How to Grind Coffee Beans with A Ninja Blender Coffee Grinder

If you are a coffee fanatic, you will definitely love tasty, fresh, and aromatic coffee bean packs to grind and drink every day. Nowadays, many people have changed to this consuming coffee way and they seem to like to drink these cups of coffee so much instead of packaged coffee. Besides, you can get coarse, medium, and fine grounds after grinding whole coffee nuts for many different purposes. Now, let’s follow this article to learn how to grind coffee beans with a Ninja Blender coffee grinder.

Why Should I Use Ninja Blender Coffee Grinder for Making Coffee?

I think you do not know that your Ninja Blender can do more than you can imagine. We do not want to let you wait too long because you need to learn about this equipment’s fun facts.

Firstly, the Ninja Blender coffee is a flexible machine. It has an operation mechanism like a grinder and chopper. Hence, you do not need to buy two machines simultaneously and save money and time.

If you try to use normal equipment to grind coffee beans, the effect may not be good. Therefore, let’s buy a Ninja Blender coffee grinder at the power of 400 – 600 watts now for your kitchen.

Secondly, it owns the electric blender’s speed. Therefore, the Ninja Blender can grind coffee fast like a wind. As you can see, this feature is one of this equipment’s outstanding points.

Thirdly, the duration is the significant factor that you should consider buying the Ninja Blender coffee grinder to serve your kitchen jobs. As long as you maintain it well, you can use it for many years.

Fourthly, the Ninja Blender is easy to hold and move. Thus, you can put it in any spot in the kitchen to grind coffee beans conveniently. Besides, its blades are strong enough to crush hard nuts.

Lastly, this blender’s motor is powerful and rarely under 500 watts, even up to 1500 watts. The horsepower spec is great (about 700 watts). Hence, don’t worry about the Ninja Blender’s strength when grinding coffee beans.

Some Tips for Helping a Ninja Blender Coffee Grinder Operate Smoothly

Don’t throw all the coffee beans in your Ninja Blender immediately although I know you want to sip your cup of coffee as soon as possible and be not late for work. However, you should calm down and follow our tips to grind them better.

Determine The Correct Number Of Nuts

You should determine the correct number of nuts before put them into your Ninja Blender. The measuring tools help you control the number of coffee beans that you will use. Thus, your coffee blender can get the best result even if you want to coarse or superfine grind.

If the number of coffee nuts exceeds the allowed level, the Ninja Blender may not grind evenly, even worse, it will not operate because of overloading.

There are 2 options to help you determine the number of coffee beans.

Using a Single-Serve Cup

A single-serve cup is the best solution that you can try. This cup is easy to buy at stores or supermarkets. The maximum amount of coffee beans is one cup. 

When you use a Single-Serve Cup, you do not have to measure the number of coffee beans; however, you can only make a coffee per time. In case you want to prepare coffee for many people at the same time, Single-Serve Cups may take time.

Using Standard Pitcher

A standard graduated pitcher can help you determine the exact amount of whole beans.

If you use a standard pitcher, you can not only make coffee for yourself but also for many people simultaneously. 

Additionally, the coffee-making process is more stable due to a blade that can work from 20 to 30 seconds or longer (based on your favorite coffee)) to grind nuts smoothly and finer. If you use the pulse mechanism, the effect may not be desired.


Don’t miss this step after drinking coffee, you have to wash Ninja Blender cups, support tools to avoid smell or stains. In addition, let’s pay attention to the blades, you may fix or replace them if they are ruined.

In case you can’t clean them now, you should soak your kitchen stuff in the freshwater because if the stains are dried, it is very difficult to wash them entirely.

How to Grind Coffee Nuts with Ninja Blender Coffee Grinder: Step-By-Step Guideline

Step 1: Check the Ninja Blade

You should get the Ninja Blade and check if it can operate smoothly. If not, you may fix or replace it. It would be best if you clean and dry your blender before putting coffee beans into it.

Besides, you have to check the power cord because the interrupted connection might cause a short circuit or fire. These accidents are dangerous for you.

Step 2: Pick a coffee type

It will be wonderful if we can pick our favorite coffee nut. You may refer to some info on the Internet to choose a suitable coffee.

Thanks to this step, you can determine the duration and number of coffee grinds correctly.

Additionally, if you need to make a lot of coffee at the same time, you should sort them carefully before grinding. If you still mix them in the Ninja Blender, the uneven and lump consistency will happen. Your machine may be damaged quicker.

Step 3: Grind coffee beans

Take a three-quarter cup and put it into the Ninja Blender. You should grind a small number of nuts per time and start to pulse.

Pulse is a technique, which lets your Ninja Blender rest in a short time and begin again. Due to this resting time, your machine does not have to withstand much stress during working.

If you use a single-serve cup, the grinding times are about 12 times. You can adjust the number of grinds in your machine to get the desired effect.

You should continue to keep the pulse grinding until you have a fine powder mixture.

You may stir this blend gently with a dry spoon and mix well. Thanks to that, you will have a homogeneous mixture quickly without getting clumped. 

Step 4: Enjoy an aromatic coffee cup

Pour coffee into cups, you can add sugar, ice, or milk or sip original coffee depending on your hobby and taste.

Besides, you may eat something sweet while drinking coffee such as cookies, cakes, tart, etc., if your coffee is too bitter.

You can also read books, listen to music, or relax a bit while sipping your coffee cup.

Step 5: Cleaning

After drinking coffee, you should wash all tools, including, cup, grinder, spoon, etc., immediately, because coffee stains are difficult to clean. 

If you do not clean them now, they may stick on your kitchen tools eternally. Your Ninja Blender will rust if you do not wash it carefully. 

Start by dismantling each part of the coffee grinder and wash one-by-one. Never ignore any position on the blade.

You may prepare a dedicated brush to clean all cups with dishwasher liquid. 

After washing, drying everything, and storing them in the kitchen cabinet.

You can use the dishwasher and ensure your Ninja Blender is dried entirely before storing.

Refer to this video to learn about grinding coffee beans in the Ninja Blender machine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Grinding Coffee Nuts With A Blender


Easy to Clean

If you use other complicated appliances, you may take time to clean and store them. However, Ninja Blender does not make you tired because of the confused cleaning steps thanks to integrating the working capabilities of both devices. 


The blender often has a compact design, so it does not consume space in the kitchen. You can put it in a small corner without difficulty.

Fast Solution

Using a Ninja Blender coffee grinder to crush whole coffee beans is quicker than other machines. It can operate rapidly and you just do some simple actions to grind coffee nuts.

Save Cost

A professional coffee grinder may be a bit costly but you can save your money with a Ninja Blender coffee grinder.

The Ninja Blender coffee grinder can replace a chopper, grinder, and blender simultaneously. Therefore, you do not have to buy much kitchen equipment and make the cookhouse mess.

Preserve The Original Taste

The Ninja Blender coffee grinder can keep the original taste after the grinding process. Don’t worry that you will lose the coffee’s full of flavor due to a Ninja Blender.

The intact aroma coming from the coffee cups will surely convince even the most fastidious people.


A Bit Bitter

You can feel bitter about coffee when you use a Ninja Blender to grind whole nuts. However, you can overcome this by adding sweeteners such as sugar or milk.

Although the coffee may have a slight bitterness, some people still like this flavor and enjoy it comfortably.

Vulnerable Consistency

The Ninja Blender may not sometimes create the mixture with constant consistency. Thus, you have to adjust the number of pulses to get the best result and remove clumps of coffee.

How to Grind Coffee Beans Without Ninja Blender Coffee Grinder

In case you have not bought a Ninja Blender coffee grinder, you can still grind coffee nuts with the following replacement solutions.

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle are the first methods that humans use to grind coffee beans before modern types of equipment appear, for example, manual and electric grinders.

Thus, if you have full energy and powerful hands, let’s try to grind coffee beans with mortar and pestle.

Step 1: Prepare mortar and pestle

Washing mortar and pestle if you have not touched them for a long time because they may be very dirty.

After washing, dry them and pour your coffee into the mortar.

Step 2: Crush coffee beans

You should put the relative amount of nut to crush easily and quickly.

Grind well until the coffee beans become a fine powder as desired by pounding and twisting the pestle.

Step 3: Making a coffee

When you get the fine powder blend, brew and enjoy it. Adding sweeteners based on your taste.

Step 4: Cleaning

The coffee smell can also affect other food’s taste for the next time you use it, so you have to wash the mortar and pestle carefully. Let them dry and keep them in the kitchen cabinet.

Food Processor Machine

A food processor is a multi-purpose unit. It will help you solve all tasks in your kitchen. Thus, you can use it for grinding coffee beans if the Ninja Blender is not available.

Step 1: Prepare and clean your food processor

Clean your food processor if you do not use it for many months. Check its connection, don’t let it a short circuit. Fix gaps in the plugs immediately to avoid electric shock or fire.

Step 2: Prepare and sort coffee nuts if you have a few coffee types.

Pour batch by batch of nuts into your machine bowl. Then you should close the lid to ensure the coffee mixture splashes.

The pulse tech can help you grind coffee. The food processor often has a pulse level setting, you can adjust and apply them to get the right level and the best effect rapidly.

You should tilt the food blender from two sides. This action will bring the whole nut in the outer ring closer to the blade. Your coffee powder does not have clumps or leave any nuts.

Grind coffee beans until you get the desired consistency. Continue to grind if you have to make many coffee cups.

Step 3: Brew your coffee blend and enjoy it

You can make a hot or iced coffee based on the hobby or weather. Add sugar or milk if you like.

Step 4: Cleaning

Wash your food processor carefully to prevent the coffee smell from mixing with other foods for later use. Let your unit dry and store.


If you don’t have a blender, grinder, and food processor, even mortar and pestle, a hammer is the last method to crush coffee nuts. It is really a creative way although you may waste a lot of time.

Some tools you need to prepare.

Hammer: 1 piece.

Foil: 2 sheets (or sealed freezer bag 1 piece).

Step 1: Prepare your coffee beans with a sufficient amount.

Step 2: Put your coffee between 2 sheets of foil or in the sealed freezer bag. Spread the coffee beans evenly on the flat surface.

Step 3: Take the hammer to hit the coffee nuts with a moderate and even force until you have a coarse to the medium mixture.

Step 4: Brew and sip your mixture.

Step 5: Clean and wash everything carefully and dry them.


Step 1: Prepare stuff

Take a small number of coffee beans, a large butcher knife, and a broad wooden cutting board.

Cleaning and drying the knife and cutting board.

Step 2: Crush coffee beans

Spread the beans evenly on the cutting board and place the knife on top of them.

Use the palm of your hand to crack the coffee beans. Slide the knives towards you carefully as they crack. Continue beating the coffee beans until the desired smoothness is obtained.

Step 3: Making a coffee.

Step 4: Clean and dry stuff once again.

Dough Rolling Tool

Step 1: Prepare a dough rolling tool, coffee nuts, 2 sheets of foil, or 1 thick plastic freezer bag.

Step 2: Pour the coffee beans into the freezer bag and seal it or put them between 2 sheets of foil. Spread your coffee on the flat surface.

Step 3: Take the dough rolling tool to bring down onto the nuts until they are cracked. Keep on going until you have the desired finer.

Step 4: Brew coffee and enjoy. 

Hand Mincer

The hand mincer is a kitchen tool to make pasta, mincemeat, and grind anything, so you can use it for crushing coffee beans.

Step 1: Measure the coffee and pour it into the hand mincer.

Step 2: Turn the hand mincer clockwise to grind coffee nuts.

Step 3: Pour the ground nuts into the hand mincer and repeat step 2 until you achieve the fine mixture.

Step 4: Brew coffee and enjoy it or use your blend for other purposes. 

Step 5: Clean and dry the hand mincer.

Immersion Blender

Step 1: Prepare an immersion blender and a bowl or high-walled cup (plastic or metal) with your coffee.

Step 2: Insert the immersion blender into the bowl or cup. 

Cover the top lid to prevent coffee from splashing. Grind your nuts for 20 – 30 seconds or more until you have the fine powder. Check your finished product, if you are still not satisfied with it, you can continue to grind coffee.

Step 3: Take the coffee mixture to do whatever you want.

Step 4: Clean the immersion blender carefully to remove the coffee scent, oil and stain. Do not allow water to stand in the blender when storing.

Final Thought

Coffee is a tasty drink and you need to know how to make it correctly to get the perfect flavor. We believe you can do it after reading our article. Let’s create delicious coffee cups or cook wonderful dishes from coffee for your beloved one. You can also share exciting info by writing comments in the below part.

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