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Hand Blender Vs Hand Mixer: A Comparison Reviews 2021

With the same function of whisking, whipping cream, mixing flour, grinding food, should you buy a hand mixer or a hand blender better? We have conducted several surveys and analyzed these two products according to many criteria. In this article, please refer to the information we share here to make it easier to make your choice.

Below you will find a hand blender vs hand mixer review that will help you in choosing the best product for your cooking purposes. Keep reading AMB to keep up with beauty trends for Hand Mixer vs Hand Blender comparison.

At a Glance of Hand Blender Vs Hand Mixer

What is hand mixer?

A hand mixer is a kitchen appliance used for stirring and mixing food. This machine is usually used to beat eggs, make egg yolks and whites evenly mixed, they are also used to mix flour, mix foods such as mashed potatoes, ice cream.

Overall, the structure of the hand mixer is quite simple, not too complicated. The principle of operation and usage is also very simple. Their mixing part is structured like an iron cage and when they start to mix, they will spin so that the food is crushed. All you need to do will be just insert the device into the product you need to mix and press the switch, the machine will do the rest for you. Therefore, this is a household appliance that is favored by many housewives.

What is a hand blender?

Hand blender is rated as a mini version of a desktop blender. The product is structured in the form of a tree, including the machine at the top and the body with the blade below. In addition, the lower body can be disassembled for cleaning. When you need to use it, you just need to attach all the parts together. Depending on the model, there will be 1 or 2 different food grinding speeds. In a set of products, there are other accessories such as meats grinders, egg beater, blender, …

The compact design is very convenient to operate completely by hand with the sharp metal blade system right below, which helps the blender to grind all kinds of vegetable, meat, and fish products easily. Hand blenders have a much quieter operation than traditional blenders.

When you need to use the hand blender, just put the grinder head into the product cup and press the button, the machine will automatically grind as you want, the grinding quality of the hand blender is better than a normal blender.

What is the difference between Hand Mixer vs Hand Blender?

In fact, both hand mixers and hand blenders have their own advantages. It’s hard to say which machine is better because they all support different types of food.

You should use a hand mixer when you need to beat eggs, mix flour to make cakes, process food in large quantities for business purposes, serve many users at the same time. You should also use a hand mixer if you are passionate about baking and have a high frequency of household use.


  • The machine has an accompanying beater that you can use to beat eggs, whip cream, mix flour, mix meat… convenient for cooking.
  • Depending on the model, the product has 2-3 speeds with a high-speed turbo function that can be adjusted to suit each food or your needs.
  •   Flexibility in use when both hand-held and desktop types are available. In particular, the desktop type of egg beater can be disassembled from the body for more convenient hand-beating.
  • The kneading and mixing sticks are easy to remove and clean, making them easier to use.


  • The machine power is from 200 – 300 W, so the speed of beating and mixing food will be lower than that of a hand blender.

 On the contrary, you should use a manual blender if you have low usage needs. With a hand blender, you can both beat eggs, whip cream, and puree vegetables without having to spend time cleaning or replacing the troublesome blender. In particular, with the ability to grind hot food right in the bowl or cup, the hand blender is very suitable for families who need to make food for children or the elderly.


  • The product has many tools included: meat grinder, plastic mortar, egg beater … you can blend smoothies, whip cream, beat eggs, grind meat or vegetables.
  • The stainless steel beater helps you grind porridge, hot soup, or any other food right in the bowl, cup, pot without having to use a plastic mortar.
  • The power is larger from 500 – 700 W, so the food puree will be faster than the hand mixer.
  • The machine design is simple, compact, easy to disassemble, so cleaning and maintaining the machine does not take too much of your time.


  • Because the machine has a high capacity, when you want to whip cream or beat eggs, you must adjust the speed carefully otherwise the finished product will not meet the requirements like using a dedicated whisk.

What is the similarity between Hand Blender vs Hand Mixer?

  • Hand blenders and hand mixers are both specialized devices that help you prepare food ingredients in the kitchen
  • Hand mixers and hand blenders can both be used to whisk egg whites and whisk eggs.
  • Both hand blenders are equipped with blades, however, the blades on hand blenders are stronger than those on hand mixers
  • Both devices are compact and manual so they are easy to clean after use.

Product Comparison

Below is the comparison for two kinds of hand machines: Hand Blender vs Hand Mixer in many factors.


The hand mixer has a multi-head design that rotates at high speed to smooth, mix the liquid or dry mixture evenly, used for processing liquid or easy-to-find mixtures. The machine is not effective in shredding or cutting food.

Convenient to use, handle design for easy storage, hand mixer is suitable for small quantities of mixtures. With the need to mix the mixture, a hand mixer will be more advantageous when the food is evenly mixed, not layered by weight.

The manual blender series is effective for cutting, chopping, and purring food in large sizes. The blender will break the food structure with a high knife and milling speed. The machine is capable of mixing smooth and fine mixtures, but there will be layering and stratification of food.

Therefore, a hand blender will be a more necessary and effective tool for baking, frying eggs, whipping cream – while blender lines will not meet.

Winner: hand blender


The power of the hand mixer is from 200 – 300 W, so the speed of beating and mixing food. Meanwhile, the power of the hand blender is from 500 – 700 W, so the food puree will be faster than the hand mixer. Therefore, the hand blender will have a faster rotation speed and make the food puree faster than the hand mixer.

Winner: Hand Blender

The ability to puree food

With a hand blender, you won’t have to reheat your soup pot and then take it out, or pour it into a bowl while worrying about it spilling out and burning you. With a hand blender, your chewy soup becomes smooth right in the pot.

Hand blenders will process your foods that tend to be liquid because they are primarily working to turn things into liquid form. This means they are great for making smoothies, milkshakes, and can even turn your cooked apples into applesauce. If you are looking for a device that makes your food liquid then a hand blender is all you need.

In contrast, the mixer does not process anything, it just mixes the ingredients together. Mixers are considered as one of the indispensable equipment of bakers. The hand mixer has the ability to make the dough smooth, smooth and thereby make the cake become soft, spongy, and much more delicious.

They will be more suitable for whisking eggs as well as making ice cream from egg whites, making waffle dough, pancake dough, cookies. Hand mixers are extremely effective when used to prepare whipped cream and whipped cream ingredients.

Winner: Hand Blender


In fact, hand blenders are capable of performing more tasks than hand mixers. Hand mixers are generally more about combining ingredients and softening foods while hand mixers are more capable of softening ingredients and chopping foods up to liquid form. It also has the ability to heat soup or porridge right in the pot. The capacity of the hand blenders is also larger, the processing speed is higher. That’s why hand blenders are usually a bit more expensive than hand mixers

Winner: Hand mixer

Which ones do you need or both?

In fact, no one wants to have too many appliances in their kitchen, so people are always looking for 2-in-1 solutions to save space and costs. However, it is important to distinguish between a hand blender and a hand mixer, which tool do you need more or both? You will need at least one device so that your kitchen can be called full of necessary tools. But in reality, it depends on how often you use it

If you have to mix a lot, a hand blender is a very handy solution as it requires no extra dishes or tools. You just need to put the machine in and mix well. However, if you want a machine capable of mashing potatoes or you need to chop foods, then a hand blender is a perfect choice.

These two tools can essentially do the same things, and I’ve heard too many times that everyone likes to have two devices in the house. However, in reality, in certain cases, you will find that a device is more necessary for your kitchen work.

The hand blender can be used to make creamy soups or even whisk eggs and cream together. Meanwhile, the hand mixer will whip the egg whites and blend the flours well, without leaving them loose or crumbly, possibly disappearing.

One piece of advice when choosing these two devices, if you want everything to be shredded to the point of liquid or at least there are some liquid elements, use a hand blender. In case you just want everything to be mixed, smooth but still ensure that the ingredients do not melt into liquid, use a hand mixer.

In case you want both but can only use one device, use a hand blender because they can perform both tasks. But every time you mix cakes or make custards, pay attention to the rotation speed and operating time of the machine to avoid the ingredients being melted due to the grinding time. And if you have financial conditions and large enough kitchen space, why not buy both?

Hand Mixer vs Hand Blender: The Winner

In terms of price, features, and capacity, the winner is definitely the hand blender. This machine can not only shred food, but can also puree eggs, flour, and cream to make cakes while hand mixers perform better cake-related tasks, but chopping food is worse because their blades are much smaller than those of hand blenders.

If you like to make smoothies, soups and have to perform chopping operations such as mincing garlic, onions, and mincing meat, use a hand blender. If you just need to combine ingredients together to make the dish taste better, use a hand mixer.

Above is all information about the two hand blenders and hand mixers that readers can refer to. If you love hand blender or hand mixer products. Please refer to some products by following the link below for more detailed information on blenders and this link for mixers. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information.

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