Top 3+ Reasons For Blender Leaks From Bottom And How To Fix It

The blender leaks from bottom often occur because the user does not install the blade part tightly with the mill, or the gasket is damaged, or the blade’s rotating shaft is dirty due to long-term use, this is also one of the reasons why blender leaks from bottom. Common errors of blender that users should know for timely handling. The phenomenon of leakage in the blender is not harmful to the device, but it will be very dirty every time you grind food. Therefore, with this article, we want users to know how to find the cause and deal with the problem early.

The Cause Of Blender Leaks From Bottom

When encountering a situation where the blender is leaking water, there are only 2 main causes that occur as follows:

  • The mill gasket is open: Long-term use can be deformed, poor elasticity leads to the tightening of the base of the mortar is not high. So when we discover this cause, we just need to replace the gasket.
  • The spindle of the blade is dirty: The small gaskets that seal the shaft are aging, leading to the shaft shaking and worn, then there will be a gap where water can flow out.

The Solution To Fix Jammed, Blender Leaks From Bottom

We can handle the 2 causes we mentioned above in simple ways as follows:

We can buy a new mill gasket to replace the old one at blender accessories stores or you can also order online for them to deliver to your place.

With the tough blade rotating shaft, when it is determined that it is dirty, just remove it to change the small sealing gasket inside and then reinstall it.

On the market today, there are many replacement accessories for sale without missing something? Instead of you want to go to the shop to repair complicated errors if replacement equipment is available and cheap, we should buy it and replace it ourselves. 

But there is one thing you should know that the parts available on the market will not be as good as the zin part of the machine. Therefore, if we can fix it, we should fix it instead of buying a whole set of replacement blades.

Some Notes To Limit The Blender Leaks From Bottom When The Blender Is Overflowing

The phenomenon of blender water also often occurs because the user does not attach the blade tightly to the mill, the gasket is damaged, or the blade’s rotation axis is frozen due to long-term use or the mill may be damaged. cracking due to impact…

If the gasket is damaged, we only need to contact the sales department to buy a new one.

The rotating shaft of the blade is frozen, the small gaskets that seal the shaft are aging, leading to the shaft shaking and worn, then there will be a gap through which water can flow. The way to fix that is that removes the small gasket to replace it and then carefully reinstall it.

To prevent the blender leaks from bottom, you need to note a few things:

First, tighten the blade set with the mill no longer having a gap for water to flow through, note that before installing we need to check that the gasket is not flipped up because if you leave the gasket channel when you tighten it, it will cause the gasket to press. unevenly, with just a few times it will damage the gasket.

With the rotating shaft of the blade, we should not turn on the machine to run for too long because then at the position of the spindle, it will generate a lot of heat and make the rubber gaskets wear quickly, so turn it on and off many times to limit heat generation.

After use, wash and let dry as soon as possible.

It is recommended to regularly check the rubber seals and the dirt of the blade shaft

Use the right food for each type of blender because the blade and spindle are designed to suit certain foods, so when using food rotation, it leads to overload of the blade and spindle. often for a long time will make the blender watery.

Some Other Errors When Using Blender And How To Fix It

The multi-function blender is a common and useful household appliance. It not only grinds smoothies, but it also grinds seeds, grinds meat…and many other great uses. However, in the process of using unfortunately your machine stops working, your motor emits an unpleasant smell, smokes … making it difficult for you to process the mixture.

The motor has a burning smell when you are processing

When blending food, we note the blender operation in the form of a press-drop for about 15 seconds – then rest for 5 seconds and continue that cycle. If you press and hold the machine for too long or the number of presses is high and continuous, it will lead to very high blender motor heat

At that time, the body will have a burning smell due to the high temperature causing the oil to evaporate, burning the oil and insulating paint. At the commutator and the brush, there is a phenomenon of continuous sparking that increases the heat.

And when the engine temperature increases, the thermal relay will cut off the circuit to protect the motor from short-circuiting.

When you buy a new machine, you can smell a burning smell because the new machine uses the oil layer on the engine to evaporate and the plastic parts of the engine can create a closed smell when the engine heat is high. This phenomenon will disappear gradually after you use the machine a few times.

Moreover, the machine can also smoke or create an unpleasant smell when you use it for too long. In this case, turn off the machine and let it cool down for 15-20 minutes.

Due to motor overload

When you turn on the machine and use the blender continuously, it will cause the motor in the body to work non-stop, leading to more and more heat generation. The hotter the heat, the faster the oil on the engine will evaporate, even catching fire, burning the oil, and insulating paint.

In addition, there will be more spark discharge in the commutator and brush parts to increase heat and lead to unfortunate consequences such as fire and explosion.

Because the engine is too dusty

Although not in direct contact with the outside environment, the motor and other parts inside the blender body also encounter a lot of dust and dirt.

The dust clings to the engine, making it more difficult to operate and it seems that the hot temperature inside the machine will be difficult to escape, leading to the engine being hot and feeling like smelling the engine’s burning smell.

The blade is stuck, causing the motor to not rotate

For some reason, the blade (grinder blade) is stuck, unable to rotate, while there is still currently flowing through the motor. This inadvertently causes the motor to overheat, generating heat. If the blade keeps getting stuck, the machine will develop a more burning smell when the motor can’t rotate but still generate heat because of the current flowing.

The blade’s spindle is dry

When the machine is operating, it is easy to make the spindle hot if the blade’s spindle is dry. This puts the plastic adjacent to the shaft at risk of melting, resulting in a burnt smell.

Blender automatic shut off

There are many reasons for the multi-function blender to automatically disconnect while in operation such as flickering switches, loose wiring inside the body caused by vibrations, thermal relays tripping, etc.

The best way to solve this situation is to press the OFF button and use a spatula to get the ingredients to jam the blender blade set, grinder blade set, or meat grinder blade set.

The blade does not rotate even though the motor is running

In the process of long-term use and great force, the gears are worn or the plastic lugs are broken, so the blade will not rotate when the gear is worn too much. is to be.

Do not unplug the power outlet

After grinding food, many times you are busy cooking. Therefore, you often forget to unplug the power outlet after using it. Or sometimes check the machine, you still leave the power outlet. In case you accidentally press the start button, the machine breaks and is very dangerous.

So, as soon as you’re done using it, unplug the power outlet, lift the jar off the base, then turn it clockwise to remove the bottom of the jar. to ensure safety. Be careful with the blades and cutting parts of the blender during operation and cleaning.

Do not wash the blender immediately after use

After grinding food, many housewives often have the habit of not washing the blender but washing the dishes together. However, this habit inadvertently creates an environment for pathogenic bacteria to arise, vegetables, fruits, food… will stick to it, causing difficulties when cleaning later.

Immediately after grinding the food, you should pour water into the soak and clean the machine immediately to ensure hygiene.

Blending a variety of ingredients at the same time

Many times you need a smoothie or a mixed dish that needs to grind many different foods. You would think of putting the mixture in the blender all at once to get an even and smooth blend. However, that is a misconception.

The blender will not be able to blend ingredients of different hardnesses evenly. Grinding many ingredients at the same time is the basic cause of machine wear and tear, even causing the blade to bend or break, and the ingredients being ground are not as smooth as desired.

Do not test the hand blender before turning it on

This is a habit that many people get into when using a blender. Putting the food in the blender and starting it up immediately without checking that the parts of the hand blender are screwed together can cause the plastic shell to break, wear the gears and even burn the machine.

Grind a lot, do not chop the ground ingredients

When preparing whole foods for blending, you usually leave foods whole without chopping them. You put a lot of food in at the same time. When using the machine to grind porridge, soup, etc. 

If there are vegetables, you do not cut the vegetables short, the long (and tough) vegetable roll is easy to wind on the grinder shaft causing overload, resulting in the motor burning (in case This is unlikely, but it’s better to take precautions first.)

Before grinding should see the norm and usually useless food than the norm. Food must be carefully combed (meat, fish), chopped, sorted, and ground in a moderate amount.

The best way to preserve your blender and get the perfect blend is to chop the ingredients before you put them in the blender and add them one at a time. In addition, you should grind hard objects first, using the correct blade according to the instructions. 

Water or ice cubes should be added last, to gauge the correct water level. For ingredients with tough shells, you should peel them off before putting them in the blender for a smoother, more delicious mixture.

Abuse of multi-function blender

Multi-function blenders often include many types of blades, suitable for each certain grinding function such as dry grinding, wet grinding, blender… However, overusing a multi-purpose blender can affect your health. the durability of the machine, causing scratches and even damage to the blade.

Improper amount of liquid used

The blender dilutes the blend by about 40%, so when adding water to the blend, you should pay attention to the dosage. Water should only be added at the near-finishing stage so that the mixture does not become too diluted and lose its palatability.

The amount of liquid used affects the entire blending process, from the consistency of the blend to its flavor. If the amount of liquid is too little, the smoothie will not be smooth, and too much, the blend will be diluted. When grinding, it is necessary to add water or cream, milk to the glass to increase the efficiency of grinding or mixing and prolong the life of the machine.

Use strong detergent, do not dry the machine after cleaning vệ

How to clean the machine also greatly affects the durability of the blender. When cleaning the product, you flush water directly into the body or use a metal wash plate, detergent, corrosive liquid. After washing, you do not dry the machine, which also causes the machine to have an unpleasant smell and is quickly damaged.

Fixing this problem is also very simple. When cleaning the machine, you soak the dishwashing liquid on a soft cloth, clean the jar, lid, and chopsticks. Use chopsticks to thread a washcloth into each slot to remove any remaining food. Rinse the machine under strong running water, shoveling vigorously so that any residue can come out. Soak and clean knives and funnels with a soft brush. 

Do not rinse with very hot water and then put the mortar in the refrigerator, because with brittle plastic materials, the roots will crack. When the machine is completely clean, wipe it with a soft, damp cloth, then air it in a cool place or face down.


The above is the necessary information to help users understand the cause, location, and remedy of the blender leaks from bottom used daily. Hopefully, this article of ours can be of help to you.

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