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How To Clean Jack Lalanne Juicer – Durable & Fresh Clean

The juicer is a great tool to enjoy delicious, cool and nutritious fruit juices. During hot summer days like this, it is inevitable that the juicer will become more and more frequent, so you also need to know clearly how to clean jack lalanne juicer instructions so that it can operate normally.

One of the criteria that many people are interested in when choosing to buy the juicer is is cleaning the machine easy or not?

It sounds funny, because when buying a juicer, consumers will usually care about price and quality, but in fact they also care more about the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer how-to-clean guidance? However, it is really the matter of cleaning the juicer that is of great concern. That helps to save significantly time and effort of the user.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Jack Lalanne juicer brand has been one of the most widely used and also most desirable products in today’s industry since the company was established in 2002. This jack lalanne power juicer the best juicer for beginners is a specialized product for juicing fruit juice, and the build, you know – quite complicated with many discrete accessories and sharp blades. Not everyone knows how to clean jack lalanne juicer. People who own a power juicer Jack Lalanne would find it difficult to clean because of the sharp blade, but let us refer to our article to take steps for cleaning the machine that is both effective and clean while ensuring the durability of the machine:

  • The Best Jack Lalanne Juicer
  • Fruit juice – Balance healthy life
  • Benefits of the juicers
  • Experience to buy a juicer suitable for your needs
  • Step-By-Step, Jack lalanne’s power juicer how to clean
  • Tips for using the most durable juicer
  • Q&As
  • Closing Thought

The Best Jack Lalanne Juicer

Who is Jack Lalanne?

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Jack LaLanne had been an inspiring man. When it comes to personal health, he was such a motivator as well as a symbol. A health, wellness and diet specialist was regarded as the fitness godfather. Since using certain juicers first-hand, he chose to place his approval seal on all of them and promote the juicer brand. They’ve called the label Jack LaLanne juicers from that day on.

Feats Jack Lalanne

The guy swam with his handcuffs from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Then he towed a 1000 pound yacht for a second time.

In his 1940s he broke many world records with jumping jackets and push-ups.

At 70, he was swimming in a long port on the beach and towing 70 boats of 70 passengers.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

It’s fair to assume that Jack Lalanne must have been a fit man.

Line of Jack Lalanne Juicing

Jack made himself a name, but let’s not forget that he was a businessman too.

He is among the first men to start his own gym back in 1936. He began the craze through displaying his impressive achievements to people and encouraging everyone to really be better models.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

This partnership was incredibly fruitful and Jack unveiled his concept in 2002 to build and grow a juicer devoted exclusively to fitness and health. In the next two years, the sales of Power Juicers from Jack LaLanne increased to over 2 million units, contributing to the establishment for Jack LaLanne Power juicers as such an established symbol.

That Jack LaLanne Power Juicers are now in the top league for simplicity and reliability. They are easy to remove and clean and can be mounted to work juicer in secs.

The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer

The Power Juicer from Jack LaLanne will be the one that initiated it all: the real “As Seen on TV” juicer, totally approved by Jack LaLanne personally. What such a juicer lacking in additional functionality makes it even more so raw fuel. That 3,600 RPM engine on the juicer is indeed quiet and efficient, so you can purify any vegetables or fruit. An extra-large conveyor chute ensures that the vegetables and fruit can be taken straight further into juicer with no or little preparation time.

That extra large removable pulp collector ensures you can get smooth buttery juice without pieces, while the healthy sections of the dishwasher make cleaning fast and simple. As an additional bonus, each juicer also has a recipe which not only includes classical juice recipe books but also modern dishes you never would have known of doing.

Fruit juice – Balance your healthy life

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Fruit juice makes it easier for us to eat fruit and veggies

Many people, particularly young children, are very lazy in chewing fruits. Therefore, rotating a smoothie , making a smoothie including fruits or vegetables is more appropriate and everybody can’t avoid the flavor. Instead of feeding, you and the kid would feel more appealing.

Adding your own spreads or sauces to the juice, syrups, aromas… helps to mask the scent of the vegetable you don’t really like. This will allow you to quickly eat fruit and vegetables, right?

The juice against to dehydration

You will aid your bodies remain hydrated because fruit and veggies are really rich in water absorption when you consume fruit juice daily.

Reduce diabetes danger

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

You can also grind spinach or kale every morning to create juice to help you calm and be more energetic. Not only is it very beneficial for the treatment of type 2 diabetes disorder, due to the strong antioxidant effects.

Juice allows you weight loss

Getting fit is really tough for obese individuals. You need to use the fresh fruits from now on to suppress your cravings, definitely really good for you, while almost all the fruits offer a new, sweet mouth flavor. It is perhaps the most healthy junk food affordable. Not to forget, the juice even allows you to properly digest the weight loss.

Prevention of cancer

Daily consumption with fruit juice seems to have a very strong impact on the body, preventing free radicals from cells from battling cancer. Fresh plants mostly produce strong antioxidant compounds to treat liver, digestive, skin and, in particular, breast cancer. So here is why every day you can take it.

Prevent hypertension.

According to researchers, the impact of a healthy diet in fruits, veggies and low fat milk products and limits on soluble fat and increased fat consumption were investigated. Investigators noticed that those who adopted the diet with elevated blood pressure had a systemic blood pressure drop of almost 11 mmHg as well as blood pressure of about 6 mmHg.

Benefits of the juicer

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

In the hot summer heat of up to 40 degrees Celsius, the surrounding air being burned is no different than in the desert. At such times, 1 glass of cool, delicious fruit juice in the air-conditioned room will be the only paradise that you care about. Fruit juice is not only a great beverage but also a nutritious drink that helps to cool down, increase resistance, and beautify the skin for women. With the daily running of the juicers for tomatoes, it is certain that if you want to store it you have to learn jack lalanne power juicer how to clean.

For quick processing of nutritious drinks from fruits and vegetables

The use of juicer to beautify the skin, supplement essential nutrients for the body as well as help prevent, avoid and cure some diseases from natural fruits and vegetables increases the need for tolerance. These foods are for the human body. However, nutrients can be lost through the processing and cooking of fruits and vegetables, so it is practical and reasonable to replace them with juices.

Due to timing and circumstances we sometimes choose commercially available bottled juices. These products are not guaranteed to maintain the available nutrients and vitamins of fruits and vegetables, not to mention harmful preservative chemicals.

With a compact juicer with an appropriate amount of fruit or vegetables, you can also create yourself a cup of nutritious fruit juice safe and hygienic within just 5-10 minutes.

The juicer ensures the full amount of nutrients in the pressed food

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

The operating principle of the machine is crushing and grinding all kinds of vegetables and fruits – separating water from the residue thanks to centrifugal force, the juicer not only ensures the taste of fruits or vegetables tubers in the juice glass while also maintaining the maximum amount of nutrients available in the ingredients that are fed into the press.

Simple to use, safe and useful

Select suitable vegetables and fruits and cut according to the size of the refueling man; Put the food in the juicer and press the fruit down with the push tube and you will immediately have the nutritious pure juice from the pressed vegetables. A glass of delicious juice, rich in vitamins and essential enzymes for the body is processed simply and quickly.

Currently, the juicer is also equipped with a safe shutoff mode, an anti-slip base to ensure user safety and increase the durability of the machine.

Some versatile juicer can also blend, blend, dry, wet blend like a regular blender. This machine has a body with many parts, many types of mortars, many blades attached; You can choose if you want to equip your family with both a blender and a juicer.

Low noise

The low-speed press makes almost negligible noise with a noise level of only around 45dB. This makes it possible to squeeze the fruit anytime, even while everyone in the family is sleeping.

Easy to clean

You no need to wonder jack lalanne juicer how to clean. Without too many details, no elaborate disassembly, especially in the new model, the built-in self-cleaning feature helps you to clean quickly and easily.

Food safety and hygiene

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Many consumers today opt for pre-bottled juices or from convenient outside stores to save time. However, the source of nutrients from raw fruit is pure and sourced from stores that specialize in providing fresh, delicious fruit and vegetables. In addition, these products may also contain preservatives that are harmful to the health of the user. Therefore, buying a handy juicer and using the fruit by yourself will definitely be more secure because you know exactly how it originated.

Continuous operation

One of the other advantages of the low-speed press is that it can work continuously for up to 30 minutes and can be used every day. So for Jack Lalanne Power Juicer which is a little less powerful juicer than other brands. But that doesn’t mean that Jack Lalanne juicer would be any lower. It creates more juice then literally cuts, grinds & smashes just some fresh products that you can add. That pulp becomes dry and then almost every piece of juice is removed. We should definitely know how to clean a jack lalane juicer to eliminate pulp entirely.

Experience to buy a juicer suitable for your needs

Advantages and disadvantages of today’s juicer

Multi-purpose juicer

The versatile high speed juicer is a machine that integrates many different functions. In addition to being able to squeeze fruit, the machine can also grind, squeeze fruit, nuts, meat, fish, and other vegetables. Therefore, the machine often has many dedicated millers attached. The advantage is that you only need to buy a product that can be used for many different purposes, very convenient.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

The downside of this type of machine often comes from the higher cost compared to ordinary single-function grinders. Moreover, the machine is also quite cumbersome and somewhat inconvenient to clean.

Centrifugal juicer

This is a good multi-purpose juicer suitable for home use with the design of a circular tray consisting of many blades that cut fruits and vegetables into small pieces and puree them. In addition, the machine also has a filter to squeeze water, remove residue. The advantage of this juicer is that it is cheap, there are many brands and many products to choose from and can squeeze fruits and vegetables.

Centrifugal juicer is simple and easy to use

The downside is that the juice is easy to split, foam, cannot squeeze fruits and vegetables with lots of leaves. It is quite noisy in operation. If used for a long time, the motor can be hot and damaged.

Slow Juicer 

This is the type of machine that overcomes the disadvantages of centrifugal juicing and effervescent juices. By equipped with geared motors and screws, fruits and vegetables will be pressed at a slow speed, food will be crushed and filtered through the strainer without causing any friction. That is why the juice is concentrated, rich in nutrients, the amount of juice is many times higher than conventional machines. The downside of this machine is that the price is quite high. When using, it is easy to jam fruit and difficult to install again after you remove it for cleaning.

Considering for buying 

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Determine usage needs

This is the experience of buying a juicer that is so important that you should consider before choosing any product. Depending on your needs, you choose the corresponding juicer. For example, you only need a juicer for breakfast or a few meals a day, you just need a single, low-cost juicer.

If you need to buy juicer for business or trade, you should choose juicer for cafes and restaurants with large capacity to squeeze more fruits and vegetables. Understanding the need to use you will choose the product you want with cost savings.

Find out the selling price of juicer

The juicer has many different types, so the price is also different. The prices of juicer are divided into three segments as follows:

The low-cost segment is mainly centrifugal presses, orange extractors … suitable for families with tight economies.

In this mid-range segment, you can choose centrifugal presses, multi-function presses with many functions, designs and designs that are quite convenient.

In the high-end segment, you can choose centrifugal presses or slow presses that use modern, multifunctional technology.

How much capacity should I buy a juicer?

How capacity will determine your drink. Large presses will help to squeeze quickly, squeeze more water, and vice versa. However, it is best juicer for celery to choose a press with a capacity of 400W or more to ensure better operation.

Design, material

Modern, sleek, and eye-catching fruit juicers and grinders are sure to be of interest to many users. Moreover, it will also help the kitchen become more modern and sophisticated. When choosing to buy a juicer you also need to pay attention to the material. In particular, the blade is the part in contact with vegetables and fruits when grinding. Therefore, you should choose a blade made from metal, stainless steel is strong, sharp and safe. The strainer should be selected with a soft material to make it easier to clean.

Other features

In addition to the above criteria, according to the experience of buying a juicer, you should also pay attention to other features of the machine. For example, is the machine reversed, is there a mixing mode. Does the machine automatically disconnect the power when overloaded or spilled to ensure safety … All these features will help you to use conveniently and improve the longevity of the product.

Which juicer is easy to clean?

It can be said that the versatile and centrifugal juicer are easy to clean. The slow speed juicers are quite difficult to clean. You can weigh the pros and cons before choosing to buy or you can seek with us the method how to clean a jack lalanne juicer easier. 


Currently, most juicer will have a warranty period of 1-2 years. Some high-end models may take longer. When buying, remember to check the warranty stamp and choose the best long-term warranty machine.

Step-By-Step, Jack lalanne’s power juicer how to clean

The juicer’s cleaning mechanism is even more relaxing. The best thing is that all reusable components, aside from the motor foundation, are dishwasher resistant. However, you should recommend avoiding international & commercial dishwashers with elevated operating temperature than some of those intended for home use. You should note that high temps will affect your juicer, so try testing the correct temperature in Jack Lalanne’s manual book. Here are all the necessary steps to be taken

Step 1 

Shut off the control switch until the juicer has disassembled and afterwards wait before the engine stops till the AC cable is disassembled.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Step 2 

  • In the second stage, you also get to disassemble the power juicer Jack Lalanne. Both removable pieces should be placed on a clean clean towel. 
  • Here are some other essential steps to be followed before you disassemble:
  • Let the pusher off the chute
how to clean jack lalanne juicer
  • Take a silver securing bar & draw it to yourself; make sure it’s lowered then removed.
how to clean jack lalanne juicer
  • Remove the lid together with the incorporated pulp guard. To drop the foundation, you must pull this vertically.
how to clean jack lalanne juicer
  • Remove the cover of its pulp adapter and lower it down. When the pulp adapter is filled with pulp, it is safer to do it over a drain.
  • Get the crescent tool, place it on the blade then line the sticks in the opposite direction, to extract the blade from its device. To extract the blade. You should take sure to handle the blade although the blade is sharp.
how to clean jack lalanne juicer
  • You should remove the filter; that was the most important aspect of washing.
how to clean jack lalanne juicer
  • Take the receptacle off at the foot.
how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Step 3

In this stage a sponge or cloth must be wet until it’s moist and then carefully clean the basis of the juicer. You shouldn’t spray or immerse the foundation in water. In addition, the use of harsh cleaners , sponges will affect the finish; hence, you should do it gently.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Step 4 

You could refill the sink and bath with soap and warm water in this stage. You should suggest utilizing mild dish soap during this process. Wash and dust all of your juicer’s removable sections and afterwards rinse and purify with fresh water until drying thoroughly. You may also intend to place these pieces inside a dishwasher. Check the instruction book always to make sure all pieces are suitable for dishwashers.

Step 5

Using warm water to clean the blade & filter, and use brace dishwashing brush to scrub them. You can also suggest utilizing a spray tube.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Step 6

After all pieces have been properly washed and dry, bring the juicer together. Make sure that the container is placed on the foundation before the filter is put back. In order to return the blade, we can start and use the crescent device as well as rotate it clockwise to secure the blade. Put the pulp collection on the base along with the cap. When done, pick up your locking bars & afterwards place the pushbutton back to top of its deck.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Step 7

When your juicer is perfectly installed, you can insert it inside and turn the power on this to get out of the remaining excess water.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer
how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Step 8 

The power juicer from Jack Lalanne is thoroughly washed and stored in a cold and dry spot.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

Tips for using the most durable juicer

In addition to regular cleaning of the juicer, there are a few issues that you should keep in mind to make the tool always durable and beautiful.

It is recommended to clean the machine immediately after use

Why? Because the fiber residue with the juice can be cleaned immediately after pressing the water with warm water. In the case of too long, the stubborn stains will stick and it is difficult to clean. In this case, I certainly think that you always worry about how to clean a jack lalane juicer. Therefore, it is best to wash the press immediately after you have finished using it.

Do not use detergent or alcohol when cleaning your juicer

With that said, in the process of cleaning the machine, you can completely replace the soap with the detergent solution. However, it should be noted that there are parts that can be applied like that while others cannot use abrasives, alcohol … to wash. Because they will damage the parts of the press and if they are stuck, it will seriously affect human health.

Do not disburse the body of the juicers in water

The inside of the machine body will usually contain the motor and other microchip parts – The electromagnet that comes in contact with water because this is the part that contains the press motor. I’m sure that this caution will be in the how to clean jack lalanne juicer instructions. So never soak or wash the body of the camera with water.

Make sure to wash off the soap

After rinsing the machine components, make sure there is no detergent left at all. Because it will still smell as well as affect health. Therefore, it should be washed very carefully, meticulously and absolutely must be clean. Make sure the press is clean and careful

Dry the parts before storing

Always dry the parts before storing to ensure maximum safety for future uses. Absolutely do not wash or soak the body with water because it is where the engine, motor as well as other microchip parts are stored. Unfortunately, letting water touch it will be damaged and extremely dangerous. If you have to use the juicer several times a day, you just need to wash it for the last use. Other times, cold water can be used for cleaning.

When cleaning, be careful to avoid cutting your hands

Carefully scrub each part and gently but effectively clean the mesh and filter. Because the grinder and the filter are quite sharp, during the cleaning process, everyone should be very careful to avoid non-hitting wounds such as cuts or scratches.


To remove the pulp quickly, you can place the nylon bag in the pulp container before use. Once pressed, just lift the jar and remove the plastic bag containing the residue.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer


  1. What more tips for jack lalanne power juicer how to clean?

Be using a drip capsule

When your device lies, it will probably drop and end up messing. To stop this, you ought to put a drip caught or tiny tray at the juicer‘s base.

This stops any fall from touching the counter and facilitates the cleaning process.

Having A Right Brush

You need to have a brush and wash several of the juicer’s pieces but maybe not the brush. For example, the filter has become one of the toughest cleaning pieces.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer

The perfect brush to be used when washing this complex component is a hand-held rigid bristle. The brush must be tiny enough to enter and clean the filter. Stop using a sponge, since only particles can be scattered out rather than filter washing.

On the other side, you want to get a long brush with soft bristles to clean up the juicing portion.

  1. Why can’t I use hot water to clean juicers?

Here are several typical errors when you don’t know jack lalanne’s power juicer how to clean:

Never wash the juicer bits with hot water, as this will distort them. But you’re not going to drink the pieces, so how’s the fuss? Of course, that is real, but a minor shapeshift will adversely affect your juicer’s results.

Hot water will kill your juicer’s magnetic sensors. This can prevent the device from operating or even from leaking juice into the engine. Should we warn you how risky this is? It’s best to use warm water.

  1. How can I deep wash the juicer filters?

By soaking, disinfect your juicer filter:

Have a tub of hot water to make its soapy. Soak the filter for another 10 mins after you have finished the juicing. If indeed the pulp becomes fully dried, a lot more care is required for washing. If pores will still be closed, soak for a little longer under warm water and such a slice of lemon.

how to clean jack lalanne juicer
  1. How can I clean celery residue in a juicer?

You should try to rinse the juicer with salt water. Boil water and apply a salt teaspoon to just the water per fifth. Saltwater allows the rough residue to soften. Then after, you can wipe the stain quickly.

Closing Thought

Owning any juicers is one thing, but maintaining it clean will be a whole different matter. Although Jack Lalanne is the good brand for juicers but with the assembly, you are confused about how to clean jack lalanne juicer easily. That is why so many people purchase this device and finally decorate their cabinets rather than use it.

Often rinse your juicer after use, to avoid drying the juice and the pulp in your juicer, making cleaning easier. We have decomposed the method of jack lalanne juicer how to clean instructions to keep you from having problems. We hope you can find it convenient to clean your Juicer as quickly as possible.

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