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How Much Juice From One Orange? Useful Information For Everyone

If you are an orange juice drinker, you are certainly interested in the knowledge related to them. Orange is a fruit full of nutrients and vitamins that help the human body, so it is very popular. But do you know exactly how much juice from one orange?

This depends on many factors. Most people want to eat delicious juicy oranges. You come across a recipe where you need the juice of one orange and you wonder how much juice you need. This article will definitely help you. Join me in diving into it!

Types Of Orange Contain The Most Juice

Not every type of orange gives a lot of fresh orange juice, each has different characteristics. How much juice from one orange depends on what kind of orange you are squeezing. In this section I will mention some of the oranges that give you the most juice.

Valencia Oranges

This is left cam type as the left year for left from the month 4 to month 12, the taste is sweet and the fruit is watery, with very few seeds inside. Many orange juice companies choose and use this fruit to produce bottled orange juice.

There are times when the weather is hot in summer, you will see the results of green oranges returning when turning into green leaves. The target of it is to protect the body from the light of the sky. The resulting oranges are still ripe and the water is clear, the sweetness is not changed even though the outside takes on a different color.

So, how much juice is in one orange? Usually a valencia orange will give you at least ⅓ cup of orange juice while regular varieties only provide about ¼. If you come up with a recipe that only allows one result to be used, don’t worry, you can make any orange juice drink you want without worrying about how much orange juice you need.

Navel Oranges

Navel Orange is a type of orange sweet and can also be found year-round. This is a type of orange that has a lot of content and is used for epps at gia. This cam left type contains quality limonene in orange cloves. What you need to note is that you should drink it immediately after squeezing the juice, do not store orange juice in the refrigerator because it can be bitter right from the moment you start squeezing the orange juice, but it will not be bitter immediately. That is, after a few hours you will notice.

Special point at this left cam is it is not a bit of aary so it’s great and suitable when using pressed fruit.

so, to this type, you wanna know how much juice from one orange. Offering similar to valencia, each navel also provides about ¼ cup of juice. Usually it will take about 3 oranges for a cup of juice.

Blood Oranges 

This is a pretty unique orange because it has a red color like blood. This fruit contains high amounts of antioxidants. They are usually harvested from about January to the end of April, the delicious taste is not inferior to other types. While they’re not cheap, they’re among the most succulent oranges known, making them an ideal complement to pairing with other citrus or citrus.

Exactly how much is the juice of one orange? One fruit gives you ⅓ cup of juice equivalent to 80 to 85 ml. It is recommended that you choose dark oranges because they tend to be sweeter. You can store this fruit for several months without spoiling or rotting.


Although this variety is not common, it is one of the oranges that contain the most water. It is a cross between two other fruits, grapefruit and mandarin. The shell of this type is often thin, easy to peel off, and looks like a nipple, so it is easy to recognize. In terms of taste, it is very fragrant and delicious. This orange contains many essential nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins A and C.

It is usually available in June and July, making it an ideal ingredient for flavorful cocktails. Since it’s between grapefruit (a large fruit) and tangerine (a small fruit), the size of the Tangelo is medium to moderate.

Exactly how much juice from one orange? The amount of water it provides can be said to be superior to others, giving you up to ¾ cup of juice or about 190 ml, which is an impressive number.

How Much Juice From One Orange

Now that I know about some types of oranges that contain a lot of water, I will give you a more general overview of the water content of each fruit. With this statistic, you will know almost exactly what you need to know and answer the question ” how much orange juice is in one orange “.

Orange type Juice in one orange
(Measurement unit: ml)
Juice in one orange
(Measurement unit: cup)
Valencia70 – 80 1/3rd
Navel50 – 70 1/4th
Blood Orange80 – 851/3rd
Tangelo180 – 1903/4th

Tips For Getting The Maximum Amount Of Juice From One Orange

Warm up

This is a novel way of doing things that may be little known but it really works. Oranges tend to be thicker or thicker when cold or cold, making it harder to squeeze out all the juice. You don’t have to cook or put the orange on the pan to heat it, you just need to microwave it for about 10 seconds. The point to note is that the shell must be removed before doing this.

Is there a simple way to use the hand to roll the orange. Although it is not as effective, if there is a lack of support tools at that time, this is also a solution. A warmed orange will give you a large amount of orange juice while you don’t have to work hard to squeeze out the juice because the membranes that hold the juice have broken. If you do it this way, it will also make it easier for you to determine how much juice from one orange.

Roll The Orange 

Most people often choose hard oranges because they think they are fresh and have not wilt, but when they are hard, they are often underripe. You should then roll it on a hard surface. You can use a cutting board or make it right on the kitchen counter. If you do it this way, it will also make it easier for you to determine how much orange juice in one orange

The softer the orange, the easier it is to squeeze out the juice. The amount of water inside will also be taken more thoroughly. The advice for you when rolling an orange is not to do it too hard because that will cause the peel to peel off.

Use An Efficient Electric Juicer

If you do not want to use your hands to squeeze or have a hand juicer available, you can use it to squeeze orange juice. This method will still get you most of the juice inside the orange, but it probably won’t be as thorough as using it by hand. If you want, you still need to contribute a small part of your efforts, it is also a way to know how much juice is in one orange.

It would be better if you use an electric breville juicer, after only a few seconds you can get all the juice inside the orange. Although it will cost a bit of your money because the electric juicer is not too cheap, it is worth your money to buy. It is especially useful for everyone, especially those who have a habit of drinking juice. daily.

The specialized juicers for squeezing orange juice are very convenient and highly effective. All you need to do is simply put the cam pad on and close the lid and start the device. In just a few seconds, you have a glass of orange juice you like. As you utilize the kitchen tool you can access easily how much juice from one orange.

Cut Into Small Orange Slices

If you divide an orange into 4 parts instead of halving as usual, you will get more orange juice. This method has been adopted by many people and it really helps, especially when you are squeezing orange juice with your bare hands or using a hand-held juicer. When divided into smaller portions, of course it will be easier to squeeze and get more juice. This method will also make it easy to remove seeds without picking them up. When using the method you can access easily how much juice from one orange.

The Way To Select An Orange To Get Maximum Juice

When you want to choose a succulent orange you also need to keep a few criteria in mind. Orange is a kind of plant that is rich in vitamins and othr nutrients that are good for the body. With its beautiful taste and color, it has become a favorite food and drink of many people. Drinking a glass of orange juice every morning or after meals is really a very good habit, it is also a great way to give you energy every day.

Although there are many types of orange juice available in the market, it is better and safer if you can choose the fresh oranges yourself and squeeze them to get the juice. There are some products that will add additives, artificial flavors, and high amounts of sugar. These are not good for the body. They also tend to be high in calories and are certainly not 100% organic.

That’s why squeezing orange juice at home is gradually being recommended. Although it takes a bit of effort and time, I think it is completely worth it and reasonable. But not everyone knows how to choose the best orange, you need to keep a few things in mind when choosing to buy. This is essential to answer the question of how much juice from one orange.


A heavy orange means it contains a lot of water and is very suitable for juicing. You should put the oranges in your hand and assess their weight for yourself. However, some oranges are heavier because of the thick skin. So I will mention the second criterion.

Thin Shell

Thin-skinned fruits will help you better appreciate the amount of water inside the orange. Although I mentioned weight first, this will be useless as some fruits have thick skins. An orange with a thin peel will make it easier for you to peel and at the same time the water content tends to be more. Also with thin-skinned oranges it will be easier for you to determine how much juice from one orange.

Bright And Glossy Shell

Like I said, the peel of an orange will partly reflect its freshness. Oranges are in the harvest season when you can touch a ball, such fruits will be bright in color and have almost no damage.

The freshness of an orange is related to the amount of water it contains. Fruits that do not taste good or are wilted will be dry on the inside and have little water, while those that look fresh and have a good color are mostly very succulent.

Little Pith

Oranges with thick white skin indicate that they contain a lot of fiber, but on the contrary, that is what makes the orange less watery because the pulp is not much. If you prioritize choosing oranges with a lot of juice, you should choose to buy fruits that should not be thick.  Also with little pith oranges it will be easier for you to determine how much juice in 1 orange.

Few Seeds

If you are allowed to see the inside of an orange, choose those with few seeds. The fewer seeds, the more juice will be. Moreover, if you choose to squeeze by hand, the multi-seeded fruits will be a hassle for you while the low-seeded ones will be a priority. Of course, for electric juicers this is not a big deal.

In Conclusion

To sum up, most oranges, the larger the size, the more juice they give. Large oranges are 70% water while smaller ones only provide about 50% juice. A medium-sized glass of orange juice that you usually drink requires 2 to 3 fruits. In fact, how much juice from one orange will depend on how you squeeze the orange juice. The methods that I have mentioned above are effective and have been applied by many people, but using a breville juicer is probably the simplest, most convenient and effective way. And yet, this depends in part on how brave you choose to be. The most necessary and important things have been mentioned by me in this article. Hope this article provides some important information and above all is really useful for you.

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