Omega Nc900hdc Review: How Good Is The Product?

omega nc900hdc review

Fruit juice is a very good water and has many good uses. One of the great assistants to creating pure juice cups is the Omega nc900hdc and we will talk about this product below with the related omega nc900hdc review.

This product is very useful for its users as it is the product that maintains the purity, natural flavor of the fruit you use. In addition, omega nc900hdc is a product with an extremely smart design and high modernity. Therefore, missing out on this product is a pity.

The sections below of my article will cover what you need to know to learn the product before you own it, some information about the product. its uses and benefits are in your life and some products of the same type but can be replaced according to your needs and purposes.

Do not ignore the parts I mentioned because they will definitely be useful to you. Read on!

Things to consider before buying an omega nc900hdc review

omega nc900hdc review

The article about the omega nc900hdc review shows the most clearly about the omega nc900hdc product. Besides, you can update the information before choosing the juicer. Carefully read the information below!

Trademarks and warranties

Currently, there are many brands of juicer with diversified models and functions such as Panasonic, Tefal, Philips … You can go to electronics supermarkets for advice and best service.

About the warranty period, the juicer has a warranty period of 1-2 years, the longer the warranty period, the more assured you are about the juicer that you use.


Juicer has 2 types: juicer using centrifugal force and juicer using filter. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

– Centrifugal juicer rotates at a fast speed, separates the juice from the baits thanks to the centrifugal force, can be used continuously for a long time with a large amount of fruits and vegetables, but usually does not squeeze all fruit juice. The price of this machine ranges from 500,000 to 2,000,000 VND.

– The juicer uses a low-speed filter, the ingredients after being ground are put into the filter, separating the pulp and the juice. This machine can give you delicious juice glasses, help squeeze out all the juice.

Depending on the purpose of use and budget, you should consider carefully about choosing the type of machine.


omega nc900hdc review

Product price is something you should keep in mind when choosing to buy juicer. When planning to buy a product, you should clearly define what price you can pay. Depending on brand, capacity, material, …

If you have a limited budget, you should choose to buy a juicer with simple features, low capacity, with only one function of juicing. If you have better economic conditions, you can choose products with larger capacity, many convenient features, you can blend and squeeze fruit.


Power of the juicer is very important as it affects the working speed of the juicer and its ability to save electricity. The capacity of the juicer is usually about 200 – 700W.

With a low-power juicer, you must cut fruits and vegetables into pieces before you put them in the machine to avoid damaging the machine.

With high-capacity presses, the rotation speed of the machine is very high, it can be pressed faster and drier, but it can cause the loss of enzymes in the fruit, and at the same time make loud noises.

The problem of cleaning the press

Juicer with a complex structure is more difficult to clean than a simple juicer with few parts. In addition, you should use the juicer with a circular shape, the parts of the machine are similar in shape to make it easier to clean.

You can buy a small brush to easily remove fruit residue on the nets, filters or other parts of the machine. Note that the juicer you buy can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid.

Omega Nc900hdc Reviews

Omega nc900hdc reviews

Omega nc900hdc is one of the top best juicers on the market. It has a slow speed which helps to limit heat build up in the machine and leaves the flavor of the fruit intact. In addition, Omega nc900hdc is a machine with many different adjustment modes. This is very convenient. You can use it to grind coffee or grind pasta, etc.

Moreover. The machine has a fairly modern and luxurious design with many different parts such as design and color. It is very attractive to get the attention of the opposite person. I also believe you will love this product because it has a very quiet motor and does not make loud noise disturbing those around you who are studying or working. This is a big plus point for the Omega nc900hdc.


  • Durable material.
  • Quiet and light engine helps to reduce noise.
  • Retains nutrition and pure flavor of the fruit.
  • There are many adjustment modes.


  • Need a large surface area when in use.
  • The display is quite small.

Is it right for you? Why is it suitable?

For those of you who simply want to use the juicer you can find a wide variety of juicer available on the market. However, the needs of people today are many and you may need to grind cereal or grind grains or wheat, then Omega nc900hdc is a very suitable product for you.

Many people look up the keyword Omega nc900hdc online to learn more about this product because it fully meets the needs of users, especially keeping the nutrition in the ingredients used. for grinding, pressing, spinning, etc.

You are in the time to learn about the product so you probably know that there are products that specialize only in one mechanism such as juicer, coffee grinder, grain mill, etc. You will find very few products like Omega nc900hdc because it is a product that has so many mechanisms of action and including how these products work.

Features & Benefits

In this Omega nc900hdc review, I will show you a few features that come with its benefits for its users. In addition, I also help you to compare the slow juicer – Omega nc900hdc with regular juicer. You will see many differences.

Features & Benefits

The slow juicer for quick processing of nutritious fruit and vegetable beverages

The use of skin beautifying, supplementing essential nutrients for the body as well as helping to prevent, avoid and cure some diseases from natural fruits and vegetables increases the demand for these foods. for the human body. However, nutrients can be lost through the processing and cooking of fruits and vegetables, so it is practical and reasonable to replace them with juices.

Due to timing and circumstances we sometimes choose commercially available bottled juices. These products are not guaranteed to maintain the available nutrients and vitamins of fruits and vegetables, not to mention harmful preservative chemicals.

With a compact slow juicer, a suitable amount of vegetables or fruit, you can also make yourself a cup of nutritious, safe and hygienic juice in just 5-10 minutes.

The slow juicer ensures a full amount of vitamins available in the juicing ingredients

The operating principle is crushing and grinding all kinds of vegetables, fruits; Separating water from the residue thanks to the centrifugal force, the Omega nc900hdc not only ensures the taste of the fruits or vegetables in the juice cup, but also maintains the maximum amount of nutrients available in the juice. the type of material is fed into the press.

Simple to use, safe and useful

Select suitable vegetables and fruits and cut according to the size of the refueling man; Put the food in the juicer and press the fruit down with the push tube and you will immediately have the nutritious pure juice from the pressed vegetables. A glass of delicious juice, rich in vitamins and essential enzymes for the body is processed simply and quickly.

Currently, the juicer is also equipped with a safe shutoff mode, an anti-slip base to ensure user safety and increase the durability of the machine.

Some versatile juicer can also blend, blend, dry, wet blend like a regular blender. This machine has a body with many parts, many types of mortars, many blades attached; You can choose if you want to equip your family with both a blender and a juicer.

Squeeze a variety of fruits and vegetables

The slow press machine can squeeze a variety of vegetables and fruits that cannot be pressed by conventional presses such as soybeans, ginger roots, vegetables …

Squeeze frozen fruit

Another advantage of the slow juicer compared to the conventional press is that it can squeeze frozen fruit to produce a delicious, nourishing snow cream.

Continuous operation

Conventional juicer when operating creates great friction and heat, making it easy to damage the engine when operating for too long if it is not equipped with a safe shutoff mode. The slow press with much lower revolutions and heat, which can improve this situation, can operate continuously for up to 25 minutes while the press is usually 5 – 10 minutes.

Low noise

During the grinding process, the noise causes a great impact on the quiet space of the house, especially the house with young children. With the slow speed juicer, the noise when grinding is almost noticeable with just around 45dB. This makes it possible to squeeze the fruit anytime, even while everyone in the family is sleeping.

High strength

The slow-to-use press is more durable and can last up to five times longer than conventional presses. Thanks to its smooth operation, no worry about engine fire due to overheating, you can be completely assured when owning a slow press at home.

Which criteria to choose the best slow press machine?

omega nc900hdc review

Needs to use

Choosing how to buy the device also depends on the purpose and needs of your family. How many family members? How often is the machine used? Besides the purpose of juicing the fruit, do the family use any other purposes? Machine used for hard or soft foods

Price segment

There are many different price segments, depending on the household economic condition you choose, but to own a good slow juicer, the price will usually be higher than a conventional juicer.

There are 3 following price segments for you to choose from:

  • Cheap price: usually has a quite simple design, support features are not much and usually only squeezes soft fruits.
  • Mid-range price : this segment is mostly favored by users for its affordable price, affordable price, slow press machine with many integrated features and utilities to use.
  • High-end price: usually a machine with a prestigious brand name, a beautiful and durable machine with support for many different foods.

Design and design of the machine

Beautiful design is also a factor that housewives are interested in, because in addition to useful features, it also contributes to making your kitchen space more harmonious and beautiful.

There are many styles and colors of slow presses on the market today, among them the Savtm and Kuvings series are often interested by the sisters because of the design and eye-catching colors of the machine- Omega nc900hdc.

The material makes the press machine slowly

In addition to aesthetics, the material is also a factor that needs attention, good materials will make it much easier for us to clean and clean. Usually, the slow press is made from high quality ABS plastic or stainless steel alloy.

Tank capacity

Depending on the number of members of the family, we can choose the device with the right capacity. Choose a slow press with a solid design, such a large tube will help us squeeze fruit and vegetables better without having to divide the fruit into small pieces. If there are few families, less than 3 people: should choose a capacity of 500ml container, a jar capacity of about 600ml is suitable.

If your family has from 3 to 5 people: should choose a machine with a capacity of about 500 to 700ml, a jar capacity of about 600 – 800ml. If your family has more than 5 people: should choose a machine with a capacity of over 700ml, a bowl capacity of over 800ml is reasonable.

Capacity, speed of rotation of the machine

The power and speed of the machine are the important factors in determining the good performance of the press, and the degree of food pioneering. Usually slow presses on the market have capacities from 150W to 250W. Depending on the different features that manufacturers equip with different machine capacities. Choose a slow juicer with a high capacity, so you will be able to squeeze fruits well, even when frozen and hard foods.

Utilities and accessories included

Should choose a machine that supports the user during use such as: automatic power off mode when overloaded, safety lock, foot to anti-slip, … These factors are often added by manufacturers to help people use products more safely, increasing their competitiveness with other brands.

Of course, the more advanced features that will come with it are that the cost is not cheap, in contrast, the low-end, low-end models will be less likely to add the above utilities to the device.

  • Warranty: The slow press has a typical warranty period of 2 to 4 years.
  • Origin, brand: Origin and brand are always a matter of concern before deciding to buy. On the market today, most of the slow presses come from brands from Japan, Korea, Germany, … but are manufactured and assembled in China. Because domestic products always have higher prices when imported to Vietnam.

Difference between a slow juicer and a regular juicer

omega nc900hdc review

Ordinary juicer

  • The rotation speed of the juicer is usually quite fast, so the finished product is faster, saving the grinding time. The product is suitable for restaurants, cafes, and cafes when there is a need to use a large amount of fruit juice every day.
  • The price of the press is usually quite cheap For machines with a large capacity, it is still lower when compared to some slow presses. If you do not have good economic conditions, the juicer is often the choice you should prioritize.
  • The advantage of the juicer is often in the design. Some brands of household appliances produce presses with large designs. Food that needs to be crushed does not need to be processed but can be added directly to the product. From there, shorten your juice preparation time.
  • The product is large in size so users will have difficulty in cleaning.
  • During operation, the device often emits annoying noises, affecting people around them.
  • Because of the fast rotation speed, it creates friction between the parts. The heat generated is large, causing the loss of many vitamins in the fruit. The finished product produces less water and a lot of residue.
  • Can not squeeze soft fruits such as bananas, strawberries, dragon fruits, …

Slow juicer

  • The slow juicer has a speed range of 40 to 80 rpm. Slow rotation will produce less heat, so it will not cause a chemical reaction to destroy the nutrients contained in the food. The fruit juice will be richer in nutrients and more beautiful in color.
  • The product can be crushed to many different types of food. From common fruits such as carrots, guava, apples, pears, … to soft foods like strawberries, bananas, tomatoes and vegetables. Your family’s juice menu will be richer.
  • Due to the slow processing speed, the residue is almost completely processed, not mixed with the water. The juice will not get lumpy, causing throat irritation when drinking.
  • The press is quite quiet, and does not create unpleasant noise.
  • The cost of the slow juicer is usually quite high.


After consulting about Omega nc900hdc that you have some unsatisfying characteristics, this section I will introduce you to some similar products and maybe better. Check it out now!

  1. Kuvings CS600 Whole Slow Juicer

Kuvings CS600 Whole Slow Juicer was selected as one of the best slow juicer. You can look at the product’s design to see the creativity in the vertical design, in addition, the color is gray to create an important and modern look for the product.

What’s more, this is a machine that contains many good features of the slow juicer such as the cleaning unit, the puree part, the fragrance holder and nutrients.

Last but not all, the product has material and is made to be durable. This saves you the cost of repairs or maintenance.


  • There are many adjustment modes.
  • Has many features and benefits.
  • The product is durable and good.


  • The price is higher than the regular juicer.
  1. Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer

One of the top slow juicer products is not only Omega nc900hdc but also Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer. The wire is one of those specials.

It has a filter function and automatically uses the filter function when needed. This makes your glass of juice more delicious and delicious. Moreover, this product also has an extremely good mechanism because it runs very smoothly, without making a sound. This will not affect the people studying or working around you.

You should also not ignore this product but should also consult more carefully because its color design and design is also very good.


  • The product is durable, good and beautiful.
  • There is a filter for fruit pulp.
  • Nice design.
  • No area loss.


  • The price is slightly higher than the product site.
  1. HUROM Slow Juicer

HUROM Slow Juicer is the product chosen by many consumers. It is very durable and has a lot of performance features. It can squeeze fruit while preserving the nutrients in the fruit. Alternatively, you can puree your pasta if you want, or you can grind wheat to make flour. The product is very convenient.

And yet, its design is also chosen by consumers because it has eye-catching colors and a youthful, energetic design.


  • The product is durable, good and beautiful.
  • Creative design.
  • There are many features.


  • The price is higher than the product base.
  • Loss of surface area placed when in use.


In short, through this article you have a detailed look at the slow juicer in general and the Omega nc900hdc in particular.

You know the functional features and benefits of Omega nc900hdc for you if you own it. Moreover, you can also refer to some other product lines similar to Omega nc900hdc if some of its features are not satisfied.

Below, I share more with you about how to use the Omega nc900hdc in the most general way through the video below. Thank you for choosing and trusting our article. Do not forget to click on the link to see the product you want.

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