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Top 13 Best Stand Mixers Under 100 In 2021: Pocket-sized Stand Mixers That Give You The Best Performance

Stand mixer is a significant item for bakers and it has been used widely at the present time. Seeking and buying this kind of machine is not simple as it seems as there are many types of machines and brands on the market nowadays. And this is even hard for people who have a limited budget. Reading our review, you will not worry about it anymore, as right now we will offer you a list of the 13 best stand mixers under 100.

Being aware of the high demand in buying stand mixers, after many surveys and testings, we have found 13 best stand mixers under 100 that can meet all of your requirements.

If you are a baker who is looking for a pocket-sized stand mixer, do not miss this review as well as all the stand mixers below. We believe that they can give you the best result in baking.

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the best stand mixers under 100, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top Best Stand Mixers Under 100 Reviews 2021

This stand mixer is best suited for someone who bakes small dishes and doesn't always need huge appliances — that is, someone who mostly halves or quarters or just has to whisk egg whites from time to time. 

A 2-quarter glass bowl is included in the mixer, which allows you to whip up very small quantities of ingredients and a 4-quarter glass bowl for regular recipes.

The tilting mixer has 12 speed settings and a soft start mode. This ensures it is being speeded in the entire kitchen to ensure that you don't break and cause a massive mess.

Its 350-watt engine works along with its two sets of fittings — beats and dough hake — to blend the ingredients thoroughly. A one-year warranty extends to the Sunbeam Mixmaster.


  • Best for baking small dishes
  • 12 speed settings
  • 350-watt motor


  • None

The black, white, green, red, blue, copmer and black are all available in various color variants. The beaters are high quality (plastic) and clean to wash.

One of their other main features is that the device's base can be moved, the mixer can be modified and blended, especially along the side of the bowl, in the direction of the middle.

In addition, it provides many features that render a multitude of tasks effective and better done. For eg, its messless tilting motor head makes it simpler to empty the mixing bowl and eject the beaters.

Another significant feature is the conveniently detachable stainless steel cup, which can easily be detached by opening or pulling the unit up.

This mixer, which contains the following, is readily accessible online as is most retail stores.


  • High quality beaters
  • Detachable stainless steel cup
  • Many features


  • A little simple

This is a moderately priced stainless steel mixer, effective in light to medium varieties, for example, batter, cake, eggs or milk.

It is one of the best equipment to begin with. It is normally 10.5 cm long, 5.9 cm wide and 9.7 cm in diameter.

You get a range of fittings, including a whisk, two bowls and two beaters when you buy this unit.

There's even a bowl with a stabilizer for the remainder of the bowl. In comparison, arthritis and other mobility disorders are convenient for individuals.

This mixer also has a huge bowl that is adequate to accommodate enough dough batches. The stand blender even has a connection to a comb, so this mixer is quick to make spiny and whipped frostings.


  • A range of fittings
  • Quick whipping
  • Stainless steel


  • Need to mix food manually from the bowls

No products found.

This stand mixer provides the versatility and affordability of two separate kitchen appliances. Inside the frame of a stand mixer, this model provides the versatility of a five-speed mixer – you can use it either as a standing mixer, or delete it from the cradle as a hand-mixer. That said, it can be a little heavy to carry according to critics, so check this list of the best hand mixers, if you need a hand mixer in principle.

There is a volume of 3.7 quarts in the stainless steel bowl and beater and dough hook fittings come with the blender. The 2 in 1 hand 250-watt motor of mixers is maybe not the easiest way to mix tougher or thicker doughs, but batters and weather dosses can be treated perfectly. The warranty is for two years.


  • 6 different speed
  • Pulse feature
  • High-quality engine
  • Long lasting
  • Reduced noise and high dissipation functions


  • Not very safe for dishwashing

An electric stand mixer weighing 12.13 lbs on average. It's a solid 600 watt mixer with a full metal core and an action with high strength.

Mostly black in colour, the heat is dispelled and the noise of the other mixers is considerably diminished.

His large bowl facilitates the mixing of ample dough to produce four or more pieces of Brot; thus, this mixer will produce appropriate food, whether you are cooking food for one crowd or for a crowd.

The mixer helps you to pick from 6 different speed styles from slowest rate to higher speeds such as whipped foods (exceptional for things that you do not want to split completely).

The pulse feature of the stand mixer helps you to combine ingredients according to your particular tastes.

Many mixers have this functionality, as you will probably find. This mixer's tilt-head nature makes kneading or paddling smoother, without the bowl being adapted.

You essentially have to switch the lever of the blender on the side depending on the side of the blender to lift or decrease the bucket handle.

This will encourage you, according to your choice, to move the mixer up or down. Also featuring a high-quality engine, the Albohes 600 watt Stand blender can be used long-term while retaining its strength and performance.

It also provides reduced noise and high dissipation functions in its efficiency. The booth mixer also works very easily, saving a lot of mixing time.


  • 6 different speed
  • Pulse feature
  • High-quality engine
  • Long lasting
  • Reduced noise and high dissipation functions


  • Not very safe for dishwashing

This strong mixer is a heaven for bakers. It is able to knead and blend perfectly, possessing a powerful 800 Watt generator.

This stand blender is a perfect kitchen investment. It is also safe for dishwashing and can be washed faster after use.

The splatter barrier protects food from falling and spilling. The equipment also has three other fixtures: the dough hook, the beater, and the whisk egg.

The attachment makes any cooking flexible and varied, and also makes it simple for users to prepare food.

The mixer also has a tilt-head that helps you to easily reach the bowl and beater, and allows you to add ingredients conveniently to your recipe as you see fit.

The anti-silicone suction cups that guarantee Cusimax remains constant are another essential element of this study.

The gadget also has a slip-free frame, which for safety considerations keeps its grip onto a board.


  • Powerful 800 Watt generator
  • Safe for dishwashing
  • Splatter barrier protects food from falling and spilling
  • Anti-silicone suction cups
  • Slip-free frame


  • None

This mixer is the perfect mixer if you are hunting for the best kitchen assistant for kneading and mixing.

It can be mixed and kneaded unbelievably easily and inefficiently with a 650 Watt engine.

The flexibility provided by its fast clamping mechanism enables you to easily adjust the role of the system, enabling pizza dough or soup cream to be kneaded quickly. A host of activities may also be performed, including purification, blending, dragging and kneading.

It is a basic, well-designed and user-friendly device which enables a fast picking-up of the mixing arm.

In addition, the suction at the base means that you grip tightly and that you are secure when using the product. The low noise function, as opposed to most products in the industry, is one of the best features of this system.

Moreover, the mixer is almost fully plastic made, which makes it simple to use and lightweight. Its solid nature and great pace make it simpler and more relaxed to combine the ingredients.

The big bowl of stainless steel often contains a large number of batters such that ample food is available. It is unbelievably simple to use, especially for first time applications. The blender is made of stainless steel for toughness and has a size of 5 litres.

In addition, it provides six distinct types of adjustable speeds that provide a range of speed forces for special fineness of dough.

The kitchen gadget, if you want the cakes to be airy or hard sourdough, will satisfy all the mixing needs.

In addition, the system is built with a slip-free build, which allows grip and cleaning amazingly simple.

It is quick to empty the mixing bowls. They are very convenient to clean because they are healthy, particularly if you do not want to wash hands.


  • Well-designed and user-friendly
  • Low noise function
  • Easy to clean
  • Slip-free build system


  • Bowl capacity is limited

This specific mixer is a solid 400 watt motor made of die cast metal and sports. The mixing machine is up to the challenge without breaking the bank, if you mix a lot of heaviness and need something to accommodate a good load.

It's made of silicon, too much about this mixer. This ensures that it can handle much more violence than a metal- and plastic combination. The 63224 also has a very powerful motor.

It has an average ratio of four hundred watts and can churn a lot of pasta. However, it's not a tricky donkey. It has 12 different speeds, which make it a decent choice if you constantly combine recipes with various consistencies.

A peculiar aspect of the model is that the head of the mixer is moving in one direction through the bowl while the beater is on the other. This means that the combination is both more effective and stable. Perhaps the best thing about this stand blender is the price at which it can be sold, since it comes with multiple fixtures and has a three-year guarantee.


  • 12 different speeds
  • Powerful motor
  • Effective and stable
  • Three-year guarantee


  • Not very easy to store

It combines a hand mixer with a stand mixer. This is a perfect investment for someone who wishes to stop at the kitchen's mess while also getting many choices for mixing.

This is a cool little tool and one of the better dough mixers, possibly. In the first place, the price is almost a steal, especially if you bear in mind that two separate mixers are mostly available for the price. It has a 220-watt motor with 7 different speeds to show you which of the speeds you are using with an LED display.

This mixer uses the device known as SmoothStart. It gives you three separate sluggish velocities to get the dough rolling so you can't get trapped. You would want one that fitted in the same price range as a portable mixer. It is quick to detach both the mixers and the hand machine. This makes it possible to clean all components of the unit.


  • Combination of hand mixer and stand mixer
  • LED display
  • SmoothStart technology
  • Easy to clean


  • None

This stand mixer is a standing dough mixer with a capacity of 250 watts and four and half quarters in a single beater style.

The capacity of the bowl relative to other dough mixers is probably the most remarkable thing about this mixer. You will fill it with enough dough at four and a half quarters to produce two bread loaves. When the treats are more, there's no problem: there's enough room inside the bowl to produce several dozen cookies at once.

Compared with other mixers, the configuration of the blender uses a single beater instead of a dual beater. It works not only by spinning the beater, but also by turning the beater around the bowl. This is a very effective method of combining so you do not need a spatula on the sides of the cup.


  • Single beater style
  • Effective
  • 10-speed mixer


  • None

This mixer has a patented two-engine configuration with one engine and one driving cup. So, you should rely on the potential to do it without a challenging blender without a solid bowl drive.

The blender also has a special feature with a solid and ergonomically designed hand mixer that is entirely removable. This gives a strong blender the foundation to carry out the most complex mixing activities.

The blender has a 10-speed mixer and a 2-speed microphone to increase the performance of a range of components.

It has a mixer of 2,6 quarters stainless steel for the mixing phase with a deck. The mixer can be used with wide and solid gains and beaters due to the uniquely designed V-growth beater that ventilates mixtures better than straight edges. It  has beaters and pulse hooks.


  • Double-engine design
  • Detachable
  • Powerful performance
  • 2.6 quarter stainless steel


  • None

The mixer has an ergonomic and sleek build, making it the ideal option to hands-free mix a wide range of foodstuffs.

It has a strong 800-W engine and settings of varying rpm. This helps you to promise that the food is moist and fresh, a quicker and more detailed method of rinsing and mixing.

There are three fittings in the mixer that provide mixing versatility. Among those accessories there is a blender with mixers, egg sweep and a pulp. It also provides a transparent reversible spill shield, which supports and speeds up cleaning operations.

This is not just because the machine has a shift edge that easily improves the mix. The bashing adhesive foam cups are an improvement to holding the device stable when used.


  • Powerful 800W motor
  • Three fixtures
  • Anti-slip silicone suction cups


  • None

The mixer is fitted with a strong 500W motor, if you need one with a wide variety of options for cooking. In addition, the blender is fitted with a reversible 5-quarter stainless steel tank. This means that all forms of food are able to moisten flour and combine.

The mixer features three fittings: egg whisk, mixer loop and flat beater that maximize flexibility. There is rather a splashing dough. This makes cleaning ingredients simple.

The tilt head of the mixer provides easy entry to the mixer while its silicone anti-slip cups keep the unit secure. You should also ensure that the celestial 67-point technique helps you to thoroughly combine components.


  • 6-speed power
  • Three fittings
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-slip cups


  • None

Basic Factors You Need To Consider To Choose The Best Stand Mixers Under 100

best stand mixers under 100

Before you buy the best stand mixers under 100, you need to keep in mind some basic factors of the best stand mixer under 100. Not only does it depend on the price, but the key variables that help you buy the best stand mixer under 100.

Read the information below carefully before choosing the best stand mixers under 100. That's the information you need to remember before buying this kind of machine.

Bowl Size

Around 4.5- to 5.5-quarters capacity are smaller bowl sizes. A lesser sized bowl accommodates much of your needs, whether you are a lucky baker who just intends to use your mixer sometimes. In a 5-quart pot, for example, you can mix one and a half-sheet cake, two banana bread loaves, three dozen cupcakes or a couple of two and a half-sheet chip cookies comfortably.

For larger recipes, heavier dough, or for many projects, if you plan to use your blender often, consider adding a mixing bowl of 6-8 quarters to your bowl size. But note that bigger bowls will make it more difficult to handle smaller tasks.

best stand mixers under 100

Note that many mixers demonstrate how many cups they can accommodate for the size of the bowl. This can be confusing, since bowls may hold the provided amount of meal, but without messing or exhausting the system, may not mix a recipe of the same volume. It is fair to say that the capability is marginally less than announced.


The minimum wattage recommended is 250 watts, but some mixers have a maximum power of 1000. A lower wattage unit is used if you intend on combining and whipping lightweight cake batters and liquids that do not take a long mixing period. 

A 325-watt engine or greater gives your project the strength it takes if you choose to deal with thicker cookie doughs and large-volume food. The more strong you choose to use daily for the heavier doughs (bagels, pretzels, big lots of bread).

Although a mixer can say that it has a 500 watt generator, more energy could be needed to run the unit than a similar stand blender of the same wattage, giving the bowl less power directly. This element is better used as a general reference when the importance of the other features is evaluated.

Control and Setting

Mixer controls vary from the dials, buttons and the KitchenAid speed control height. Regardless of what the mixer governs, it should be understandable and convenient to run.

best stand mixers under 100

Stand mixers tend to have three to 12 speed settings everywhere. Small, medium and high speeds are important, but the greater the degree of control you have over the recipe. Also, seek a machine which begins to mix slowly, or "stir." This helps to keep fluid or meal from flying out of the bowl by flipping the blender on and while dealing with extremely delicate mixtures.

Some machines have an automatic timeout and auto-shut-off (also called overload protection). While this is not a vital power, it is definitely an advantage to set the computer and focus on another mission (and to have the assurance that it will be switched off when the time comes).

You may want to make sure that you have the tilt-head locking position anytime you plan to use a Tilt-head mixer. This stops the mixing head from skipping and ruining or damaging the unit itself. Although the stand mixer head can lock to mix, some even have an open lock feature. That is less required and is also seen by some reviewers as an annoyance whether it takes two hands to open or is difficult to use.

Speed settings

Various food styles require different mixing speeds. Many stand blender models have different speeds — usually from 3 to 12 different choices.

Both mixers should be slow to begin, so that it is simple without creating a big mess to add ingredients such as meal to the mix. Many versions can also have a setting fast enough to make a meringue. Many bakers will make their way as long as they have 3 or more speed options. But if you are really adventurous, you can go with a model with more speed settings, because you want to bake with total precision.

best stand mixers under 100

Ease of Cleaning

You end up with several different sections you need to clean with stand mixers. Such systems are safe for dishwashing, but with each use, others must be cleaned by hand. You will also have to wash your mixer by hand, depending on the kind of mixer you purchase. And the remainder of the engine can be rubbed off with a wet rag, so that after each use it stays clean.

A comparable maintenance standard for most standing mixers can be required, but some could be a little tougher than others. You often have a clue that mixers make you more difficult than most while washing.

Noise Level

Stand mixers can be so noisy as to break them off. However, some models are worse offenders than others, so if you are susceptible to loud machines in particular, look for models that critics cite as quieter than average.

If you would like to know more about significant factors of a stand mixer in order to make a good decision, here is a guiding video for you: 

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Best Stand Mixers Under 100

To help you choose the best stand mixers under 100, we have picked out 5 best stand mixers under 100 with their most special feature. The best way to choose the best stand mixers under 100 is to consider the ones that have all of the functions that you need, and we believe that, based on our list of 13 best stand mixers under 100, you can choose the best one that can help you in baking.

Below is our top pick of the best stand mixers under 100 based on their most special function among the list.


Best Product For 2 in 1 Function

No products found.

Sunbeam MixMaster 350 Watt is best for baking small dishes. A 2-quart glass bowl is included in the mixer, which allows you to whip up very small quantities of ingredients and a 4-quart glass bowl for regular recipes.

Dash Go Everyday Mixer is best for movable device. One of their other main features is that the device's base can be moved, the mixer can be modified and blended, especially along the side of the bowl, in the direction of the middle.

Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer is best for quick whipping. The stand mixer even has a connection to a comb, so this mixer is quick to make spiny and whipped frostings.

AICOK Hand Mixer Electric 2 in 1 Stand Mixer is best for 2 in 1 function. Inside the frame of a stand mixer, this model provides the versatility of a five-speed mixer – you can use it either as a standing mixer, or delete it from the cradle as a hand-mixer.

ALBOHES Stand Mixer is best for high-quality motor. This will encourage you, according to your choice, to move the mixer up or down. Also featuring a high-quality engine, the Albohes 600 watt Stand mixer can be used long-term while retaining its strength and performance.

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