KitchenAid Blender Vs Vitamix: Which One Is The Best For You?

This is our comparison of the KitchenAid blender vs Vitamix blender!

Blender is probably an indispensable product of every home. However, there are so many various brands on the market today that many people have a headache choosing the best one.

Therefore, to help you solve this problem, we had to make an observation. Finally, Amazebowls found out 2 popular brands and made a comparison between them. Those are KitchenAid blender and Vitamix blender.

KitchenAid Blender Vs Vitamix: Introduction

What is KitchenAid?

KitchenAid is probably a brand that everyone is familiar with. This is a company that sells a variety of kitchen appliances such as mixers, blenders, toasters, and so on.

Its blender frequently has power, style, and is really inexpensive. They are all built to be strong and have a huge capacity, allowing you to produce smoothies for the entire family.

Our top pick: Best for overall: KitchenAid KSB1575MC 5-Speed Diamond Blender


  • Longest warranty
  • Visually appealing
  • Very sure


  • Heavy
  • Wide base
  • Quite loud when blending on the highest setting

What is Vitamix?

Vitamix is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of sizes and types. Although the price is slightly higher, the quality is not at all inferior. You’ll get a premium-grade feel that’s built to last. 

In addition, Vitamix can make nut butter smoother and easier to clean. So that, you won’t lose a lot of time cleaning.

Our top pick: Best for cleaning: Vitamix 5200 Blender


  • Flexible
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • High-performance motor


  • Difficulty grinding hot foods
  • With tougher components, it has a tendency to overheat.

Those are the basic information of blender brands. Read on to not miss their special information and functions!

KitchenAid Blender Vs Vitamix: Different Comparison Of Features And Capabilities

Material, Lid, And Size

First, the products of these two brands are BPA-free plastic, safe for health.

Secondly, because the lid of the Vitamix is constructed with a dome shape to prevent the potential of spillage during mixing, it is exceptionally safe and strong. KitchenAid’s cover is secure, though not as secure as Vitamix’s.

Last but not least, KitchenAid’s main jar capacity is from 56 to 60 oz. The main container is large enough for most uses.

However, the Vitamix has a larger jar capacity, from 48 to 64 oz. Vitamix blenders usually come with a solid-feeling and well-built main blender.

The winner: Vitamix blender


The KitchenAid blenders are excellent for multi-purpose use, since they can make almond butter, smoothies, and bar-quality ice in less than two minutes, and they can even blend hot liquids. 

Furthermore, KitchenAid employs a novel smart motor that detects the contents of the blender’s container and then maintains the optimal speed throughout the blending operation for excellent consistency.

Vitamix, on the other hand, lacks the aforementioned functions but performs admirably due to its larger and more powerful engine. Its products are capable of producing bar-quality crushed ice as well as smooth and spreadable almond butter. It is very useful for creating smoothies.

The Winner: KitchenAid blender


Usually, KitchenAid and Vitamix blades have 4 sharp, thick blades. The blades can be removed for cleaning, but excessive removal of the cutters will void the warranty.

However, there is a difference in the blade structure of the two brands. Those are KitchenAid blenders with 2 blades facing up and 2 facing down.

The Winner: KitchenAid blender

Easy to use 

KitchenAid appliances are simple to use. It does not have an on/off switch, but rather a stop/start button, which makes it easier to use. Furthermore, the pulse can be set to a high or low level. They are all easily customizable using the handwheel settings.

For Vitamix products, the on/off switch is displayed, and the handwheel is simple to use with no unnecessary settings. It’s worth mentioning that the instructions advise against starting it in high mode.

The Winner: KitchenAid blender


Typically, each brand will have its own set of features and programs. KitchenAid has pre-set choices as well as pulse modes. Furthermore, you have a plethora of options to choose from, such as mixing, stirring, breaking the ice, pulse, and so on. 

Vitamix, on the other hand, only features a 10-speed control system with a pulse mode.

The Winner: KitchenAid blender


Because the Vitamix blender has a high cover, without many ridges, it is quite clean. It will be tough to clean if you do not use a long-handled brush because the container is tall and thin, and food easily gets stuck under the four prongs on the blade.

In the case of KitchenAid, the lid has a pretty deep ridge that is difficult to clean because food can easily become trapped in it. It has four prongs, just like the Vitamix so it is difficult to clean.

Therefore, to be able to clean the machine completely, I recommend using a long-handled brush, it is very necessary.

The Winner: Vitamix blender

Usable ingredients

Both brands can blend nuts, fruit, soup, frozen desserts, ice, etc. However, KitchenAid blenders can blend popular chewy ingredients, and Vitamix can’t do it.

The Winner: KitchenAid blender

Noise Factor

Noise is an issue that you should focus on if you don’t want to disturb others.

Overall, KitchenAid machines are louder in terms of noise levels because they have powerful motors. They are usually loudest when grinding hard ingredients, and when it comes to liquids, they are relatively quiet.

This is probably the advantage for Vitamix products because its products do not make too much noise even when you are using them in the highest setting.

The Winner: Vitamix blender

Price And Quality

The issue of price and quality is a very important one.

According to the price information on the market, it can be seen that Vitamix products are often very high and sometimes more expensive than KitchenAid.

However, the quality of Vitamix will not let you down, it is strong, long-lasting. And KitchenAid is also very powerful and good.

The Winner: Vitamix blender


KitchenAid appliances have a strong, weighty lid feel to them. They will not generate excessive movement or vibration when in use.

The Vitamix foundation is strong and sturdy, but it is not as secure as the KitchenAid.

The Winner: KitchenAid blender

Variable Speed And Controls

Variable speed and control are other considerations when buying a blender. Being able to change makes it easy to set the level of grind you want.

The speed of Vitamix models may be adjusted from 1 to 10.

KitchenAid machines, on the other hand, have varying levels of adjustment, such as a maximum of 5 or 11 levels. It can be adjusted up to 11 and boosts, which is especially useful for machines with increased capacity.

The Winner: KitchenAid blender

For the correct blend and recipes watch this Jason Vale’s Juicing Vs Blending Guide clip:

KitchenAid Blender Vs Vitamix: The Winner

As a consequence, the KitchenAid blender was chosen as the winning overall brand. It has excellent quality in terms of power, blade, programs, and so on.

We recommend KitchenAid blenders if you’re seeking an excellent blender. It offers many features to consider, such as a smart motor that recognizes the contents of the blender and then maintains the correct speed throughout the blending process.

Vitamix items, on the other hand, are likewise outstanding. Although the products are a little pricey, they are made of incredibly high-quality materials that are extremely safe for health.

Some Best Kitchenaid Blender For You

KitchenAid High-Performance Series Blender

KitchenAid High-Performance Series Blender is the product to consider if you need a product that can work hard and grind hard components like nuts.

The machine is powerful, just like its name suggests, thanks to the 3.0 HP engine’s ideal performance. The machine is simple to operate, with only one dial, two movements, and one stainless steel blade.


  • Highly performance
  • Not moving when blending
  • Easy to use 
  • Powerful and reliable motor 


  • Pricey

KitchenAid KSB4027PA K400 Countertop Blender

This will be the type of blender that can help you a lot. Blending is simple with three grinding systems: Ice Crush, Icy Drink, and Smoothie, all of which have a vortex design for the blender.

In addition, the asymmetrical blade quickly mixes and easily incorporates difficult items like kale and almonds.

It is specifically regulated by the Intelli-Speed Motor Control function, which detects the components automatically and maintains the correct speed, delivering power for better mixing.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to clean
  • Noise level low
  • Can mix the chewy ingredients


  • Not removal blade

Some Best Vitamix Blender For You

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender has variable speed control and a pulse capability for manually customizing any recipe. The touchscreen controls are easily cleaned, and the built-in programmable timer ensures that you get the exact mix every time.

Moreover, you can set a timer to avoid over-or under-processing if you’re in a hurry and can’t wait. When the timer expires for blending time, it will automatically shut off.

The machine has five modes, including Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dipping & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, and Self-Cleaning. The machine will automatically adjust to the container size and process your recipe.


  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy to use 
  • Automatically shut off
  • Five installation programs


  • Pricey

Vitamix Con A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

Vitamix Con A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, like the Vitamix above, offers the same characteristics. You may modify the texture of any recipe by using variable speed and pulse settings.

The machine features an integrated wireless connection, which causes the motor to automatically modify the maximum mixing time to fit the container size you have chosen.

It can also be timed using a built-in timer, which helps avoid over-or under-processing and switches off automatically when the timer expires.

It boasts touch-screen controls and is easy to maintain, in addition to its sleek, glossy appearance.

You can, especially, connect to any SELF-DETECT container and add a wide range of appropriate container sizes to create a unique mixing system tailored to your needs.


  • The on and off button is touchy
  • Quality of material
  • Blending powerful


  • Tricky to clean lid


If you are tired of eating fruits or vegetables, you can grind them into a liquid form or grind them to drink or as ingredients to make food or desserts. However, currently on the market, there are too many brands of blenders that make you confused. Therefore, we have made a comparison between 2 famous brands, is KitchenAid blender vs Vitamix blender.

According to what we have seen through the comparison, the KitchenAid blender won the overall. Because it is cheap, it has many outstanding features. Its blenders are usually powerful and extremely large, stylish.

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