How Long Does Prune Juice Last?: Here’s The Final Answer For You In 2022

As you know, keeping yourself hydrated should be one of the most top-priority tasks you need to do daily. Besides caring for your organs, helping your skin stay healthy is also a benefit. You may think the only way is to drink eight cups of water per day; however, supplementing yourself with prune juice for additional flavors and nutrients is beneficial. Therefore, you may be asking a question like: “How long does prune juice last?”

Unlike water, juices in general and prune juice specifically have their expiration date. Moreover, it also depends on where you put the juice inside for storage. For example, a juice box in the freezer will be more lasting than the one in the refrigerator. And when you put it at room temperature, how long will it last?

Knowing your concern, we have included how long prune juice lasts and some ways to preserve it. Besides, we will give you some information about prune juice, including the benefits, ways to make prune juice, purposes, and some side effects you may encounter for the whole picture. 

Firstly, we think you need to know what prune juice is? Because we know that some of you here still feel strange with this juice type. 

What Is Prune Juice?

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For your information, prune juice is made of dried plums, or prunes, containing many nutrients beneficial to your health situations. Do you ask us for some proof? We can say that, although it is a fantastic energy source, it doesn’t result in a rapid increase in the level of blood sugar. It will not like some energy drinks you may drink; therefore, don’t worry too much. 

Moreover, it has a high sugar content and rich fiber, which is beneficial to your bowel and bladder. 

Now, you know what prune juice is and its benefits generally, some of you still doubt this juice’s efficiency to the health. Therefore, we will move to the section to state some specific health benefits of this juice type. We are sure that after this part, you will somehow be eager to put this juice into your daily beverage list. 

Benefits Of Prune Juice

2.1. Digestive Health

One of the most apparent advantages of prune juice is its positive effect on the digestive system. The main reason is that it is rich in sorbitol, also known as a sugar alcohol, as a natural laxative, aiming to ease digestion and regular bowel moment. 

Moreover, because of the fiber richness characteristic, prune juice assists in preventing chronic constipation, which is common in older people and sometimes in toddlers.

According to our research, we find out that drinking only half of prune juice cups per day can reduce problems relating to usual bathroom utilization. 

Here’s a video showing how prune juice is effective for reducing constipation:

2.2. Prevent High Blood Pressure

For your information, since our body can’t typically produce potassium, prune juice is an effective drink helping you supply yourself with potassium to avoid deficiencies. But, of course, you only make sure that the amount is reasonable, not too much! Moreover, it is also high in antioxidants. And below, we will tell you what influence these minerals will affect your body. 

As you may not know, potassium stabilizes the sodium level in your blood, while the antioxidants reduce free radicals from the body cells and prevent the damage caused by oxidation. The combination of potassium and antioxidants will reduce the blood pressure level, essential for preventing heart attack, which is dramatically dangerous. 

2.3. Liver Health

Many of you may know, but prune juice was used to treat a harmful liver disease called hepatitis. Although it is a conventional treatment, prune juice still proves its ability to reduce toxic chemicals caused by liver problems these days, making it one of the most effective cures to cultivate liver health and deal with the disease. 

2.4. Reduce Appetite

You may realize that you will likely be full much longer when you consume prune than other juices. But, have you ever wondered the reason why? Today, we will show you that there are two answers to this situation. 

Firstly, as we’ve mentioned above, prune is relatively high in fiber, resulting in slow digestion. Therefore, your appetite will be satisfied longer; therefore, it is beneficial to lose weight or even maintain your weight.

Secondly, this term may be a bit unfamiliar to all of you here, but the prune’s glycemic index is low. And it is because prune has high sorbitol, also known as a sugar alcohol, leading to a slow increase in your blood sugar levels; therefore, keeping your appetite much more extended. 

In general, if you are trying to lose weight, you should add prune to your snack list to withhold your hunger for an as long time as possible.

2.5. Heart Health

As we’ve mentioned before, prune is high in antioxidants and fiber, preventing harmful chemicals from causing heart problems. Moreover, it is also maintaining your heart in a healthy situation by lowering cholesterol. If the cholesterol level is dangerously high, it will lead to heart attack, stroke, and so much more. Therefore, if you have an adverse heart condition, you may consider adding prune to your diet. 

You should know that any food or juice will have its advantages and side effects for people who are not suitable. Therefore, this section will help you picture how prune is beneficial to your health and how it can have some adverse effects if you overeat. 

Side Effects Of Prune

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3.1. Digestive Upset

3.1.1. Gas And Bloating

We know that prune is excellent for your digestive health because of fiber richness and sorbitol richness. However, if you overeat, these substances will upset your stomach by giving gas and bloating. And we know that is not what you expect when you add prune to your diet. 

3.1.2. Worsen Diarrhea

You should know that whenever you experience diarrhea, you should not eat prune or drink prune juice because prune contains insoluble fiber, which only makes your diarrhea worsen than it is at the moment.

3.1.3. Constipation

Although prune proves to be an effective treatment for constipation, it can backfire the positive influence if you don’t drink enough water. You should know that if you increase your fiber intake, you also need to increase water daily. If you don’t drink enough water, you will be constipated. Therefore, you need to be sure that you drink enough water to add prune to your diet. 

3.2. Weight Gain

Like any other food or drink, it will be no longer suitable for you if you eat in a large amount. And prune is not exceptional. For your information, a cup of prune juice contains about 182 calories; here’s a photo for you for better understanding. And a cup of prune of about 57 grams will contain 21.7 sugar grams, and the recommended sugar intake per day is only 25 grams. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this calorie measurement and add a reasonable amount of prune to your diet. Otherwise, you may end up gaining some weight. 

3.3. Some Other Impacts

Firstly, although prune is beneficial to your health, to your heart conditions, you still need to consult your doctors to see whether if you are suitable for prune or prune juice. Moreover, with some of you experiencing allergy problems, you also need to be careful with the prune juice. Therefore, should you experience any allergy problems relating to the prune or the prune juice, you should stop consuming the prune or prune juice and consult doctors. 

In general, we think although the prune juice may not contain the same amount of fiber as the whole fruit, it still has many minerals, fibers, vitamins that including in the fruit. 

Ways To Add Prune To Your Diet

There are various ways to add the prune into your diet, is explicitly to drink the prune juice, like the article title. However, you still have other choices, such as eating them as your snack, adding the prunes into your oatmeal, your mix with nuts, dark chocolate, or other dried fruits, blending them with your smoothies, and adding them to your cake. 

Here are some of our recommendations, but you can still be creative and add prune to your diet in many ways. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to the options above. You can do whatever you like as long as it is suitable for your situation. 

Now, we think you may have a whole picture about prune juice; you may choose to consider buying the prune juice. And your heads will raise many questions, and more importantly, is the question that we state in the title: “How long does prune juice last?”. Therefore, now, let’s move to the most crucial part of this article: How long does prune juice last?

How Long Does Prune Juice Last?

The amount of time that prune juice lasts depends on your storage situation. Therefore, we will divide this part into sections: In the fridge, the freezer, when it defrosts, when it thaws. You should not keep it at room temperature after opening because you may spoil the juice. For your information, you should use the expiration date to determine the shelf life. Most bottled juice will last about 2 to 3 months, depending on its type.

5.1. In The Fridge

After opening the prune juice, you should keep it in your fridge. You should not keep it at room temperature because you may spoil the fluid, as we’ve said before. If you store it in a refrigerator, it can last about 7 to 10 days. 

However, you should drink the juice as soon as possible. Simply not because the liquid can last about 7 to 10 days in the fridge doesn’t mean you should just put it exactly in 7 to 10 days and you drink after that. 

In general, putting the drink in the fridge is only the way to keep it longer, not the way to preserve its taste. 

If you struggle to find a quiet counter-depth refrigerator for your house, check out this article for various options. 

5.2. In The Freezer

Luckily, there is still a way to maintain your prune juice for a longer time; you should put the juice in the freezer. If properly maintained, you can be guaranteed that your prune juice will last approximately 8 to 12 months, and it is still well-tasted beyond that time. 

Some of you may ask us: “How can I froze the prune juice?” Finally, we have the answer for you. 

To freeze the prune juice, you should put the bottle in an air-sealed container with at minimum 1/2 headspace inch at the top because the juice expands when being frozen.

And we want you to remember that the 8-to-12-month freezer time we show here is for the best quality; however, you simply have to put the prune juice regularly maintained at 0° F in the freezer for extended use.

5.3. When You Defrost

You know that sometimes, you may buy many prune juices, and you will have to freeze them for storage purposes. And later, you will need to defrost. The optimum time for defrosted prune juice in the fridge is 3 to 5 days before use. 

5.4. When You Thaw

When you thaw your prune juice in the microwave or cold water, you should use it immediately. Otherwise, it may be spoiled. In contrast, sometimes, it may not be spoiled, but the juice will not be as tasty as at the beginning. And we think that it is a waste for you!

Now, you know what time your prune juice will be in the best condition in various circumstances. But have you ever wondered what will happen when your prune juice is stale? What are the signs? We will show it to you. 

How To Know If The Prune Juice Is Bad?

Many of you may say it relies on the expiration date; however, it’s not always the case. In most cases, when the prune juice is spoiled, you will notice that juice produces an unusual odor, and the flavor is not the same. 

Moreover, the appearance also changes, for example, the color of the juice. When you notice these signs, you should consider putting the juice in the trash. Moreover, if you see that your prune juice is leaking, rusting, or seriously dented, discard the bottle or the can immediately.

The expiration date of food packages indicates the quality of the food, not the safety. Therefore, if you use the juice after the expiration date, it may not make you sick, but you will not like the taste. Consequently, it is best to use the juice before the expiration date if you are careful. 

In general, when using after the expiration date, you should be more cautious to see if these signs appear or not. 

We want to show you how to do prune juice simply with the final section of this part. It will take only a little of your effort, and yet, you still achieve some delicious juices in case you can’t go outside because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Or, in the future, it simply because you are too tired to go outside for bottles of prune juice.

How To Make Prune Juice

The ingredients are simple, just the prune, water, and some sugar. You should not add too much sugar to your juice because the prune is naturally sweet; therefore, don’t add too much sugar.

Firstly, you will soak the prune in the water for 20 minutes. After that, you should add some water with the soaked prune. Not just the water; you can add lemon juice or additional sugar if you want. However, if you are not a sweet tooth, we suggest you not add sugar in this step, or maybe a little sugar. It’s up to you. 

And finally, you can either strain out the pulp or keep it in for added fiber. So now, you have your prune juice without putting too much effort into making it. 


To conclude, we have included some basic information about prune, its definition, its benefits, its side effects, ways to add the prune into your diet, and making prune juice

Also, about the most crucial part of this article, how long does prune juice last? We have listed some circumstances related to your prune juice’s storage and how to maintain the prune juice in the best conditions. We hope that after our article, you will know that you will have better ways to store your prune juice in each situation so that you can preserve its taste. Therefore, you can drink the high-quality prune juice without spoiling it, wasting your money. 

And some signs you should know if your prune juice is terrible will help you dump the juice at the right time and protect your and your family’s health. 

Since we have introduced you to making prune juice, we think purchasing a juicer or a blender may be an excellent idea for you as a time-saving kitchen tool. Check out our article for more info.

Here’s the end of our article. Goodbye and see you later in the next one!

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