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Difference Between Shake and Smoothie: A Guide That You Need To Know

Shakes and smoothies are popular desserts that can bring your health a lot of benefits. Sometimes they can look alike and make you think that they are the same. However, they are totally different from each other and this article will inform you the difference between shake and smoothie.

To successfully gain the benefits from these two types of desserts, it is necessary for you to know the essential information about them and take it into consideration  in order to make yourself a perfect and healthy smoothie or milkshake. 

If you would like to know the key factors of shake and smoothie, do not miss this article as well as all of the significant information below. We believe that they can help you a lot in distincting shake and smoothie.

In this article, we will offer you the following contents:

  • Smoothie’s essentials
  • Shake’s essentials
  • Difference Between Smoothie And Shake
  • Smoothies or shakes?
  • Smoothies and Shakes: Which one is healthier?
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Smoothie’s essentials

A smoothie’s constant is shaking, but it isn’t shaking. It’s a thick, mixed drink of cleaned fruit, veggies and liquids. The smoothie base typically begins with yogurt, milk or juice, but you can make some from all fruits. A thick smoothie may be accompanied by grains and oatmeal. For taste and nutrition, supplemental seasonings may also be added, such as honey or protein granules.  For food substitute smoothies are used, are provided as breakfast snacks or drunk.

Smoothies can be easily digested and devoured in advance of a workout. They tend to be thick and filling, so that a meal or nutritional necessity can be replaced. They are low in fat, unless you add high flavours like peanut butter, cream, etc. The natural fruit sugar is generally found in smoothies. In addition, honey, oatmeal, protein powder and additional nutrition can be inserted. They also assist you to lose weight while feeling complete and eating less.

Shake’s essentials

A shake is a dessert or sweet treat, also known as a milk shake. They are usually not used for food substitution but can be provided with a meal. A milking shake is based on milk, often ice cream or milk. Taste is added to sips, powders and true fruit, but some milkshakes are flavored with ice cream alone. Shakes can be finished with whipped cream and sweets.

Since milk is one of the shakes’ major additives it is rich in calcium and protein. They cannot be used to replace meals and are commonly eaten with or after meals. More soaked fats and calories are present in them than smoothies.

Difference Between Shake and Smoothie

Below is the difference between smoothie and shake, you must take it into consideration before choosing the suitable type for your needs. Read the information below carefully, it will help you a lot in distincting smoothies and shakes, know their benefits so that you can choose the one that is suitable with your taste.

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Smoothies are generally rich in carbs but have a fairly low fat content – except for high-fat components such as peanut butter. Smoothies are often thought of as healthy options to shakes since they are usually made from real fruit, low in fat or protein, but those produced from fruit-based desserts, sherbets, juices and sips are more like a splurge than a dietary beverage. In milkshakes, by contrast, inundated fat and higher calories than smoothies are usually contained. Nevertheless, they have a large quantity of calcium and protein although charged with sugar.


Smoothies have been around for a few decades, but smoothies did not become common until the health nutrition movement of the 1960s The name of smoothie had been around for a while, but it was labelled as a lactose-free option to smoothies by the Smoothie King, Steven Kohnau, in 1970. The shake is a long way back. The first term popped up in 1885 but it was more like an egg made of whiskey, ovens and a dairy base. The initial milkshake. During the 1900s, milkshakes turned from alcoholic to nonalcoholic and had flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberries and became famous in malt stores in the 1930s.

Consumption Time Favored

In the morning, people prefer smoothies. In the afternoon, milkshakes will be preferred at night. Prior to training, smoothies are favored when shaking after training.


Shakes are often overcrowded with candy, chocolate or cream. Healthy options such as mint leaves, grain, bits of fruits like strawberries and nuts are frequently offered to smoothies.


In its formulation, smoothies contain little protein. Protein powder, cream, milk or yogurt are often fortified with shakes. Nevertheless, some smoothies include adding protein to the drink, which is not often the case. 

There can be no protein in smoothies or not. Smoothie ingredients are often restricted to fruit and vegetables with additional hemp or nut butter for increasing the content of protein. Usually, shakes are strengthened by some type of protein powder.  This adds a creamy texture and makes you feel more comfortable. Shakes are frequently intended as a food substitution, so that the nutrient ratio is broader. However, if you want to boost the protein content you could always add some protein powder to a smoothie. This is usually everything you need to turn your green smoothie into a shake of green protein.


Shakes consist mainly of vanilla, chocolate, milk, yogurt, ice cream and whipped cream. The fruit and vegetables, however, are smoothies.


The smoothies are colorful and can be found in green, yellow, red, etc. Shakes normally do not appear in such colours, unless coloring is added. The majority of shakes in color are white, pink and brown.

Flavour and coherence

The factor in both drinks varies immensely.  Nevertheless, we can determine the consistency of smoothies. Shakes are a bit fluid and slightly thicker. Various people and restaurants have various recipes that produce contradictory textures of the two drinks. Shakes are more creamy than smoothies. Milkshakes are so thick that you might use a spoon. We only talk in this article about shakes made with healthy ingredients. This does not include milkshakes mainly based on ice cream. Shakes are much more healthy than ice cream — frozen bananas, avocados and coconut milk are just some of the additives that will add wealth to a healthy shake recipe.


When most people think of a smoothie, they are thinking of a colorful beverage. Combos, such as strawberry, mango, pineapple, orange or berry, and other fresh and candied products, are popular fruit smoothie flavors. Spinach, kale, roman lettuce, cucumber and one of my favorites are popular green smoothie additives – celery.

Shakes are more likely to rely on healthy fat-based additives, however. Vanilla, cocoa, toffee and peanut butter are the most popular shake flavors. The shakes themselves often have creamy substances such as avocado, cocoa milk or icy bananas.

Smoothies or shakes?

The idea of smoothie, however, has changed. Originally composed of fruit cellulose combined with sugar and ice, smoothie is recently considered to be any fruit juice, smoke or yogurt. You must mix the spices widely to make a smooth drink. Due to the appearance of air, the drink resulting is more.

Shakes are usually made with a blender or mixer, while mixers are made with a blender, as the frozen fruit has to become a liquid. It takes less time to make smoothies because, as against shakes, you don’t have to peel and cut the fruit.

Both drinks supply fiber, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and enzymes. They are perfect for energy enhancement, dietary control, mood improvements and a more balanced diet. They can also have cleansing effects on our bodies and help us eliminate toxins, depending on the ingredients we choose.

Smoothies and Shakes: Which one is healthier?

Many people believe that smoothies are better for our health than shakes because they have fruit or vegetables and do not have whipped or iced cream. They have a lot of sugar and calories. They have both calories. Ensure you use fruit and veggies and juice for a comparatively low calorie treatment in preparation of smoothie. In addition, to arrange, avoid attaching processed sugar.  Try it and do it home as fruit focus and syrups can be used by smoothies instead of real fruits.

Milkshakes are filled with empty calories and fat. Protein and calcium content are the only good parts. It’s all narcissistic, nevertheless, because we put a good deal of sugar. You can go for low-fat milk instead of milkshakes. Some health professionals don’t even pass on healthy smoothies, because they believe that it is better to eat a fruit rather than a smoothie. Smoothies are generally healthier than milkshakes. But again, it relies on milkshakes (e.g. protein shakes) which are healthy due to the additives.

The response is really what the dish contains and what you hope to achieve by drinking it. A smoothie with most fruit and some vegetable additives is a better option for a drink before the workout.

This type of recipe is full of carbohydrates, which your body will consume in training as fuel. Carbs are very fast and easy to digest unlike fat and protein.

Shakes with lots of protein are better than a drink after training. Because the recovery of your muscles is heavily protein-dependent, you should wisely select your fuel after workout. Shakes also contain some carbohydrates and are the best way to get the most out of your workout.

Want to make delicious smoothies and shakes by yourself? These wonderful recipes will be useful to you, check out the following video:


Should you produce your own shakes and smoothies?

Please remember that you almost always have healthier smoothies and shakes at home than what you buy in the stores.

Is drinking smoothies every day healthy?

The most nutritious smoothies come from whole products such as fruit, vegetables, yogurts and healthy fats, while those with a large number of added sugars are not as dense as nutrients and can over time contribute to adverse health effects. Protein and fiber high smoothies may even help you to lose weight by maintaining fullness.

Can a milkshake substitute a meal?

Shakes usually don’t bring enough calories to meet your calories of a typical meal when used as a meal substitute.  Inadequate caloric consumption may result in loss of muscle, decreased metabolism and fatigue, so if you replace the whole meal you will need to make up for those calories.

What do I have to put in a good smoothie?

Start with 1 cup of fruit, either fresh or icy.  Some good foundation products are strawberries, cranberries, pineapples, bananas, cherries. Vegetables, If you don’t care about the green color, you can bring more antioxidant properties to your drink with a multitude of spinach and/or cale.


We hope that this article will give you useful information about the difference between smoothie and shake and choose the one that is suitable for your needs.  Right now you can choose the best type of dessert which is suitable for your taste, do not forget to take some extra tips into consideration to make a healthy one. If you would like to find a good blender for making smoothies and shakes, click  this article to check out this awesome blender.

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