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You May Need These #12 Kraft Mac And Cheese No Milk Recipes 

We know that kraft macaroni and cheese may be a quite popular meal for many people. This name is often called in the USA and Australia. In Canada, it is called Kraft Dinner or KD. And in the United Kingdom (UK), its name is Cheesey Pasta. Almost all users usually eat it with milk. However, there are still some cases where you need to know kraft mac and cheese no milk recipes to use in those cases.

Such as regularly, you often use milk to drink or make something. And one day, you run out of milk, what will you do? Getting more is a good idea but it is only possible if you live near a supermarket or you still have much time. And some people use sweetened condensed milk instead, it is not really great but still can be eaten. That is the reason why you need to read this article.

Or if you are allergic to milk or any of its ingredients, you definitely cannot use milk in your formulas. But you really like eating kraft macaroni and cheese. Don’t worry, we will give you more alternative choices right now.

And today, we have about 12 milk substitutes for you. That includes 3 non-dairy milk substitutes and 9 recipes without milk. And in this article, everything you will receive is:

  • Is Kraft Mac And Cheese With Milk Similar To Or Different From Without Milk?
  • #3 Non-dairy Milk Substitutes Instead Of Normal Milk.
  • #9 Kraft Mac And Cheese No Milk Recipes For You To Try Once.
  • Conclusion.

Don’t wait any more, now, ready to start together. Hope you will have a helpful time.

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Is Kraft Mac And Cheese With Milk Similar To Or Different From Without Milk?

Milk is one of the main parts which will create the special taste for this meal. However, not everyone loves the taste equally. Some people will like the sweet and slightly fatty taste that milk gives it. But in other cases, some other people don’t really like that and they want to replace milk with other choices.

Because milk substitutes can create the cheesier, less cheesier, creamier or more distinctive taste, and it can also make the texture become thinner or thicker a little. In all those, you probably can choose one which is suitable with your hobby.

In addition, you may run out of milk or be allergic to it as we said. Selecting another alternative ingredient will solve this problem easily. And we believe that instead of milk, you can completely find out the best ones for yourselves too.

The difference between having and not having milk is not really always clear. Therefore, the way you choose substitution will depend on 2 main things: your personal preference and other ingredients you have available. Now, go with us to know that which you can use to replace milk and still have a good taste.

#3 Non-dairy Milk Substitutes Instead Of Normal Milk.

In the case you are a vegan. Or you are intolerant enough of lactose. Non-dairy milk substitutes in place of milk will be viable options for you. And because they are also types of milk, the end result may not be too different.

Evaporated milk

The first recommendation for you is evaporated milk. This may be also the most popular selection for many people. You will have to make the evaporated milk before processing by removing half of its water content. To do this, you will heat it a little.

Then you will mix 2 tbsp of that evaporated milk with 2 tbsp of cold water. And that is the alternative mixture for milk in this recipe, you are able to use it to make kraft mac and cheese like milk normally.

In the end, it almost will not have any difference both in taste and consistency. If you haven’t bought milk yet, you can try this method once. Who knows, you will love it.

Soya milk

Do you like soya milk? If you like it, have you thought about combining it with kraft macaroni and cheese yet? It can become a great combination.

Soya milk will add a little more sweetness than normal milk. Besides, consistency is a thing which will not be changed much. And the ratio to make it is extremely simple too. You only need to follow the 1:1 ratio.

It means that the amount of regular milk and the amount of soya milk is the same. Almost no need to add or subtract it. And finally, you will be able to enjoy an old dish with a new recipe. It is really an interesting experience.

Almond milk

If you only have almond milk available, it is also a selection that you ought to try once. It will make your dish more distinctive. However, because this is not only a savory meal but also cheese, sweetened almond milk will not be as good as plain one.

You will need to replace it with a 1:2 ratio. Simply put, you will be using twice as much almond milk as you would with regular milk. And if it is plain almond milk, it will not make the taste change much. But in the case you use sweetened one, you should give slowly to have the most reasonable amount.

Not only that, you still have other selections that you can try such as rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, hemp seed milk, etc. And we advise you to add it slowly to have a wonderful result.

#9 Kraft Mac And Cheese No Milk Recipes For You To Try Once.

In the case all milk types are not your selection, we will give you other substitutes that you can try once. Now ready to know which they are.

Shredded Cheese

Shredded cheese will be a good choice. If you use canned kraft mac and cheese 7.25oz, you will use about 90 grams of cheese instead of 1/4 cup of milk. And in the case you think it is too much, you can only use about 60 grams to replace milk with the ratio roughly 1:1.

Besides, almost all types of cheese can be used. Such as cheddar, parmesan or other hard blocks of cheese are fine. We think that you ought to shred it to help it to melt quickly and save time.

Another thing you probably already know is cheese will make your dish thicker than milk. And it is not a problem if you don’t care about appearance. Try it when you don’t have milk.

Cream cheese

In addition to shredded cheese, cream cheese will also be a not bad selection. For a regular 7.25oz box, you only need to swap basically between milk and cream cheese with 1:1 ratio. 60 grams of milk (1/4 cup following Kraft’s recommendation) cheese will be replaced with 60 grams of cream cheese.

With this simple swap, you will still have a tasty meal. And of course, your meal will be thicker a little bit with this cheese but this point is not too important. In our opinion, sun dried tomatoes with cream cheese or garlic cream cheese may make you satisfied.


Have you thought about butter yet? This will be a new and exciting choice for you. And it is completely possible if you ensure it all melts.

First, you will start with about 2 tbsp (roughly 28 grams). After, increase it up to 1:2 substitution ratio between butter and milk if you want. More butter, the dish will taste richer and thicker.

The only thing you need to do carefully is make sure all butter is melted before starting to process. Then, do everything normally, you will have a great meal.

Heavy or whipping cream

Heavy or whipping cream is the next substitution we want to give you because it almost doesn’t impact your dish’s flavor. You can completely replace it with a 1:1 ratio without any problem.

More specifically with the box packed 7.25oz, you will use 1/4 cup of heavy cream (or whipping cream). It is about 59 or 60 ml. And the result you receive will be similar to a normal recipe up to 90%. Such an amazing recipe you ought to experience.

Sour cream

Another cream for you to replace milk is sour cream. It of course will create a sour taste for your dish. Hence, with this selection, we don’t have an exact ratio for you to follow. We think that you should add it slowly until to feel it is enough.

And remember to taste it before deciding to add more. Otherwise, you will damage it. No one likes a savory meal having too much sour taste. Hope you will find out a great amount to make your kraft mac and cheese no milk recipe better and more special.


Like sour cream, yogurt is a suitable ingredient to make kraft mac and cheese. And if you just want to make your meal thicker a little without making the taste change much, unsweetened and unflavored yogurt is best.

But still don’t have any ratios too, it depends on your hobby much. That is the reason why we still have an old advice, do everything as slowly and carefully as possible.


How about roux? This alternative thing will not only not change your meal’s taste but also make it slightly richer and pretty thicker. However, it needs more time to process because you need to prepare the roux.

First, melt about 2 tbsp of butter on a pan. After it melts completely, add about 2 tbsp of flour into it. Whisk and mix this mixture until it is really smooth. It will take at least 60 seconds. Next step, use it to continue processing with kraft macaroni and cheese like the way you do daily.

Finally, you had a delicious meal. Let’s enjoy it now.

Olive oil

If you don’t mind that you will feel your dish is a little oily and slime-y, you can try olive oil. Different from most of the options above, you ought not to use it in 1:1 ratio.

Just start with 1 tbsp of olive oil combined with cheese powder and butter. And make it become a sauce. If it is too thick, add a little until enough. Finally, use it as milk to complete the dish.

Pasta water

After you cooked macaroni, you of course have the water left which has a pretty gray and cloudy color. You can use it instead of milk with a ratio of 1:2. For a 7.25oz bow, you usually need about 2 tbsp.

After that, cook until it is smooth and doesn’t have any lumps. If you think it is still quite thick, add some pasta water. And when it has emulsified fully, you have done this dish.


A dish will always have many recipes to cook it. And the dish today has the most popular recipe which includes milk. However, if you have any reasons that make you not be able to use milk but you still want to eat the kraft mac and cheese. Like what we share about, here are all kraft mac and cheese no milk recipe that you can try:

  • Non-dairy milk substitutes:
    • Evaporated milk.
    • Soya milk.
    • Almond milk.
  • Other alternative ingredients:
    • Shredded cheese.
    • Cream cheese.
    • Butter.
    • Heavy or whipping cream.
    • Sour cream.
    • Yogurt.
    • Roux.
    • Olive oil.
    • Pasta water.

In addition, if you want to read more helpful things, you can watch some of our other articles like best food processor for nut butter, best stand mixer under 100 and many others.

Hope this article is helpful for you. And if you have some new recipes about this topic, share them with us at the comment box.

In the case you have any feedback, don’t be shy, leave it below for us.

Remember to share it with everyone.

Thanks for reading to the end.

See ya.

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