How To Mix Protein Powder Without Shaker – Alternative Ways To Keep Staying In Shape

You take into account that protein powder is an essential ingredient for any athlete who works intensely and strives to accomplish muscle building, weight reduction, or wellness enhancements. You can quickly put the protein powder into the shaker and let it do all the work. But how to mix protein powder without shaker?

It seems like there is no possible way to do that because protein powder and shaker are a great combination that can’t be separated. A high-quality protein, a nutrient that facilitates muscle recovery and regeneration, is a quick and adequate supply that needs to be well-mixed by a proper shaker.

Fortunately, we are here to help you. Read the information below that we have carefully researched and analyzed to know how to dissolve protein powder and make it silky smooth and different types of liquids to mix with it.

In this article, you will find these factors on how to mix protein powder without shaker:

  • Ways to mix protein powder without clumps
  • The easiest way on how to mix protein powder without shaker
  • Ways to mix protein powder using other kitchen utensils
  • Mixing protein powder with other liquids
  • Using protein powder in different meals
  • FAQ

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Ways To Mix Protein Powder Without Clumps

The best way for the clumps to be banished is to consider where they came from.

Proteins and/or fat molecules that attract certain water are present in most protein powders. This is it. It is bound to clump up a little when you don’t store your protein powder is an excellent, dry spot. This is also why you often apply the liquid as the powders clump. The molecules do their work, they are hydrophilic, and moisture absorbs and retains them.

Moisture absorption can make certain clumps molest, but it surely will not change the protein powder’s effectiveness or consistency. It is challenging to drink, though. Learn our top tips on preserving your silky protein shake.

The Easiest Way On How To Mix Protein Powder Without Shaker

Way 1: Use A To-Go Coffee Mug

You can shake your protein powder mixture like mixing a cocktail. A spill-proof to-go coffee mug serves as a replacement for a cocktail shaker for shaking the Martinis, Manhattans, and the like.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Find A To-Go Coffee Mug

Step 2: Add Ice To Your Cup

Step 3: Add Protein Powder Into The Cup

Step 4: Grip The Lid Firmly

Step 5: Shake It

Way 2: Use A Spoon/Fork/Butter Knife

You can mix it with the following steps. It will be like making a sauce when cooking. It will give the mixture no clumps.

Step 1: Mix The Protein Powder Into A Paste

Step 2: Add More Milk/Water Vodka Gradually While Mixing

Ways To Mix Protein Powder Using Other Kitchen Utensils

Another vital thing to note is that many such powders dissolve faster than others or otherwise. Using other kitchen tools than shaker may have more benefits, but must not forget to mention drawbacks. Let’s see how to mix protein powder without shaker.


This is the best way to mix protein powder. Even when you’re not putting anything into the powder mixture, it still tastes much better. It can make your mixes taste like milkshakes somehow.

Blender is terrific and also powerful. Neither mixes fizzy powder, but even the craziest powder gives way to a blender’s strength. You’ll always have the best consistency when using the blender.

The only problem with the blender, in my opinion, is the cleaning phrase. It took up lots of work and energy to clean it every day, and it makes us feel too lazy to do it.

You can use a handheld blender as well. It would be more convenient and easier to clean up.


This is the best alternative way to mix. It’s easier to clean up, and you get some arm workouts as well.


Stir it slowly, not all at once, with a spoon as you apply the powder to the liquid. Keep the clumps out, and then you don’t have to use a blender or shaker.

But I can not guarantee that the mixture will be lump-free; it can even be thin and chunky, hard to drink.

Alternative For Spoon

Even I would prefer to blend with a butter knife or fork instead of a spoon. In the concave region of the scoop, powder just appears to build up. A butter knife or fork will definitely dissolve the powder than using the spoon.

Mixing Protein Powder With Other Liquids

Which protein powder can you blend with? Though water is the most popular alternative, other drinks can profit considerably. “Is it better to blend protein with milk or water?” many people wonder. There are a few more possibilities out there without learning!

Consider these alternatives to find out which liquid your protein powder is better suited for mixing with.


Water is the most frequently used and calorie-free mixer, as described. This makes it perfect for those who want to lose weight, as the shake will give you strict protein (as long as you don’t add anything else).

Water also helps to clear up the body and is excellent for hydration. The inconvenience? It does not add to the protein powder much creamy flavor and provides extremely small, consistent protein shakes.


Cow Milk

Ordinary cow’s milk is the next choice. This is a better option if you like creamy. The higher the fat the milk gets, the more creamy the flavor would be.

Milk can also supply a few extra proteins for the shake to help the high consumption. It can also have some milk sugar carbohydrates so that the healing will start right after training.

Cow’s milk is also excellent for calcium and, if strengthened, it also contains about 1/3 of your everyday needs for each cup. The dilemma for many people with milk is the lactose in it that can lead to intestinal problems if you have lactose intolerance.

Soy Milk

Soy milk has to be taken into account. It is mainly used for vegetarians but is intolerant to lactose. Yet men need to tread lightly. Since soy products appear to produce estrogen, they can harm their body, so they better go for something else.

In general, soy milk is higher in calories than cow milk if you do not buy fat-free versions. Ensure that the variation of soy milk often takes care of any added sugars that it may have. Any aromatic species have as much sugar as a bottle of chocolate milk.

Soy milk also doesn’t give as much calcium as normal cow’s milk. Just 6% of the daily consumption is available.

Almond Milk

Another option you might take into account is almond milk. The calorie count can be very modest, with just 30 calories per cup if you buy non-sweetened almond milk depending on the kind you choose.

This milk’s protein level is minimal so that you won’t get a lot of protein, but just a few grams of fat. It also contains a certain amount of vitamin E essential to keep your skin and hair healthy.

Mixed milk adds a little extra of a smooth flavor, but it is also a perfect experience for those who want something other than water. You read labels clearly, and not all types of almond milk are low in calories and low in sugar. Pick the wrong one, and you would not do any favors for your well-being.

Using Protein Powder In Different Meals

If your routine protein shake becomes old quickly, never be afraid. Here are fresh, delicious protein powder recipes! It is essential to consume a suitable amount of protein to maintain a balanced metabolism and help the muscles recover from rigorous training.

Although we enjoy a healthy protein shake, these recipes are fresh and fun ways to use protein powder. There are even more promising ways to add some protein to your diet using these exciting recipes!


Try to mix the fruity goodness instead of shaking a plain protein beverage. In your smoothies, there are thousands of ways of using your protein. It’s best to do it the night before you go and integrate your day-to-day fruit and/or veggies and protein use without struggling.

  • Ingredients:
    • Baby spinach: 3 cups
    • Juice/almond milk: 1 cup
    • Frozen over-ripe banana: 1 banana
    • Frozen pineapple: 1 cup
    • Watermelon: 1 cup
    • Protein powder: 2 tbsp
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: Blend baby spinach with juice or almond milk.
    • Step 2: Blend again with watermelon.
    • Step 3: Blend all the ingredients.
    • Step 4: Serve it into a cup or a smoothie bowl, decorate with fruits or granola.


This is a perfect alternative to conventional protein pancakes. They are the best way to start an energetic day. They are nutritious and tasty and full of healthy food. The following recipe is fine!

  • Ingredients:
    • Protein powder: 3 tbsp
    • Coconut flour: 1 tbsp
    • Oat flour: 1 tbsp
    • Grated zucchini: 40g
    • Baking powder: 1 tsp
    • Cinnamon: ½ tsp
    • Vanilla extract: ½ tsp
    • Butterscotch extract: ½ tsp
    • Egg whites: ¼ cup + 2 tbsp
    • Stevia: 1 tbsp
    • Almonds (chopped): 10g
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: Blend all the ingredients until it fluffs.
    • Step 2: Fry in medium heat until the pancakes have golden brown color.
    • Step 3: Eat with maple syrup or fruits.


If you haven’t read about it, Nicecream trends for Instagram foodies. It’s simply combined, overripe frozen bananas with whatever sort of flavor you want to add. Nicecream is a beautiful way without shame and refined sweets to relieve cravings!

  • Ingredients:
    • Frozen over-ripe bananas: 3 bananas
    • Milk: a splash (i highly recommend the nut milk)
    • Protein powder: 1tbsp
    • Cocoa powder: 2 tsp (you can add more if you want)
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: blend bananas with milk until the consistency is creamy.
    • Step 2: add cacao and protein powder and blend.
    • Step 3: you can eat it right away or put extra toppings on that.

Cakes, Tarts, Slices

There are plenty of recipes and methods for integrating protein powder into cakes, slices, and raw treats (constantly trending on social media). Go ahead and reward yourself with this protein-filled gift.

  • Ingredients:
    • Base:
      • Rolled oats: ½ cup
      • Dried coconuts: ½ cup
      • Dried pitted dates: ½ cup
      • Cacao powder: 1 heaped tbsp
      • Honey/maple syrup: 1-2 tbsp
      • Coconut oil: 1 tbsp
    • Filling:
      • Ground rolled oats flour: 3 tbsp
      • Protein powder: 3 tbsp
      • Pitted dates: 10 pieces (or pitted Medjool: 5-6 large pieces)
      • Honey/maple syrup: 2 tbsp
      •  Psyllium husk/seeds: 1 tsp
      • Ground cinnamon: ½ tsp
      • Warm water/coconut milk: 250 ml
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: If you don’t have a fast release pan, line a bowl of non-stick baking paper.
    • Step 2: Include all of the filling items and allow them to settle in a bowl for around an hour, and the softer the dates make them easier to mix.
    • Step 3: In a mixer, add oats, cocoa, dates, and coconut and mix until it turns into a fine powder.
    • Step 4: Put honey/maple syrup and coconut oil into the mixer and mix until it is moist and stick to your fingertips when being pressed.
    • Step 5: Form the base mixture into the bottom and sides of the bowl/pan to make the tart base.
    • Step 6: Blend filling ingredients until it smooths and creamy.
    • Step 7: Put filling onto the base; you can leave it like that or flat it with a flat object.
    • Step 8: Add toppings like cinnamon or dried coconut for decoration and place them in the refrigerator.

Pudding With Chia

Chia seeds are one of the most nutritious foods to be fueled. They are a perfect source of fiber, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and tasty pudding combined with protein powder and liquid.

  • Ingredients:
    • Chia seeds: ¼ cup
    • Milk: 1 cup (any kinds of milk would work)
    • Smashed frozen raspberries: 1 cup
    • Protein powder: 1 scoop
    • Topping (optional): honeycomb, yogurt, fruits
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: Mix chia seeds with milk in a bowl with a whisk for the best result until it is well-combined.
    • Step 2: Add smashed frozen raspberries and protein powder and mix it
    • Step 3: Cool for 15 minutes in the fridge and add one more mix to the container. Placed another 15 minutes in the refrigerator (time is variable).
    • Step 4: Eat it plain or add some more toppings.

Cereal Substitution

  • Ingredients:
    • Protein powder: 2 scoops
    • Milk of choice: 1 cup
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: Add the protein powder into a cereal bowl.
    • Step 2: Add milk.

It fits better, I think, whether your cereal is not very sweet or very sweet. Try to choose a few grams of fiber from something whole grain!

Coffee Creamer Substitution

  • Ingredients:
    • Protein powder: 2 scoops
    • Coffee
    • Almond milk/creamer
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: Make the coffee.
    • Step 2: Blend the protein powder into the coffee.

This one is solid gold if you are a coffee drinker! Before you apply it to your coffee, you should combine it with a bit of almond milk or a regular creamer.

Yogurt Mixture

  • Ingredients:
    • Greek yogurt: a single size of flavor
    • Protein powder: 2 scoops
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: Mix the powder into the yogurt.
    • Step 2: Add extra toppings like granola, fruits.

The most delicious breakfast or treatment filled with protein! Try to add some chocolate chips after training to replenish the glycogen.

Mix With Peanut Butter/Cream Cheese

  • Ingredients:
    • Protein powder: 1 scoop
    • Peanut butter/Cream cheese: 1 tbsp
  • Steps:
    • Step 1: Mix the protein powder into peanut butter/cream cheese.
    • Step 2: Spread the mixture on toast.
    • Step 3: Add fruits if you like.

This one is fascinating as several combos you can try! There are infinite options that are when you dream about treating yourself!

Protein Powder FAQ

What Is The Body Doing With Protein?

Protein plays a crucial role in the body’s functions as one of the three essential macronutrients to sustain a healthy diet—fats and carbs being the other two. Most people equate protein with the usually acceptable strength and muscle mass; protein gives unsaturated results to restore the wear and tear post-training and create new muscle tissues.

This is why so many athletes and bodybuilders use fast absorbents in post-workout shakes like protein powder or soy isolates after a gym ride. However, the use of protein goes far farther than giving large biceps.

One essential part is protein, which struggles after a workout and in all the body’s processes and organs. Patients with all types of conditions benefit enormously from having nutritious protein in their diet to promote their healthy nutrition.

It helps restore a weakened immune system from shutting open ways. It is an essential part of many chemical processes, including protein, neurotransmitter, and hormone synthesis in the body.

If you choose to lose weight instead of gaining muscle weight, adding protein into your diet could be an efficient way to fight starvation while keeping a rounded diet. Protein has shown that people who eat it have a happy sense of abundance – a feeling that will help you avoid the temptation of getting a snack after or between meals.

Not only does this keep you in control of your weight, but you essentially handle fatty foods full of fats and carbohydrates in your diet by consuming more protein and fewer calories, in general, to make room for certain protein-rich foods.

What Happens If You Overeat Protein?

Now that your diet’s protein role has been determined, let us discuss the use of protein shakes. These drinks can be an excellent way to add a heaping of protein in your diet to your food in a pleasant and tasty way, but how important is their role? You have your priorities in mind to address this challenge.

Generally, consuming two shakes of protein a day will not harm your diet; it will also help you get adequate nutrients. However, most nutritionists and dietitians believe that solid foods are better than liquid foods. This is partly because the body digests solids and liquids in many forms and somewhat because your food’s easy chewing helps make your brain aware that you consume and your pleasure with your meal grows.

That being said, people with a high degree of daily physical exercise would probably require more protein to support muscle regeneration and development in their diets. If you alone cannot obtain the desired protein content from solid foods, protein shakes can be a perfect way to improve your protein intake.

As liquids are consumed more rapidly in the body, a protein shake after exercise is the easiest and most efficient way to supply the protein you need to your muscles, mainly if it is easily absorbed, such as whey or soy.

Can You Add Shakes With Protein To Your Diet?

Please be mindful that not more than 30 to 35 percent of your protein calories should come with even physically active persons; the remainder of your food should be fats and carbonated, all of which your body still requires. Look for good nutrition, and safe ingredients, including the ingredients in our food substitute shakes when buying a protein shake.


Is it OK to drink protein shakes or protein without getting it done?

Researchers at New Castle University have found that drinking protein shakes in your breakfast can reduce insulin spikes, decreasing your risk of diabetes. People who eat high protein diets often have more stamina, are more focused, and sleep more sometimes during the night. All – whether or not an athlete/bodybuilder – is reaping protein rewards.

Moreover, it’s not about people who are crunched in time for tight fitness routines. Anyone eating on the move or only not having time to prepare a slice of salmon carefully for dinner should think about consuming protein shakes.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind: protein shakes aid muscle development. If the protein is not broken muscle to patch and recover, the wasted surplus protein produces fat by being glucose. Shakes of protein are rich in calories (naturally). Your shake can differ between 100 and 300+ calories, depending upon whether you combine with protein powders and whether you use whey, soy, or milk protein.

When you have protein shakes included with your diet, make sure that you add an otherwise balanced, rounded diet so that weight gain is stopped and those sweet foods are taken and not protein alone.

Is There A Need For A Shaker Bottle?

You would require a decent shaking bottle to balance the vitamins properly without leaving any bumps for protein shakes, pre-workout beverages, post-workout drinks, or weight-related add-ons.

What Is The Best Way To Mix Protein Powder?

  • Shake it up: Try to apply a few scoops to a bottle of cool water, cocoa, milk, or plant-based milk.
  • Blend: It is the perfect way to start the morning by mixing your protein powder with banana, a scoop of ice, and a generous splash of almond milk.

Will You Mix A Water Bottle With Protein Powder?

Also, the tastiest of protein powders is the blending of protein powder and milk or wine. To mix delicious and affordable protein shakes, you can invest in a few cheap ingredients that will give your shakes an exciting taste.

Can The Protein Powder Be Mixed?

Sprinkle the whey protein slowly and stir in the cup. It’s pretty good. It leads to only a few fluffy, easy to smooth clumps with a spoon on the side of the cup.

What Is The Work Of Blender Bottles?

The ball blender works to combine my protein polder, powder substitute, maca powder, and so on easily. Most food substitutes or protein shakes do not mix well by mixing them in a spoon cup. The Blender Bottle is much faster and less messy than I did.

Why Do Bottles Of Shaker Smell?

Flashy stinky? Most plastics free of BPA are vulnerable to odors when not quickly washed after use (again, nix the week-old protein shake).

How Does A Shaker Cup Give You The Smell?

If your bottle or your attached deck looks weird, you might attempt to clear it using vinegar and baking soda. Add to 400mL of room temperature water three teaspoons of baking soda. Then shake the bottle, attaching it to the agitator.

How Long After Making Protein Shakes Should You Drink?

A controversial theme is the right time to drink protein for optimum muscle development. Fitness fans also suggest that 15 – 60 minutes after exercise, they take a protein addition. This time interval is known as the “anabolic window,” the ideal time to take advantage of nutrients such as protein.

Is Protein Shaker Dish-washer Safe?

In a dish-washer, you can wash the shaker bottle and the lid.


Ok, mixing protein powder without shaker can be very difficult for you. However, as we have seen in our tips for how to mix protein powder without the shaker above, you will find that mixing protein powder without shaker is simple.

If anything else does not work, you don’t even need a premium injector or sifter to mix protein powder. All we need is a few tools, a creative mind, and an insistence to get you through, as we have helped you. Since you appreciate the different channel control methods, let’s mix protein powder and check our top 5 protein powder for your kitchen below!!

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Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder, 100% Whey Isolate Protein, 25g of Protein, 5.5g BCAAs,...
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