How Many Oranges To Make Orange Juice Will Help You Be More Professional

Everybody knows that oranges are very great and good for your health. And surely anyone can make orange juice at home in the simplest way. Besides, there may be a thing that few people care about. That is how many oranges to make orange juice. We know that no one can know exactly this number. But you still are able to determine the closest right number.

In all types of fruit juice, orange juice may be the most popular one with many of its benefits. In addition, it is also a popular fruit and everyone can find it almost anywhere. And today, in this article, we will give you some helpful information about orange as well as orange just. And the most popular thing is you will know how many oranges does it take to make a gallon of orange juice. Besides, you will get more ones via these parts:

  • Benefits that oranges give your health.
  • Which types are best for making juice?
  • How many oranges does it take to make a gallon of orange juice?
  • Some ways to make orange juice at home.

If you are curious, don’t hesitate, let’s get started right away together.

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How Many Oranges To Make Orange Juice Ultimate Guide 2022

Benefits that oranges give our health

Everyone knows that in orange juice, there are many good nutrients. So, do you know exactly those substances and their effects? If not, don’t worry, we will let you know more detailed information about them right now.

First, vitamin C is the most common type of nutrient that everyone knows is found in oranges. If you supply enough vitamin C regularly, you will help your body build a high immunity for yourselves. Therefore, you can avoid many minor seasonal illnesses.

In addition, orange juice can also help you balance the hormones. Not only that, it will stimulate the production of collagen. Combined with the increase of HDL and decrease of LDL, your skin’s health will be improved and upgraded much. And those are the reasons why homemade orange juice is always better than any bottle juice.

However, you need to note that because orange juice has a sour taste as well as acid, it is not really good for people who suffer from ulcers, diabetes and digestion. And to ensure that you receive enough effects from oranges, you should drink it about 3 times per week.

Which orange types are best for making juice?

Like other fruits, orange also has many types for you to choose. And of course, all of them can be used to make juice. But, no one doesn’t know that to make orange juice effectively, you ought to select the most succulent oranges. Here, we have some options for you to check out.

Such as Valencia oranges, navel oranges, etc. And if you want to have a cup of lovely pinkish orange juice, you can try blood oranges. In addition, the orange types which have the most natural sweetener, clementines and tangerines are great choices for you.

And the last thing you should pay attention to is the freshness of fruit. Because the fresh orange will give you sweetest juice. Now let’s go to know how many oranges to make orange juice.

How many oranges does it take to make a gallon of orange juice?

To be able to determine the number of oranges you need to use each time to make juice is a very difficult thing. Because for each type of orange, you will have a different number. However, you still can determine it in relative terms. Today, we will take a gallon to be a standard by which to define.

According to the information we found out from Stanford magazine, a gallon of orange juice can be produced from 13 pounds of oranges. And depending on the variety, size and juiciness, you can use about 32 to 50 oranges to get a gallon of orange juice. You can estimate in this range and get about 13 pounds, you will have enough a gallon.

Some ways to make orange juice at home.

Another thing we will talk about orange juice is how to make it. Actually, nowaday, there are many ways for you to make orange juice at home. And based on your condition about the tools in your kitchen to choose the most suitable way for yourselves. In this article, we have a total of 4 methods to make orange juice for you to try.

Way 1: Making manual juicing

This is the simplest way for everyone. You will have a cup of orange juice without needing any equipment or tools. But, not all orange types can be juiced in this way, just some of them. And we think that if you want to follow this way, you should choose the oranges that are freshest and have a thin skin. It will help you work more effectively and easily.

Step 1: Prepare enough oranges.
Step 2: Rinse them carefully under water. Then use tissues to pat them dry.
Step 3: Cut each orange to 2 parts.
Step 4: Remove as many seeds as possible.
Step 5: Squeeze the orange halves into the glass by hand until the end.
Step 6: Remove all remaining seeds again. Finally, you have a fresh cup of orange juice.

Way 2: Making with a slow juicer

If you have a slow juicer, you can completely use it to make orange juice. With this method, you will use the whole orange minus the peel. The advantage of this way is supplying more fiber for users. Now go to know steps you need to do.

Step 1: Wash oranges which were prepared carefully like other methods.
Step 2: Remove all the white pith around them in order not to be bitter.
Step 3: Turn the blender one.
Step 4: Put all oranges into the feeding tube or chute. It will operate automatically.
Step 5: Collect the juice and pulp it creates. These parts were divided.
  • Note for you: If you want to drink it on cold days, you can add a little small piece of ginger, tulsi, holy basil or mint leaves. It will be very great.

Way 3: Making with a citrus juicer

Now, we come to the next method, citrus juicer will allow you to make orange juice easily and simply.

Step 1: After preparing, remember to wash oranges carefully with water.
Step 2: Cut each of them to be 2 halfs.
Step 3: Expose all them and wait for the water to drain.
Step 4: Extract the juice by the citrus juicer directly.

In this step, you have 3 choices of citrus juicer to select. If you have few oranges, you can choose to use the simple wooden citrus reamer. In addition, you can use the counter citrus squeezer which will be controlled by hand and work by pressing, gravity and your own force. And the final selection for you is electric citrus juicer. This is an automatic machine, you only need to press oranges into it, it will do all for you. And all 3 juicers will still work effectively and give you the best result.

Step 5: Then, you can strain your juice one more time to prevent all seeds from coming to your glass.

Way 4: Making with a blender

And the last way for you to make orange juice after knowing how many oranges to make orange juice is using a blender. Actually, it is also extremely simple.

Step 1: Prepare oranges with a enough amount and wash all of them carefully with water.
Step 2: Remove the peel of each orange.
Step 3: Remove the white pith and membrane around it in order not to create a bitter taste for juice.
Step 4: Halve it. Then make a deep cut in the center. Seeds will appear from there for you to remove them.
Step 5: Put them into the jar of the juicer. Add a little water or some other fruit juices. Turn on and blend it until liquefied and smooth.
  • Note for you: You ought not to add too much water or other juice because they can dilute the taste of orange juice.
Step 6: Finally, strain that result through a fine mesh strainer to remove the pith remaining.
  • Note for you: Following this way, your juice will have a little bit bitter taste from pith. However, it is not only not harmful but also healthy and has nutritional benefits too. In the case you don’t like it, you are able to get rid of it by adding a little salt and a tbsp of maple syrup or honey, your juice will become sweeter.


After this article, you not only know how many oranges to make orange juice but also many other things such as: benefits of orange, which types are suitable for making juice, ways to make orange juice at home, etc.

Summary, do you remember how many oranges does it take to make a gallon of orange juice? That’s right, it is about 13 pounds of orange, approximately about 32 to 50 oranges depending on each orange type.

In addition, 4 simple methods to make orange juice are: 

  • Making manual juice.
  • Making with a slow juicer.
  • Making with a citrus juicer.
  • Making with a blender.

That is all the information we want to share with you today.

If you want to read more of our article, you can watch some such as: best blender for frozen fruit smoothies, best cheap juicer, etc.

Thanks for reading to the end.

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