How To Make Fog Juice Without Glycerin With Just Some Simple Steps

Nowadays, you can buy fog juice in any store on the market but you are not sure about the quality of the product. This is simply because some of these products can contain an amount of toxic substances that you are not clear about. Therefore, you start thinking about making it by yourself and you do not know how to make fog juice without glycerin to avoid toxicity. 

If you think that making fog juice requires many ingredients and is quite complex, you are wrong. It will be more simple than you think. Actually, it includes only two popular components that you can easily find in any pharmacy and store all around the world. All you need to do is follow exactly step by step the instructions of many experts in this field and listen to their advice.

There are many ways that you can see on the Internet and you do not know which way is suitable and safe for you. In this article, we will show you some reliable instructions and it will bring you an amazing experience. Also, we will offer you some necessary information that I think is useful for you.

Here are some main points in this article you will go through:

  • Ingredients and some steps to make fog juice
  • Make fog juice with dry ice
  • How to make scented fog
  • Some factors to notice when buying fog juice outside
  • Frequently asked question (FAQ)
  • Conclusion

Ingredients And Some Steps To Make Fog Juice

Before starting making fog juice, you need to know the amount of fog you want for your fog juice. If you want more fog, you can add more condensed water and glycerin. Or else when you want to cut down on the amount of fog, you can use dry ice instead of glycerin. Let’s talk more particularly.


More Fog

As I show you the amount of fog you want in your fog juice, the ingredients are also different. For a larger amount of fog, you need to prepare extracted water and glycerin. You should buy glycerin in some reliable stores to ensure the quality and safety of the product such as in the pharmacy and convenience store in your country. 

You also need to avoid buying synthetic glycerin because it will not give the best result when you use it. The best advice for you is using pure glycerin as it is taken directly in the air and can enhance the quality of the fog for your fog juice. Besides, it does not contain any toxins so it is absolutely safe for your family.

We require the same standard with another ingredient, extracted water. You should buy it in the drug store because it is purified carefully and say no with the residue that can leave in your machine. Some people use tap or mineral water to replace but it is their fault. Mineral water can be good for our health but it is harmful for machines as the substances that exist in the pipe can influence badly on the lifetime of your product. 

Less Fog

For the less amount of fog juice, you can replace the glycerin with dry ice. You can also use distilled water to mix but in this situation, you can use any type of water. With the dry ice, you should choose the regular product to receive the best result. However, you should be careful when you handle it because dry ice can make your hand frostible without wearing gloves. 

Some Simple Steps

Now, I will show you some specific step to make fog juice

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Firstly, you should fully prepare the ingredients, apart from those above, you also need a cup to measure and a small bottle for storing juice. Make sure that you cleaned the bottle carefully before using it. 

Secondly, you can choose the amount of fog that you want for the juice. If you want more fog, you can add more glycerin to the juice but you need to use at least 65% distilled water to mix. I will show you the approximate ratio that we research on the market:

  • 65% water and 35% glycerin: thick fog
  • 75%-80% water and 25%-20% glycerin: regular fog
  • 85%-90% water and 15%-10% glycerin: light fog

If you put too much glycerin into the mixture, you will not receive anything, the ideal amount you can add is ranging from 15 to 35% glycerin. When you pour the mixture into the fogging machine and you feel a burning smell, this is because you use too much glycerin. For the beginners, we suggest that you should use 25% glycerin and for the next time, you can mix it depending on your use.

After estimating the amount of each ingredient, you start to mix it. Pour it into the bottle, close it and then shake it well for 10 to 15 seconds. You can shake it for a longer time to receive a better quality of fog juice. Then you will see the result you want.

You can try the fog mixture that you made by pouring a little of fluid into it, notice that only the minimum fluid to check the density of fog. Wait for a few minutes because the amount of fog can become thicker when the machine warms up. If you want a larger amount of fog, you can add more glycerin in the mixture.

In a situation where the fog looks like smoke, it is totally fine. Only when you smell a burning smell, should you remove the mixture.

Finally, after finishing making the fog juice, you need to know how to store it properly to maintain its quality. Pour the fog juice out of the fogging machine and store it in a container and keep it away from hot or cold temperature as well as the sunlight directly. Shake again before using the fog juice. 

If you let the fog juice in the environment that is full of fogger, some impurities will come into there and pollute the fluid or even damage the quality of product. Also, the fog machine will be influenced because of the interpretation of dirt and impurities. You need to care about the pipes and some tiny components to operate well. 

Make Fog Juice With Dry Ice

Another answer for how to make fog juice without glycerin is using dry ice. You need to prepare an amount of water, dry ice, a container made from plastic, styrofoam or plastic, and something to heat the water. If you find it difficult to prepare dry ice, you can buy an ice maker to make it easier.

After preparing the ingredients, boil from 4 to 8 gallons of water and let it cool down a bit. If the weather is cold, the fog will not be strong enough for the fog juice or if water is too hot, the water vapor will increase. Then pour the water into the container. Add dry ice into it, the amount of dry ice depends on the time you want fog to appear, 1 lb of dry ice takes for 2 to 3 minutes. 

Let the fog direct to a light fan. Make sure that your room is ventilated well and keep your pets and children away from the floor for a long time. This is because dry ice is carbon dioxide that is frozen and when it evaporates, the amount of CO2 in your room will appear a lot in your room. 

How To Make Scented Fog

To make the fog juice more attractive, you need to create scented fog by adding some favourite oil to the juice, it is called by the mane “fragrance oil”. You also need to follow the right ratio, 0.1 oz for 1L of fog juice to bring the best result. Here are some perfect ways to create aroma for your fluid.

You can mix rain oil (1/4), potting soil oil (1/4) and the campfire oil (1/2). Besides, the combination of cotton candy oil and anise oil will give you a comfortable feeling. The smell of pumpkin, cedar and tall grass oil are also wonderful for every family. 

Some Factors To Notice When Buying Fog Juice Outside

If you are not clear about how to make fog juice without glycerin at home, you can buy it outside instead. As we talk about, some products outside will not give the best result when you use it for a long time. So, I will show you some key factors you should notice before deciding to buy them:

No Glycol

For different kinds of glycol, you can create a different mixture of it and water and then make the effect of fog. If you want a product that is safe for longer use, you should choose the one that does not contain glycol to buy. Ethylene glycol is a typical example for a poisonous one that you should keep away. After breathing it or drinking it for a short time, some symptoms of poisoning will appear and even become dangerous for you.


When you buy anything at the store, you need to check the warranty of this product. The same with the first mixture into the fogging machine, you need to check the machine carefully whether it needs repairing or not. Besides, make sure that you ask the manufacturer or the factory about the warranty of the fog juice.

Smoke Detection

Although the fog is not smoke, when the fog rises up, many detection devices may recognise it as smoke and a trigger factor. To solve this problem, you can contact the company to turn off the alarm during the time that the party happens or anytime you need to use the fog juice. However, you should ensure that it will not cause fire danger while the alarm detectors are turned off.

You can also notice some devices that are flammable as well as the kitchen and some electric devices and sockets. The best advice from some experts is that you should only turn off the alarm when the fog juice is totally safe. You can also reduce the amount of fog and make it less dense by using dry ice and in these situations, you can still turn on the alarm detector to maintain the safety. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What Kind Of Fluid That You Should Use In The Fog Machine?

All kinds of fluid including propylene glycol, glycerin or mineral oil and mixture of water are suitable for the fog machine because this machine uses the inert gas and electric gas to pump these mixtures into the heat exchanger, in which it is evaporated. However, you should avoid using ethylene glycol that is known as an antifreeze because it is poisonous for the fog juice.

Can I Put The Disinfectant In The Fog Machine?

A fog machine usually uses some products that contain hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide and the fog system uses disinfectant or the sterilant to decontaminate. You should use a thin layer of it to cover the surfaces but not to soak them when you decontaminate the fog juice.

You can watch this video to know more about how to make fog juice without glycerin for a party:

Conclusion: How To Make Fog Juice Without Glycerin

We made an in depth review about how to make fog juice without glycerin in this article as well as some necessary things you need to know when you buy fog juice outside. You should read it to understand clearly some useful tips and some notification about the safety that you should follow to complete the process of using fog juice. If you do not follow it, you will regret it because it causes some severe problems for a long time. 

After reading this article, you can make the fog juice by yourself and you can create the amount of fog that you want to use. Fog juice is an indispensable factor in your party or in your meals as it makes it become more attractive. From the same company that produces some devices for your kitchen, you can also buy their blender for use for all kinds of food and drinks, even frozen fruit. 

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