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Top Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine: Best For Safety!

In case you're hoping to begin a shaved ice business, you'll be ready for serving many clients day by day or considerably more. To have the option to do that, you'll need an appropriate and solid business-shaved ice machine. The interest for these machines is getting greater and greater since shaved ice is a most loved sweet and reward for the two children and grown-ups. In this way, the market is overflowed with various kinds of ice and shaved ice producers, and it very well may be very overpowering picking the correct one.

In this article, we will choose and audit the nine best commercial shaved ice machine that will permit you to deliver best-in-class items quickly full-size, and maintain your business easily.

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 3
ZENY Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shaver 250W 440lb/h Snow Cone Shaved Ice Maker Machine
ZENY Commercial Industrial Quality Ice Shaver 250W 440lb/h Snow Cone Shaved Ice Maker Machine
All Stainless Steel Construction; On / off switch to ensure safe operation; Rotated Speed: 2500 runs/min
SaleBestseller No. 6
Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine Commercial Ice Shaver
Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine Commercial Ice Shaver
Premium finish; high impact abs with brass and stainless steel construction; Premium quality utilizes a commercial, heavy-duty motor (1/3 hp, 1725 rpm)
Bestseller No. 7
Paragon - Manufactured Fun Arctic Blast SNO Cone Machine for Professional Concessionaires Requiring...
Paragon - Manufactured Fun Arctic Blast SNO Cone Machine for Professional Concessionaires Requiring...
Output: 500 lbs. of cube or chunk ice per hour; Actual Dimensions W x D x H: 16” x 14” x 24”
Bestseller No. 10
VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine Silver 440lbs/hr for Home...
VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine Silver 440lbs/hr for Home...
Aesthetic design: Perfect for homes, restaurants, bars, canteens, snack stands, fairs, etc

Top 18 Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine Reviews 2021

This Snooker full-size air-cooled business ice machine produces 350 lbs of full block ice each day and highlights a capacity canister that holds 230 lbs. The ice thickness is flexible with the advanced regulator which additionally shows status codes during creation. An ice scoop and in the line water channel are incorporated. This particular ice producer ships in 2 sections and requires gathering.

You'll be saying ice, ice, a child when you perceive how ground-breaking our ice-making machine is! Consummately cubed ice is readily available with this Commercial Ice Machine from Snooker. Our ice producer attempts to deliver immense sums in short measures of time, so you have a consistent stockpile as you need it at your eatery, bar, or any food administration activity.

Serve grins and make invigorating beverages or cold food things for your supporters effortlessly. This calm working secluded ice machine is particularly ideal for the assistance business. Eatery kitchens, bars, and other food businesses aren't finished without it.

Programmed ice creation assists businesses with running easily and a huge receptacle gives ideal stockpiling. Serving refreshments and mixed drinks are speedy and simple. Smoothies and milkshakes are prepared very quickly and it's incredible for wine cans and top-notch food. Beverages are served!

Put resources into simply the best commercial shaved ice machine with this modern evaluation ice machine! With unrivaled planned parts and calm activity, it's completely useful and discrete settling on it the most ideal decision for your eatery or business. You can rely upon the unwavering quality of this completely working framework.

With a water channel and a huge receptacle limit, we furnish you with all of the instruments and hardware you require to supply ice. A tempered steel configuration gives it a cutting-edge finish that fits consummately into any kitchen, bar, burger joint, or food administration business.


  • Remove the work from making ice with our 500lbs particular ice-making machine that includes a 265lbs
  • This machine makes entirely molded and diced ice 3D squares for general use, including drinks, wine pails, high-and accommodate food and that's only the tip of the iceberg!


  • Costly

The motivation behind why the VEVOR was effective to snatch a spot in our rundown is that it's presently one of the uncommon ice creators in the market that can give up to 500-550 lbs of ice each day. With the Vevor ice creator, staying aware of your interest is not, at this point a worry.

The VEVOR is the quickest and most impressive ice creator on our rundown, delivering 182 clear 3D shapes in 8-15 minutes. Its stockpiling limit is additionally extremely amazing, which can accommodate 350lbs of ice at a time.

As an incredible reward, the machine includes a twofold layer thickened froth protection layer, which helps in secluding outside the warmth and giving better protection. With this capacity, your ice 3D squares can be kept from liquefying for 5-7 hours, which is certainly a bewildering update in innovation from its adversaries.

The VEVOR is a flexible ice creator, permitting you to pick between three diverse ice sizes (slim, center, thick). Without a doubt, you will locate the ideal one for your particular need. It's likewise an extremely helpful device.

Other than empowering you to set an opportunity to make ice ahead of time (as long as 5 hours), the machine will consequently illuminate clients when the ice container is full or when any issue is happening through its shrewd LCD show board.

Additionally, numerous insurance settings make this progressive ice creator substantially more solid and more secure to use than numerous customary models.

Even though it might require some investment to dominate the control board, when you get the hang of this, it will be excessively enjoyable to try different things with various kinds of ice all alone.

Not exclusively does the machine bring you accommodation and productivity with regards to ice creation, however, it additionally saves you a ton of time and exertion. Built with treated steel, this attractive detached ice producer vows to convey its best commercial shaved ice machine for a serious extensive period (as long as it's routinely kept up).

The included booklet doesn't contain legitimate establishment guidelines. This implies it’s impossible you can get it into activity without speaking with rethought upholds, except if you're a specialist in this industry.

VEVOR is quite possibly the most reasonable business ice creators accessible available that are fulfilling on the whole regards. Up until this point, it works incredibly, creates loads of ice quickly, and is very simple to connect whenever you've found external help, having the right to be remunerated as the best ice creator for business application.


  • Brisk and advantageous
  • Astonishing limit
  • High advances
  • Lower energy utilization


  • Absence of appropriate establishment directions

The Commercial Ice Maker business removable double sharp edge electric ice smasher is perhaps the best commercial shaved ice machine you can discover on the lookout.

The sharp edges are produced using tempered steel, which implies there can be no uncertainty about their exhibition as well as their sturdiness also. The plan is smooth and allows you to cut ice flawlessly.

The body is exceptionally helpful to hold, and keeping in mind that accomplishing the work, it wouldn't feel like any issue experiencing layers of ice, after a short time, you will be finished with your work.

Other than plan, the credit goes to the amazing engine too, which can deal with 350lbs of shaved ice in 60 minutes.


  • Waterproof protecting
  • Double sharp edge
  • Smooth plan
  • Effective engine
  • Great shaving limit


  • High price

VEVOR 110V has achieved a track of record with regards to ice machines. Also, this item is accessible in various sizes. In this manner, it isn't difficult to pick the one that will address your issues. Then again, the maker has designed this item utilizing finger impression safe boards.

It is planned with a forward sliding container, which will permit you to perform support without changing the position. The canister stockpiling limit can hold as much as 90 pounds. If you are searching for an item that can offer your customary, half, or full dice blocks, at that point this may be your best pick.

This item is not difficult to utilize and Ideal for eateries, cafés, or bars. This is because energy-saving has a creation limit of 320 lbs. Attempt this item and fulfill your customer's need.


  • Extraordinary item
  • Better execution
  • Simple establishment
  • Quick creation


  • Might encounter some specialized issues

Worn out on searching for a sickle ice 3D square machine? Look no further. This VEVOR 110V item is air-cooled and energy-saving. It will create 88,8 pounds of sickle-formed ice shapes within 24 hours. Commonly, it estimates 30 inches wide.

The producer designed it utilizing solid treated steel. Moreover, it is planned with at any point check framework that will continually screen the machine, and make a few alarms at whatever point there is an issue. It is likewise outfitted with a treated steel evaporator, which helps in expanding the future.

Then again, the producer has offered a 3-year guarantee. Hence, you should get it with certainty.


  • Guarantee gave
  • At any point check framework
  • Cycle Saver
  • Better execution


  • Discovered none

If you are searching for unsupported or an item with the inbuilt application, at that point you won't ever turn out badly with this attractive item. It is intended to hold as much as 44 pounds of ice.

Along these lines, making it reasonable for all business foundations and home use. The wise control board has an LCD show. Also, you change the working relying upon your requirements.

The auto-discovery will uncover any issue in the machine. It will deliver ready sounds if there should be an occurrence of any issue. In contrast to other various machines, this item accompanies a seepage siphon for depleting and an ice scoop. This is a cutting edge amazing item that you ought to put resources into. consider it on your next shopping list.


  • Programmed discovery
  • Extraordinary item
  • Better execution
  • Fats and simple
  • Strong


  • Discovered none according to now

Making a high volume of 99 lb of ice each day, these ice machines produce 45 enormous estimated ice shapes in only 11-20 minutes. Notwithstanding quick ice making, this business ice creator amasses to 33 lb of ice keeping it cool and prepared to serve.


  • Regardless of whether you're working a café that requests huge ice amounts
  • This business ice producer saves to 33 lb of ice keeping it cool


  • Not found yet

This ice creator looks modern, as we would like to think. It's not the most exquisite ice producer available and we don't believe it’s assumed to be rich. It's front vented, so it's ideal to have incorporated into your cupboards. Normally, a unit like this one would be in a business climate or a modern kitchen. We would propose putting it under your cupboards where it's far out.

It's produced using plastic and covered aluminum. It's not intended to be outside, and thusly, you would void the guarantee. The homeland’s Ice Machine is a little to medium, air-cooled business ice producer. It produces 100 pounds of ice each day and makes 45 bits of clear ice 3D squares each 11-20 minutes.

On the off chance that you are searching for more ice, you can buy the hOmelabs Commercial Ice Maker that produces 143 pounds of ice every day. This ice producer is an unattached unit (the estimations are 17.6 x 15.7 x 31.4″), so it doesn't occupy a lot of space as does most other business ice creators.

When introducing the unit, you need to ensure that you have a water source (a virus water supply line like under a sink) and a spot for the water to deplete, other than that, you can put it anyplace in your home or business.

In contrast to compact ice creators, the 1.2L water tank snares straightforwardly to a water supply, so you don't need to stress over topping off it for the day.

The protected stockpiling container will hold 29 pounds of ice at one time and keeps the ice from softening, only not as long as we had trusted. With a huge stockpiling canister, it implies that your business will consistently have ice when they need it – filling refreshments or making ice treats will be simple with this ice producer.

This home-lab ice creator has a sensor that will naturally kill the ice producer when the capacity container is brimming with ice, so it shields the unit from harm or flood. This ice producer doesn't have an inward water channel. On the off chance that you conclude that you need one, the vast majority purchase a different water channel and introduce it on the waterline.

All that you require to begin making ice accompanies the ice producer. In the container, you will get the accompanying things: hOmeLabs business ice creator (clearly), a water supply hose (9′ Length), a water supply connector, a channel hose (6'5″ Length), an ice scoop, client control/manual, and an enlistment card.

For most circumstances, the hOmelabs business ice creator gives you all that you require to begin making ice immediately. You should simply interface the water supply, join the channel hose, and turn on the unit. The channel hose doesn't have a siphon, so it relies upon gravity to move the water away from the unit.

It's additionally important to ensure that your hOmelabs ice producer is upstanding for at least 24 hours before you plug it in and work it. This is because when the unit is on its back, by and large on the way, the freon in the blower isn't the place where it should be, and running the ice producer will cause harm.

If the ice creator has been dispatched upstanding the entire time and it's affirmed, at that point it's protected to dismiss it on right. We would stand by 24 hours to err on the side of caution.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful


  • Not found yet

No products found.

The ADT Ice Machine stands apart for a minimal more than its sticker price, which is effectively the most moderate in its group. All things being equal, it can yield up to 100 lbs of ice each day – an amazing accomplishment for a, particularly modest apparatus.

This model can likewise close itself off when the 35 lbs. The capacity receptacle is full. By a similar ideal, it can likewise restart itself into ice creation mode once it detects the ice levels plunge under a specific edge.

While this model isn't too amazing as far as particulars, it is surely keen enough to monitor its ability. If you need computerization and convenience, this machine is for you.


  • Auto shut off and restart when the receptacle is full and exhausted individually
  • The least expensive model in its group
  • Can store mutiple/3 of its day by day ice yield


  • Brief half year guarantee 
  • Helpless client assistance

A portion of the main models among ice-making machines is straightforward behemoths, putting out more ice than most medium-sized cafés might require. Fortunately, models like the VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker furnish barely sufficient ice with just 55 3D shapes for one pattern of only 12 to 18 minutes.

This model likewise makes ice solid shape moving simple with its ergonomic ice spoon, which itself comes bundled with each model. Additionally, every model incorporates a reason-assembled water channel that cleans all water entering the machine for better-tasting blocks and less upkeep.

Those additional items alone make the VEVOR 110V an incentive for cash buyers for a little to moderately sized café.


  • Simple to work for the control board
  • Humble creation ideal for the fair-sized eatery
  • Accompanies a water channel and ice spoon


  • Manuel is a difficult perused
  • A few issues with the focal siphon

Paragon cold cone machine is an ice smasher that is a lot enjoyed by the clients who have utilized it beforehand. Coming outfitted with an amazing 1/3HP engine, it's nothing unexpected that the machine can deal with 500lbs of ice each hour and pound it easily.

These highlights make this an extraordinary item for business use, and you can without much of a stretch utilize it while making cones, mixed drinks, etc. The development is very solid and length, produced using aluminum and hardened steel sharp edges, so you don't have to stress over its life.


  • Productive engine
  • Enduring
  • Removable channel
  • Colored boards


  • The container isn't smooth 
  • Not child amicable

These sorts of machines are best for business use. It gives a dependable toughness. Underneath the ice holder, the compartment has safety glass dividers.

The treated glass makes the container spill evidence and empowers you to get a perspective on what's going on inside. The machine has a removable skewed channel deck which has 36" channel tubes making it simple for you to control the progression of the granulated ice.

Besides the machine is prepared with a cone making it agreeable for you to make an ideal shaved ice. On the highest point of this organization give you straight long-term guarantee, isn't it extraordinary?

The solitary issue with the machine is its weight. However, if you are intending to utilize it industrially, the weight will at this point don't be an issue.

For the best outcomes use block ice as the machine will shave it and leave no ice, simply a light soft day off if you utilize squashed ice, it will shave about 75% and leave the excess 25% as little ice sections.


  • Awesome or business use
  • No commotion 
  • Substantial aluminized steel assembled
  • Most remarkable engine
  • 36-inch seepage tube


  • Substantial in loads.

Paragon hardcore ice smasher is made of aluminum for durable toughness. This machine has 1/3 strength that can crush 500 lbs of ice each hour. At this limit, this will be a monster for business use.

Its safety glass permits a full perspective on the inside constantly. It's is outfitted with a removable skewed channel deck and incorporates a 36-inch channel cylinder to help control overflow. The hardened steel cutting edges of this machine are flexible and simple to supplant.

It tends to be utilized in homes, eateries, bars, stores, parties, little and huge social events, and so on You will want to serve a ton of clients without even need to stress over the ice deficiency.


  • It can crush to 500lbs of ice each hour.
  • Its body is made of Aluminum.
  • The cutting edges are movable and simple to supplant.
  • The 36-inch channel tube helps in controlling spillover.


  • The ice liquefies quickly in the container. (Relies upon where you are.)

On the off chance that you are on the lookout for best commercial shaved ice machine, quit looking! These business quality machines highlight treated steel shaving edges, top-tier execution, a 1-year guarantee. The durable high affect development makes it solid, lightweight, and simple to clean.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Not found yet

Extraordinary northern is an industry driving 1/3 HP engines working at 1725 RPMs. The machine accompanies a 1-year predominant guarantee and since the cutting edges are made of hardened steel it stretches out its solidness to a year or two. The development of the machine makes it profoundly strong, light, and minimal to convey. The machine accompanies a plastic security sack which saves you from a 1-year huge lump of ice while utilizing the machine.

Besides cleaning the machine is part more effectively now. The solitary thing you need is to dry it out with a spotless towel. The cutting edges are effectively movable to change the consistency of the ice as per your need.

The solitary issue found with the machine is its uproarious commotion while shaving the ice. Numerous clients thought that it was a lot heavier to haul it around. The idlest method to have your shaved ice is with Great Northern "Sweet Life Shaved Ice Syrup".


  • Simple to clean and convey
  • Ideal for little local gathering or new company
  • Flexible treated steel cutting edges
  • Shaves fine and soft ice


  • Uproarious upsetting commotion 
  • Hefty in weight

By this, the organization has stowed its name in the world's snappiest ice shaving machine for home utilization. The bundling incorporates 6 example estimated containers of enhanced syrup and 8 machine launderable gatherings "Snowie Shovel" spoons.

Be that as it may, as normal these machines neglect to decrease their degree of commotion. Much the same as different machines even this little one makes sufficient upsetting voice while working.

The most hazardous issue is any dissolving water runs out of the edge fenced-in area and down the plastic arch and the front of the machine. It is highly unlikely to put a cup or bowl under the edge of the arch to discover dribbling water.


  • Awesome or home use
  • Lightweight
  • Fastest machine
  • Accompanies test syrup and launderable gatherings spoon
  • 1-yeara of guarantee


  • Makes heaps of commotion 
  • Water spillage consequently you need a greater blow along.

Costzon Ice Shaver machine is built with a tempered steel body, hardened steel cutting edges, and a thick acrylic holder. This causes the machine to deliver up to 440lbs of shaved ice each hour. The acrylic case keeps the shaved ice cool. The ON/OFF catch of this machine is water-safe which is an incredible security highlight.

The treated steel outline is impervious to general corrosive, oil and liquor, making the entire machine simple to clean and keep up. The double edges give the more effective to pound the ice rapidly absent a lot of endeavors.

This machine is clear to utilize and best for cafés, bars, home, parties, bottles, grocery stores, home get-togethers, and so on


  • It delivers up to 440lbs of shaved ice each hour.
  • The body and the sharp edges are made of tempered steel.
  • The acrylic case keeps the ice cool for quite a while.
  • The ON/OFF catch is water-safe which is an incredible security highlight.
  • Double cutting edges increment the proficiency of the machine.


  • Try not to save the ice for a long time in the holder.

This is the best electric ice shaver machine appropriate for home and business. It is smoother than the typical business ice shaver machines. Furthermore, it's more proficient than ordinary machines.

It has a full-tempered steel body, double-treated steel cutting edges, turn speed of 1440r/m. What's more, it can shave up to 450lbs of ice each hour. The round handle of this machine is not difficult to utilize and clean. Additionally, it has an inbuilt warmth sink with a back opening for stable activity and a longer lifetime.

This machine is best for home use and business utilize like bars, cafés, inns, general stores, juice shop, and so forth


  • It creates up to 450lbs of shaved ice each hour.
  • It is smoother and effective than the typical ice shaver machines.
  • This machine has a full-tempered steel body.
  • It has double-tempered steel sharp edges for effectiveness.
  • Inbuilt warmth sink for stable activity.


  • This machine may be a cycle substantial for you. 
  • No crate connected for putting away the shaved ice.

Picks For The Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

When hoping to purchase the best commercial shaved ice machine for your business, you may end up lost in the ocean of various sorts, highlights, costs, and so forth. To help you settle on the correct decision, we amassed a brisk purchaser's guide, including the main variables you need to consider before settling on a purchasing choice: 


best commercial shaved ice machine

Regardless of whether you're running a beginning up or wandering in an enormous scope business, you ought to consistently go for ice shavers with great quality, tough, and strong form. On the off chance that you have just chosen to put resources into another shaved ice creator, you should pick shrewdly and purchase a very much assembled machine that will last you for quite a long time. 


Other than thinking about the size of your business, it's likewise fundamental to consider the sort of business you're running. On the off chance that you intend to utilize the ice producer for various occasions and move it once in a while, you should weapon for a more minimized, lighter, and compact machine.

In any case, on the off chance that you don't have to move it around a great deal and have sufficient extra room in your bottle or café, you don't have to stress over its size and weight. 

best commercial shaved ice machine


Consider the size of your business and the number of clients you generally serve consistently. In case you're maintaining a greater undertaking like a café or a bistro, you'll need an amazingly effective machine with an undeniable level of ice yield.

Then again, if you need to satisfy the necessities of a new company like a food truck or a more modest seashore bar, at that point you can choose less substantial and less expensive machines. 


These may be perhaps the most basic variables you need to think about. The shaving limit of a machine alludes to the measure of shaved ice it can create in one hour or one clump. Contingent upon your crowd volume, you ought to change the shaving limit of your ice producer. Obviously, the greater the crowd, the higher the ice-yield or shaving limit you'll require.

best commercial shaved ice machine

Every item ought to have a mark on its bundle distinguishing the level of its shaving limit. Thus, focus and read names when buying another machine. 

Cutting edges 

best commercial shaved ice machine

For most extreme toughness and proficiency, pick shaving edges that are made of hardened steel and that are uncommonly sharp. The consistency of the ice likewise relies upon the edges. For a fine, fleecy, and delicate day off, for more limited sharp edges. Conversely, on the off chance that you need a thicker and a more stout consistency, you should utilize longer cutting edges.

A ton of shaved ice machines available have diverse length cutting edge augmentations.

Moreover, a decent machine ought to have the alternative to change the point of the edges for the ideal surface of the ice. Twofold sharp edge machines produce fine and snow-like ice, yet those are ordinarily on a more expensive side. 


best commercial shaved ice machine

The top of the line ice shavers for the most part include great quality and incredible engines that are energy-saving simultaneously creating enormous amounts of ice in a brief timeframe.

Contingent upon the engine power, the shaving limit will shift. If you have a major crowd and need an undeniable level shaving limit, look for all the more impressive machines. 

Security highlights

best commercial shaved ice machine

A very much planned machine should include great wellbeing estimates, for example, cutting edges that are not uncovered, protected switch, enough stockpiling compartment, and a cover to keep water from sprinkling. 

An electric ice shaver ought to have a water-safe on/off switch, so you can deal with it without stressing if your hands are dry or wet. Any machine ought to likewise be not difficult to-clean to limit the time you spend cleaning the cutting edges. 


Another critical factor. To maintain your business easily, you need to consider the force utilization of your ice shaver. Assume you're running a food truck and working on generators. All things considered, you will require a machine that utilizes less energy each hour.

best commercial shaved ice machine

Nonetheless, these machines as a rule devour a great deal of force, so on the off chance that you need to reduce the expenses, be aware of this factor when buying one. 


You ought to try not to buy a machine from obscure brands since you would chance your wellbeing and perhaps get a result of an inferior quality that should be supplanted regularly. To keep that from occurring, pick respectable brands whose gear has been demonstrated to be of excellent.

With regards to value, ice producers can cost anyplace somewhere in the range of 30 and 3,000 dollars. Contingent upon your business' monetary costs, you ought to change your new shaved ice creator's cost.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine

Having a shaved ice machine at home or for business is undeniably a good thought. It offers limitless reviving pastry choices, from basic shaved ice with syrup to frozen milkshakes, and numerous others. If you experienced difficulties finding an ideal one for your necessities, ideally, you will discover this article valuable and accommodating. With our audit of the 18 top picks, we're sure you will, want to settle on the correct choice and pick the business machine that best commercial shaved ice machine.

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