile with 3 speeds, easy to operate and disassemble.


  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Operate multiple grinding cups at the same time
  • Less vibration when operating


  • The blender is heavy and difficult to move
  • Less processed food and drink regimen

This product is made from stainless steel, providing a quality that is safe for food. It has twisted dough kneaders allowing for smoother operation with heavy doughs such as flour, pizza dough ...

All are kneaded in a 10-liter bowl. On the other hand, the machine also has a flat grinding function that helps you to mash potatoes, mash vegetables, mix flour, freeze and whip food with 3 adjustable speeds.

A safety device connected to the mixer prevents heavy objects from falling into the mixing bowl during machine operation or helps to secure the bowl of food inside from splashing.

The mixer uses wheels to lower or lift the bowl to suit the height and to the mixing paddle.


  • Safety device protection
  • There are wheels to adjust the height of the machine
  • There are many functions of food processing


  • The handle may get dented or bent during use
  • Only works with 120V power supply

One of the best commercial blender for beautifully colored and classy smoothies is this one. The product is a harmonious combination between black and red.

You can easily control the speed and change the blender's speed even while it is operating by simply rotating the dial on the camera body. With this easy operation, you can change many different textures.

The engine of the machine has uniform torque to keep the machine cool no matter what kind of food you are cooking. As long as you add ingredients to the machine, within seconds you will be finished with great frozen desserts.

Besides, this product is capable of boiling water in less than 10 minutes without water thanks to the friction from the blades right in the box.

This blender also has many functions such as grinding nuts, mixing flour, and smoothing ingredients to produce the best dishes and drinks. It is also easy to clean thanks to warm water and dish soap.


  • Easy to clean
  • Integrating many functions for processing a variety of raw materials
  • Able to boil and cook soup quickly


  • The structure is too complicated, so it will be difficult to repair when the engine is malfunctioning
  • There is only one type of wet blade without a dry blade

With four basic settings including puree, smoothie, shaved ice, and soup blender this blender offers the best commercial blender for smoothies, both professional, consistent, and convenient.

It delivers powerful high-speed performance for a super-responsive blending process and is optimized for quieter processes. It can be adjusted at infinitely speed by the optional pulse to deliver the desired product.

This blender has a BPA-free, shatter-resistant, Tritan-made tank that allows you to comfortably smoothen or prepare drinks for large groups.

Designed with a non-slip handle that allows you to easily and quickly pour the output products. The blade is made of stainless steel for high durability of the product.


  • There are many functions for processing input materials
  • Large tank capacity
  • Compact size and easy to store in the cabinet


  • The machine makes a loud noise when operating
  • Only works with a voltage of 110V
  • Non-removable blade for cleaning

A follow-up in the top 19 best commercial blender for reviews 2021 we recommend is a vacuum pump technology that eliminates excess air in the jar. grind before mixing and grinding food.

Besides, it also can ensure the nutrition, taste, and color of food, giving you the freedom to create and prepare delicious dishes.

The blender components are removable and easy to clean. On the body of the product, some knobs allow you to choose the most suitable mode for food processing.

The mill part is made of hard plastic, durable, beautiful, and harmless to the user. The blender has an anti-slip handle that allows you to easily handle and pour the product.
Besides, this blender product has a stainless steel utility spoon that does more than a standard valve, allowing you to scoop the mixture even while it's running.

It also operates with a 5HP motor and rotates at 30000 rpm for high grinding efficiency and smooth and soft output.


  • Elegant color, easy to disassemble
  • Has antioxidant properties to ensure the integrity of the value of food
  • Convenient and many uses spoon design


  • The device runs on AA batteries, so the battery life is low, and must be replaced regularly

This product is powerful with a 1800W engine, yet has a simple design for continuous, professional operation.

The 2-speed setting, Soft Start technology, and pulse defrost button, user protection grinding technology, the vortex-designed container in the milling cycle with all-metal actuator and blade 2 stainless steel wings ... all create a professional blender line, uniform for all beverages, frozen foods, and hot foods.

This blender offers you two high and low speeds, as well as a pulse option so you can blend your drinks with incredible taste.

The red indicator light will flash when there is no container, the machine has a cooling cycle to quickly reduce the engine temperature and continue to operate normally.

The machine has a pad jar sensor that will shut down the engine when the bowl is misplaced to help prevent problems that can arise.

A conventional blender has a fault that the blade rotates and the component shoots up into the jar so not many of the components come into contact with the blade.

But this product has a unique container and blade design that pulls the ingredient down the blade then is milled and pushed up to make room for the undone.

The temperature indicator will notify the operator if the engine is too hot. Soft Start technology allows the blender to start at a low speed to minimize the noise and damage to the blade, the machine will then gradually increase the blade speed.

The timer turns off the blender after time runs out and allows automatic grinding. Besides, this product has a shatter-resistant polycarbonate carrying case, weighing on the wall of the jar, the jar, and the blade that can be completely removed from the base with a sturdy foot clamp for the machine to stand still while in operation.


  • The machine works flexibly with a timer and automatic grinding
  • The most protected blades
  • Sturdy base
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety sensors help protect the machine and avoid risks


  • Small bottle capacity, only suitable for families

The blender uses advanced techniques to reduce processing time, it has six pre-programmed settings for ice cream, smoothie, salsa, hot soup, juice, and self-cleaning to choose from.

The WildSide + bottle is BPA free and it has a vented Gripper cap. The 3.8-horsepower engine gives you all the power you need to grind any food.

The engine in this product is more powerful than the old blender version equipped with 3 horsepower engines is already maximal.

Although heavier than many other products, this product is shorter in height. It fits easily in the kitchen cabinet, so you won't have to worry about removing the carrying case or blender base.

It has one of the most powerful base motors available today, supplying power to the machine. It operates with a maximum output of 3.8 hp and 1,800 watts, making it one of the most powerful grinders ever.

All the energy generated by the energy is transferred directly into drinks or food if you turn on the blender to grind long enough, this is how it makes hot soup.

The machine has a cooling technology that prevents overheating, which is essential for such a powerful engine. It automatically turns off and protects the motor and blades, improving the service life of the machine.

This is a serious, all-purpose blender with all the functions, whether you're grinding, cutting, stirring, or puree into soup.


  • Various modes of operation allow the consumer to process a variety of dishes
  • Safety for the user
  • Has a cooler and protects the machine from overheating


  • Small bottle capacity and low height

This high power product comes with a maximum 3.5 horsepower engine and a stainless steel tank for high performance, good durability, and long service life.

The clover container design creates a large vortex that directs the material directly to the blade. The blade is made of stainless steel, which withstands a high impact and can be changed easily for cleaning and sharpening.

During operation, the lid can be easily removed to add ingredients or reduce the pressure during hot food mixing.

Besides, the product can be speed adjusted from low to high to control the output and cook all the food most safely thanks to the speed control.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Stainless steel container safe for users
  • Hygienic and sharpening the detachable blade for high grinding efficiency


  • Durability is not high
  • Only suitable for small stores

This blender control panel comes with a rotary knob in the middle and two switches. On the left is the Pulse function switch and on the right is the power on/off switch.

The rotary knob is rotated left for five preset programs and to the right for 10-speed manual adjustment. All pre-programmed speeds and settings light up when the knob arrow points to it.

It has a fastened blade, so no assembly or disassembly is required for cleaning. Put the ingredients in the jar, close the lid snugly and securely and it's ready to run with either pre-installed programs or manual operating speeds.

This product has an additional effective cleaning regime installed. You just need to pour soap or dishwashing liquid in the scheduled 1-minute time, the machine will automatically clean quickly.


  • Pre-programmed automatic cleaning
  • There are 5 different modes for cooking and cooking
  • Beautiful and diverse designs


  • Operation is complicated, so it is necessary to carefully read the instruction manual

The final product in the top 19 best commercial blender for reviews 2021, we present you with this blender with stainless steel material and 3 modern and convenient leak-proof jars.

This blender blends and grinds the toughest ingredients into a fine powder, giving you the freedom to cook and create delicious food thanks to its powerful HP engine.

Infinite speed controller and intelligent speed sensor with 13 custom-installed programs give you a consistent output no matter what the input material is.

This blender has 3 jars with a capacity of 0.5 liters, 1 liter, and 1.5 liters, respectively, designed with square edges for easy food circulation.

Besides, the blade is durable and does not need to change, the Tritan cap fits snugly to help keep the material from leaking out during machine operation.

The special thing about this blender is that it can turn the output into healthy drinks by retaining the nutrients completely in the food.


  • Many types of mill for you to choose from
  • Mix and blend the hardest ingredients both wet and dry
  • Easy to clean
  • The automatic braking system allows the machine to stop quickly
  • Dual safety interlock system for safe use and a hands-free grinding


  • Small bottle capacity, suitable only for homes or offices with few people

Some Important Notes When Choosing Best Commercial Blender For Smoothies

If you are looking to buy a blender but are wondering which product to choose, please refer to the 7 important criteria in the following article before making the final choice.


Blender on the market with a capacity from about 200W to about 1000W. For households, just choose a blender below 700W, restaurant business, choose a machine with a capacity of 700W or more.

If you choose to buy for home use, you should choose a product with a capacity of 400W or more because the machine runs well, can grind ice cubes, and is quite convenient. The product has too low capacity, the engine is not strong, it is easy to be hot and shake.

Material of mill

High-quality shatter-resistant plastic

Advantages are lightweight, resistant to shattering when dropped.
The downside is that it is scratched, blurred, and difficult to clean for a long time.

Bearing glass

The advantage is sturdy, resistant, heat resistant, able to grind hot items (but be careful because hot temperatures easily melt rubber), easy to clean.

The downside is heavy, easy to crack when dropped.

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Blender volume

The capacity of the blender ranges from 1 to 2 liters. The larger the capacity, the more ground in one batch.

The blade

The material of stainless steel or stainless steel blades is the best choice for the best commercial smoothie blender to ensure food safety and sharpness. Besides, you should choose a 4-blade blade rather than a 2-blade blade, a serrated blade rather than a straight smooth blade to help save grinding time, and food is smoother.


Should choose to buy blenders from reputable retailers, supermarkets to enjoy the best after-sales. Carefully check the warranty, warranty period of the product when buying to ensure its interests.

The blender's warranty period is usually 1 to 2 years. The long-term warranty gives users more peace of mind when choosing to buy products.

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Special Features

The blender has several other special features such as an anti-slip base that ensures the machine is difficult to shake when grinding, self-disconnecting, limiting the machine overheating, and prolonging product life.

Depending on your needs, you should consider adding these features before buying.


The blender comes in a variety of prices. Depending on your financial condition, you can choose to buy the product that best suits you. Above are the top 19 best commercial blender for smoothie 2021 we would like to introduce to you so that you can consult and choose for your family the most suitable product.

Check out this video for more information:

Conclusion: My Pick For The Best Commercial Blender For Smoothies

One of the best blenders that you should not ignore is the product Happybuy 110V Commercial Slushy Machine. This is a brand that is quite familiar to consumers.

The main feature of the blender is its luxurious and beautiful design. Besides, the harmonious combination between colors is also a factor that makes this product special.

The product has multiple containers that act independently of each other for you to process multiple products at the same time. It is suitable for cafes, drink shops, or large families.

Also, the product is not only luxuriously designed, but the equipment of the machine brings safety, hygiene, and health to consumers. This is the most popular and most selected product by consumers in the top 19 best commercial blender for smoothies reviews 2021.


BEST PRODUCT FOR cleaning containers and setting up operating programs

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