How To Get Pomegranate Juice Out Of Clothes Effectively: Things You Should Know

If you love healthy juices, pomegranate is a popular and delicious ingredient to make juices for your day. It provides a large amount of vitamins and minerals which is good for your health. Nevertheless, not dealing with them thoroughly can simply cause stains on your lovely clothing. So it is vital to learn how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes to prepare for such problems should they happen. The key to get rid of them is immediate removal, and the sooner, the greater as the longer the juice places on the fabric, the more difficult it will be to take it out.

Pomegranates are preferred for their wealthy properties. If you have tried to open them, you will need some effort to get the healthy seeds without squashing any juice out. Getting pomegranate juice out of clothes can be tricky and require much effort. People nowadays tend to juicing at home as juices bring many benefits for both physical and mental health. Although juices provide extra medical benefits, their stains will be an awful dream to eject from different surfaces.

However, with our guidelines today, the process on how to take pomegranate out of clothes would not be that complex. Our post will help you to find out helpful ways to get the stains off your beloved clothes.

Let’s dive in to discover the methods of getting out the stains from pomegranate juice. We will provide you the useful information in our article:

  • How to juice pomegranates to prevent stains
  • Types of stains can get rid of from clothes
  • Tips and advice
  • Step by step guide on how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Sum up

How To Juice Pomegranates To Prevent Stains

It is often best to learn the essential steps to avoid annoying stains from reaching your lovely clothes, upholstery, carpets and other appliance items in your house. A great method to prevent pomegranate stains is to know how to cut this healthy fruit properly. 

You should first cut up the ends with a knife on an even surface. Make sure you have covered it with some cloth or thing that you do not worry about staining. Next, utilize the knife to cut 4 points in it, just under the flesh sideways its length. Prepare a bowl that is filled with water beside you, since the next move is to submerge the pomegranate in water after you score this fruit. When your fruits are absolutely covered with water, eliminate one quarter every one time. So, the juice flowing out will stay on the water instead of scattering on you and staining your dress. 

There are a lot of online video tutorials instructing various methods to open a pomegranate, so testing a few of them is usually an excellent idea if you plan to have pomegranate juices, whether sometimes or frequently. Here are some quietest juicers that you may seek for in order to juice your healthy fruits and vegetables conveniently at home.

Types of Stains Can Get Rid Of From Clothes

Foods and drinks nowadays are really colorful, which helps the dishes look more appealing and delicious. So you may feel a little bit of hesitation when wearing light-coloured clothes. For example, at weddings, people usually wear white clothes or dresses and they usually drink red wine, which may cause stains if they accidentally spill it on clothes. However, red wine is easily gotten out of clothes with some other stains.

Here are 10 stains that you can easily take out of your clothes:

  • Red wine
  • Fruit juice
  • Ink (ballpoint pen)
  • Sweat or fluids from bodily activities
  • Blood
  • Lipstick
  • Tea/coffee
  • Mud or grass
  • Collar dirt

These stains would be easily taken out as pomegranate juice if you know how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes accurately.

Tips And Advice

  • When seeking information on how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes, you can easily figure out other cleaning methods which are efficient. Some popular items such as lemon juice, baking soda with club soda as well as stain removal cleaners are also useful. So if you do not own detergent at the moment, you have some of those alternatives. They are great to try. 
  • Pomegranate juice stains will be gradually difficult to remove after they sit in your clothes a long time. Handling the stains immediately might be the best chance for absolute efficient evacuation. You better place the stained clothing in the washing machine when you have finished the steps we will provide you later. 
  • Besides, you have to make sure that you have read the product’s instructions on the cleaning liquids or baking soda before using. That will guarantee it is safe for your fabrics.

Step By Step Instruction On How To Get Pomegranate Juice Out Of Clothes

The process on how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes properly is not that tricky with our instructions. We will provide you a detailed guideline on getting rid of healthy pomegranate juice without confusion, so do not panic.

Even though pomegranate stains are quite difficult to get rid of, there are some stain removal ways you can attempt with products you likely own in your household. To take out a pomegranate juice stain from a dress or clothes, you need to have cold water, a bowl, and especially a liquid soap or laundry detergent. In some cases, hydrogen peroxide may also be demanded. 

Besides, enzyme cleaners are also considered to be efficient and are usually used in pomegranate tarnish removal techniques. This is because enzyme cleaner is regularly preferred as this product does not include potentially poisonous components compared to other traditional cleaners. 

The effective way to get pomegranate stains out of clothes is to immediately remove them as soon as possible. That will not only save time to remove the stain, but also easily take it out. You might be also interested in finding the best blender for nuts and seeds to juice your healthy pomegranate juices everyday. Now, let’s look into the following instructions to get rid of pomegranate juice stains from your favorite clothes. 

Step 1: Scrape Off Any Excess Pomegranate Fruit From The Surface

Prior to using the detergent stuff, try to scrape any excess pomegranate from your clothes. Do it really mildly in order to prevent staining the clothing even more. Eliminating the remaining fruit will assist avoid the imperfection spots from getting deeper and larger, but you will need to put much attention on this stage.

Step 2: Run The Stained Clothing Under Cold Water

After you remove all the remaining pomegranate, run the stained fabric spot underneath cold water. Run it from in to out to get rid of as much juice as possible. This will help to expel the stained texture of the pomegranate juice as you expected. 

Step 3: Apply Liquid Cleaner As Preferred

In this step, you will need to choose which kind of liquid cleaner you want to use to get pomegranate juice out of your clothes. There are several options you can pick from. 

  • If you want to utilize an enzyme cleaner, you should better apply a little bit of this ingredient to a hidden point to check if there are any unpleasant reactions. If it is determined safe, rub it on the stained spot as guided on the product’s label. When the stain goes, put clothes in the washing machine as usual. On the other hand, if the stain does not go, redo this step again and again.
  • The other method is to use liquid laundry detergent. If enzyme cleaner does not work for that pomegranate stain, you can use this popular ingredient. You need to use liquid laundry or dish soap. Pour the liquid to the stained spot and use your fingers or brush to rub gently. Ensure that you carefully work the liquid onto the fabric. Then you bring a bowl filled with cold water and put the stained area in it. Immerse the stained fabric in cold water for approximately 30 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse Under The Cold Water

After 30 minutes, you have to rinse the garment underneath the cold water. If the earlier steps were efficient and the stained area is gone, wash clothing as normal. Guarantee that you check your clothing prior to throwing it into laundering. If your stained clothing is not absolutely taken out, you can take the next step.

Step 5: Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Pomegranate juice stains are quite hard to remove, especially if you do not attempt to get rid of it as soon as possible. Therefore, learning how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes is really vital if you love drinking juices. If using enzyme cleaner or liquid laundry detergent are not effective on cleaning the stained clothing, hydrogen peroxide is another stuff you can use to remove pomegranate stains. 

Nonetheless, this product ought to be utilized with caution, and to prevent unexpected accidents, it is ideal to try a bit of this liquid to a hidden point to guarantee it does not cause bleaching the fabric. If it is safe, water the stained area with hydrogen peroxide and maintain it for more than 3 minutes. 

If this product has removed the stain, rinse your clothes with cold water and then use the garment to wash as normal. Nonetheless, ensure the stain is completely gone before putting the clothing in the dryer, otherwise, the stain will set. 

This attached video will show you a clear idea on how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes correctly. Hope it is helpful for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are There Any Different Ways To Get Stains Out Of Clothes?

Absolutely yes. There is a lot of household stuff that you can utilize to get stains out of your favorite clothes. Here are some other common tips:

  • Liquid laundry detergent: this is a must have item to clean clothes as well as stain removal. Use a little amount of laundry detergent to your stain, then use a brush or fingers to rub it. Lastly, throw the dirty clothes into the washing machine and leave them be.
  • Baking soda: if you have no time to rub, no problem, this stuff will solve your issues. Just use ½ cup of baking soda along with your detergent, and your dress will appear cleaner. This is especially effective for white clothes that easily get dingy. 
  • Vinegar: this is exactly how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes methods. Get the vinegar bottle in your house. You need to mix it with equal water parts, vinegar is the ideal key to immerse stained clothes.
  • Toothpaste: spurt a bit of white toothpaste on your stained clothing. Put in a small quantity of water. Then, apply the paste into the stains. Wash and repeat until you are satisfied with it. This stuff is excellent for getting rid of tough stains such as coffee from clothing. 
  1. How Can I Remove Pomegranate Stain Off My Carpet And Upholstery?

You have to prepare cold water, liquid dish soap, a bowl and sponge, 2 soft while clothes and white vinegar. This work will be quite harder compared to removing pomegranate stains from clothes as you cannot be able to soak the fabric. 

  • To start, you need to try to scrape as much as pomegranate off the fabric surface. 
  • Blend a solution among a cold water cup and a teaspoon of liquid soap in a bowl.
  • Take a sponge or soft textile to put the dish soap solution onto the stained surface. Make sure that you have carefully rubbed the soapy water in the carpet.
  • Now, use white vinegar to wet the white cloth and start blobbing the soap out of the fabric.  
  • If the pomegranate juice stains have not been taken out, let continue repeating the above steps until they are removed. 
  • After the stains have been eliminated, you need to use a clean cloth and water to rinse the carpet.

Sum Up

There are several things you have to take into consideration when getting rid of pomegranate juice stains from clothes. If you like drinking juices, especially healthy fruits like pomegranates, learning how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes would be beneficial for you. We highly recommend you some best HUROM juices, which is a well-known juicer brand in case you want to find a high quality but still affordable price of a juicer.  

When it comes to effective ways to remove pomegranate juice stains, you must carefully follow step by step guidelines to prevent unpleasant results. Keep in mind that when it is left for a long time, it can become a persistent stain which may not be completely removed. 

This is all about things on how to get pomegranate juice out of clothes for you. We hope this tutorial is informative for you to remove stubborn stains from your clothes. Tell us your thoughts about this post if you found it helpful. 

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