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How Acidic Is Orange Juice

In the summer, all kinds of fruit juice will be a primary choice by everyone. And orange juice also is a first choice as it contains many vitamins especially the vitamin c that is a necessary nutrition for your health. But , do you know about how acidic is orange juice and nutritional ingredients as well.

Each orange juice glass will give different nutritional values depending on the use purpose or absorb ability of the body. And using the orange juice correctly will help your body to provide enough of the necessary nutrition amount and give a strong body. 

Understanding this, we researched and learned from many reliable sources with reports and the studying results of the nutritional expert and compiled them on our article. So , you can easily find out and take the helpful information as well as an important knowledge about the nutrition in fruit juice. Let’s discover and get it.

Acid In Fruit Juice

First we find out together about how acid is fruit juice. After that we will understand the nutritional value and use it correctly to have the taste of the beverage and nutritional food that will help us have a strong body as well as elevate health for the hot summer. 

Actually, all types of juice contain organic acids like banana, orange and mango, and juices made from vegetables like spinach,celery with the function of cooling the body or the grapefruit juice to help weight loss . However , each type of juice contains a different acid level and each acid has a different level of sour.

According to researchers, the citrus fruit contains many different types of acid and has citric acid . So if you would like to add  more diets that contain the alkalinity amount, you should eat many green veggies that can help reduce the acid. Or can choose types of fruit that contain less acid amount.

For malic acid, it contains much in apples, grapes, peaches, prunes, pears and bananas. And this acid is good for the runner because researchers state the effect of it on the runner. They studied that the malic acid helps the noticeable enhancement for physical performance.

Besides, manufacturers will also use citric acid as a food additive to provide a sour taste to sweet juices. And the acidity level of the juices is arranged on a pH ranging from zero to highest acidity and the alkalinity level has the pH level opposite to the pH level of acidity. A food or drink with a pH of 7 is considered neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline.

And based on experiments and research, we have a level comparing table that show acid level in types of fruit juice as following: 

Name of fruit juicepH level
_lemon juice2.00 to 2.60 pH
_lime juice2.00 to 2.35 pH
_grape juice3.30 to 3.35 pH
_ogrance juice3.30 to 4.15 pH
_Peaches juice3.30 to 4.05 pH
_Apple juice3.35 to 5.60 pH
_Pomegranate juice3.50 pH
_Prune juice3.70 to 4.00 pH
_Apricot nectar3.78 pH
_Blackberries3.85 to 4.50 pH
_Tomato juice4.10 to 4.60 pH
_Mango juice4.60 pH

With information from the below table, we could see that lemons and lime juice have the highest acid of the fruit juice table. But if you mix the lemon juice with tea or water it won’t have the same effect as a glass of lemonade. And the different types of fruit juice made from apples, oranges, peaches, pears, blackberries.. All have a similar level of acidity, with pH from 3.40 to 4.50.

Actually vegetable juices are noticeably less acidic than the fruit juice, so you can mix the vegetable juice with fruit juice that will help balance the acid amount in juice. The vegetable is often used to make juice such as lettuce, celery and cucumber with the function of weight loss and really suits those who have the health condition without conforming with high acid levels because  all have the pH level at the normal level. 

And if you would like to look for an alternative beverage for orange juice, you will be surprised that many non-juice drinks have too much acid, like the pH of coca-cola at 2.525 pH. And only the types of drinks such as coffee, carrot juice, tap water, distilled water, tea have less acid level than orange juice. 

And the next part, we will mention the benefits and harmful effects of orange juice on our health that help you understand and use orange juice more correctly and effectively.

The Benefit And Harmful Effect Of Orange Juice

Whether acidic food and beverages are helpful or harmful to your body, this topic is alway cared by many people for recent years when society is more and more developed. So, in this article we will discuss together the benefits and harmful effects of orange juice to help you understand more clearly and use correctly.

Acidic drinks like orange juice can affect the upper gastrointestinal tract of some people, resulting in acid reflux, heartburn, sour stomach or other unpleasant conditions. Individual tolerance for acidity varies among people. Many people aren’t bothered by orange juice at all but can’t tolerate tomato-based foods and vice versa.

And the other parts of the body have different pH levels depending on their purpose, for instance, blood pH is slightly alkaline while the stomach needs to be acidic to break down food. Some researchers say that consuming too much acidic food and drink could make the blood too acidic and the body would compensate by pulling alkaline material from the other parts of the body. 

And they also theorized that calcium might be leached from the bones to counter the acid, putting the body at risk for osteoporosis or other diseases. But understanding the acid content of juices can help you with your nutritional needs. If you experience kidney stones or hypocitraturia, a health condition in which you excrete too little citrate per day. Increasing your acidic juice intake in your diet can help improve citrate excretion.

The vitamin C in oranges and orange juice can help a cold or its side effects go away more quickly than just letting the virus run its course. The citric acid in orange juice also helps get rid of the phlegm that forms with the cold virus and other upper – respiratory conditions. 

Besides, if the acidity in the orange juice bothers your stomach, you can mix them in the vegetable juice or water to reduce the acidic level that still makes sure to provide fully vitamin c for the body. 

And many people haven’t known yet about the significant benefits of the fruit juice that it can reduce the chances of heart disease and high blood pressure. In Addition , fruit juice contains antioxidants that help prevent the damage and aging of the body over time. That brings a strong body and smooth skin thanks to the vitamin and fiber in the fruit.

In the summer, what type of beverage can help cool down and give a fresh feeling that is only orange juice because it contains the noticeable vitamin c amount that helps not only slake but creates the energy to give you all day, always energy full and strong. Also, the orange juice can help heal naturally inflammation, the inflammations with qualification cause chronic disease and are dangerous to the health.

If orange juice is too sour with you, you can add sugar or water to balance the acidity and that will make the juice more tasty. Depending on the use, there are many methods to make many orange juices with multiple flavors by combining them with different types of fruit like grapefruit, celery, peaches… 


Any type of food and drink also have helpful and harmful effects, however, if you understand their ingredients and use them correctly that will help your health be enhanced. Understanding your health condition and needs about the acidic level for the body and tolerance of the acid as well. Anh the perfect combination between the good blender and the fresh fruits will make your nutritional fuller.

The orange juice is helpful for you but if you don’t know how to use it or store it, it will have harmful effects to the body and health as well. Orange juice is recommended to use after making or a few minutes after that and don’t use the orange juice after many hours because the nutrients in it can be changed and the nutrition ingredients will be reduced.

Storing orange juice in the refrigerator is recommended because that helps keep the nutrients in it and the orange juice will be more delicious. And when choosing the orange you also consider sources and origin as well to make sure safely for health. The oranges have to be washed cleanly before making the juice because the dust and bacteria will be able to affect the beverage if it has  not been washed cleanly yet.

However, if you use too much or don’t use it correctly for your body, that will have dangerous and harmful effects for your health. Because, the acid level will affect and cause the problem about diseases. So, we hope this article will help you have helpful information and good health. 

The juice is always good for our health and it also gives us fresh energy thanks to vitamins and fibers, which are nutritional and make energy for daily activities, beside the fruit juice and juices as well overall if used correctly it will be the primary nutritional sources and really necessary for daily nutritional diet.

The orange juice is good for children and adults, help heal naturally the disease like the cold, the vitamins and nutritions especially the vitamin c in the orange juice will help illuminate the virus and increase the body resistance to help the body stronger when the hard weather condition that cause easily the cold.

A strong and fit body is desired by many people however few people know about the function of the juice and for the busy people, they will care less and drink the juice everyday but if you are interested in the strong body, you should not miss the nutritional juices. 

If you have any helpful information, or information about enclosed tools to have the taste juice glass like the blenders because those tools can help significantly to make the quality and nutritional juice,  let’s share to help everyone have a strong body and correctly use the nutrition of orange juice. Beneath, we enclosed the video with information about fruit juices for you to learn more helpful information. 

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