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What Is Ketchup? Is Ketchup A Smoothie? How To Make Ketchup At Convenient, Safety For Health

Ever heard of a spice called ketchup? This is a relatively new concept for those who are new to cooking, but it is widely used in Western cuisine. So what is ketchup? is ketchup a smoothie? What are the ingredients of ketchup? How to make ketchup? Let’s find out in the article below.

Is Ketchup A Smoothie

When eating fried chicken, pizza, french fries, etc., there are usually two types of dipping sauces for diners to choose from: chili sauce or tomato. This ketchup is ketchup. In cuisine, ketchup is considered a fairly common ingredient, used by chefs to create a delicious, perfect flavor for many dishes. Understanding this ingredient will help you have more delicious cooking secrets to conquer the most demanding diners.

Ketchup, also known as catsup, is ketchup with a sweet and sour taste and pleasant mild aroma. In the West, ketchup is often used in fast food dishes such as hot dogs, french fries, fried chicken, pizza, etc. Some places also use this ingredient for bread or pasta dishes. So ketchup is a smoothie, exactly is a sauce.

Origin Of Ketchup

Tomato sauce had a long way to go before it reached the US and went through many changes along the way.

The sweet red sauce is derived from a fish-based condiment that is part of the cuisine in Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, according to linguist Dan Jurafsky. At different times and places, ketchup included different ingredients such as mushrooms, walnuts, and cherries, while tomatoes were a relatively recent addition, he writes.

The name of this sweet red sauce is ketchup or catsup depending on your linguistic preference – derived from Chinese Hokkien. “Depending on how it is translated, the forerunner of ketchup is known as ketchup, koechiap, or a-tip,” writes Lakshmi Gandhi for NPR’s CodeSwitch. then a fermented vegetable with many local names was successfully made: these two sauces are of ketchup origin.

“The ketchup, made its journey westward when it was brought to Europe by Dutch and English sailors in the 1600s,” Gandhi wrote. “Now called ‘ketchup’ or ‘catsup’ in English, the sauce appealed to merchants and sailors for several reasons, one of which was that it was well preserved and could keep for several months without damage.”

But ketchup wasn’t just popular with sailors. Over time, people – who do not have refrigerators like sailors have found a kind of extremely delicious taste. Recipes for homemade ketchup began to appear, with many of the first British records of ketchup (or “ketchup”, as the usual reading is rather boring) appearing in The Compleat Housewife, a book cooking with 1727 popular dishes by Eliza Smith has been reprinted many times.

The ingredients in Smith’s recipe include anchovies, shallots, vinegar, ginger, and nutmeg. The book instructs chefs to shake the bottle of their mix once or twice a day for a week before using it. Recipes for fermented sauces made primarily from ingredients like mushrooms and walnuts were popular in the 1700s in England, Jurafsky writes. For example, Jane Austen is famous for having a special taste for mushroom ketchup.

In 1742, The Compleat Housewife was the first cookbook to be printed in the American colonies, according to American food history expert Jan Longone. Sometime later, someone boldly added tomatoes to this mixture.

Tomatoes are not a favorite food for most people in America, writes Sara Bir of Modern Farmer. Although colonists from mainland Europe were familiar with tomatoes, believed to have originated in South America, British colonists were still skeptical about tomatoes and they were not widely eaten. However, in 1812, according to Jasmine Wiggins writing for National Geographic, the first recipe for tomato ketchup was published.

Other than the light brown sauce produced by mushrooms, anchovies, and walnuts, ketchup is not like that. The final version of ketchup went from fermentation to the vinegar, salt, and high-sugar blend we know today.

The ketchup trade began in the 1820s, writes Rachel Swaby for Gizmodo. But that spice didn’t expand until the American Civil War popularized commercially prepared foods. Heinz started making ketchup in 1876 and it has since become one of the most popular condiments in America.

What Are The Basic Ingredients Of Ketchup?

Ketchup is made from a lot of different ingredients such as vinegar, tomato, salt, sugar, cloves, pepper, celery, onion, and hometown combined with some other spices like basil, burdock. … The type of tomato used to create a true ketchup flavor is the sweet Lycopersicon pennelli tomato. However, some places use Lycopersicum esculentum tomatoes with added sugar to make ketchup, but the taste is not as attractive as the first type.

Over a long time, under the creativity of chefs and the increasing demands of diners, ketchup has been modified, creating more new flavors. Some ingredients are added to the ketchup such as lobster, cucumber, cooking oil, lemon, cranberry, grape…

How Many Types Of Ketchup Are There?

Currently, most people know that ketchup is the name of ketchup, but in fact, not all ketchup is made entirely from this fruit. Depending on their needs and preferences, Chefs often recommend customers to choose 3 popular types of ketchup:

Tomato ketchup: A traditional ketchup, made with tomatoes and some other spices such as garlic, vinegar, sugar, salt… Curry ketchup: This type of ketchup has a mild spicy taste because curry is added to it. Compared to traditional ketchup, curry ketchup is suitable for spicy eaters. Spiced ketchup: People add chili, chili, tomato, and some other spices to the traditional ketchup to create spicy ketchup for each dish such as steak ketchup for beef steak, barbecue ketchup for grilled meat, spicy ketchup hot chili sauce,…

How To Make Simple Ketchup At Home


Ripe red tomatoes

Corn flour


Sugar (a little sugar will help the ketchup last longer and darker when cooked).

How to choose to buy good tomatoes

Based on color: You should choose tomatoes with bright red skin, even. The outer skin is intact, there are no scratches, and the succulent is a fresh tomato.

When you pay attention to the outside of the peel, there are tiny, even tiny spots, try to cut the eggplant in half, the seeds inside must be yellow, not green, the flesh is red. These are ripe, juicy tomatoes.

Based on aroma: Natural ripe tomatoes often have a mild aroma that can be easily discerned when smelled. While the ripe fruit does not have any aroma.

Based on the fruit stalk: You should choose tomatoes that still have the stem on the fruit body, the stem is still fresh without wilting. Ripe tomatoes often have a stem that sticks to the top of the tomato, so when you buy it, you can pull it gently to see if the stem will come off the fruit easily. Otherwise, you can choose to buy.

Choosing medium-ripe tomatoes, not too over-ripe, is a prerequisite for good ketchup. The elongated plum (hybrid) tomatoes like the one pictured on the left are ideal for making ketchup that has fewer seeds and a thicker sauce. Cherry tomatoes are delicious, sweet, but take up a lot of your time to peel.


Cornstarch or cornstarch is produced from the core of the corn kernel, this is a fine powder often used to create adhesion and as a thickener in some dishes and cakes.

Cornstarch is shaped after cooking and people often add cornstarch at the last stage when the food is cooked or near the end of the processing process, if making cakes, mix it with flour.

Cornstarch does not stick when mixed with acidic solutions such as vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, etc., so it is necessary to avoid combining dishes with these solutions with cornstarch.

Although the use is quite similar to create consistency and make a binder for the dish, however, cornstarch is made from corn kernels and tapioca is made from tapioca starch. Tapioca has a higher viscosity and consistency than cornstarch, used to process some typical dishes such as filter cake, cauldron cake, pearl jelly, tea, …

As we all know, cornstarch is utilized to make consistency and as a cover for dishes, other than that, cornstarch additionally contains a lot of supplements required by the body like Fat, sodium, potassium, fiber. , sugar, protein, nutrient A, calcium, iron, nutrient B6, magnesium,… 

Cornstarch assists balance with blooding fat along these lines forestalling cardiovascular illnesses, yet cornstarch produced using refined starch won’t have numerous supplements because of the deficiency of fiber, protein, and a few minerals. a substance present in the seed coat and seed germ. 

In food preparing, individuals use cornstarch to make a tacky delightful flavor for soups, sauces, treats, cakes,… Cornstarch is additionally utilized in prepared products. , creating amino acids, monosodium glutamate, alcohol,… Likewise, while delivering espresso, individuals additionally use cornstarch to make consistency.


Choosing table salt from big brands: The big brands and manufacturers of table salt that have a reputation in the market, surely, their products have all been tested for quality and safety, so you can be used with confidence.

Choose according to your needs: Or you can also choose according to your needs to choose the right salt. For example, you can use granulated salt to wash ingredients, preserve food or use iodized salt commonly used to marinate ingredients and season dishes…

Do not abuse too much salt when processing, seasoning dishes to avoid making the dish salty or losing nutrients.

Using too much salt also causes conditions such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis in middle-aged people, or complications for the cardiovascular system…

For children and the elderly, limit the use of salt when processing food.


White granulated sugar, also known as white sugar, is refined sugar through the bleaching process, so its nutrition is very little, it mainly only works as a seasoning. White sugar is divided into many product lines such as powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and granulated sugar.

Used as a condiment in dishes and drinks. Powdered sugar is used in baking.

Add to marinade foods after marinating salty spices such as fish sauce, salt… Use in drinks before adding ice. Not for people with blood sugar problems.

Process materials

Put the pot on the stove, pour the water to boil and then add the tomatoes to boil. When the tomato skin is wrinkled, take it out and put the tomatoes in a bowl of ice water. Peel the tomatoes thoroughly put them in a blender, and puree. Note: You can use a knife to cut a few lines on the eggplant before boiling to make it easier to peel.

How to cook ketchup

Pour the pureed tomatoes into a non-stick pan, cook over medium heat until boiling, then reduce the heat to medium, cook for 45-60 minutes. During the cooking process, use a spoon to stir well and gently so that the sauce has a nice consistency and does not burn.

Wait for the tomato sauce to thicken, then add the sugar, stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, then continue to add lemon juice or vinegar and salt to the pan, season to taste, and turn off the heat.

Finished product

Leave the sour sauce outside until it cools completely, then put it in a glass jar, close the lid, and place it in the refrigerator for storage. Ketchup can be used for about 3 months. Depending on your taste, you can add some other spices to the finished product to have a delicious taste.


Hopefully, through this article, you have understood is ketchup a smoothie? Ingredients of ketchup as well as how to make simple ketchup at home. This is a very common spice in cooking and is often used by chefs, so please save the necessary information to supplement your knowledge!

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