Oster Pro 1200 Review – Durable & Reliable Blender

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, we need a simple, comfortable and compact life, but we still have to ensure the quality that comes with it. Many people are aware that fast food is unhealthy, can cause obesity and also affects health with many problems with the heart, but it is one of the most popular choices today, simply because it is convenient, fast and suitable for the pace of work being done. So with our oster pro 1200 review, you surely purchase a suitable blender for your own. 

Consumers do not have time to manually prepare their favorite foods as well as ensure the hygienic and most nutritious quality for their daily dishes. So we will give some types of best oster blenders reviews then you can find the appropriate blender for your home and  improve your healthy life. Have a handy in-house cooking utensil that motivates you to cook every day, find and prepare a variety of attractive dishes for the family to enjoy and maintain a healthy diet.

To prepare a meal that is both nutritious and fast and convenient is really a problem. To solve that problem. A handy product was born, it was a blender that we will recommend for you in our oster Pro 1200 review. A highly versatile item that can both grind smoothies, squeeze fruit to serve business needs, but can also be used to cut vegetables, grind meat, grind dry seeds, and grind hard foods to cook tasty food and ensure nutrition for the whole family?

If you’ve ever questioned why you need to choose this highest-selling brand. Here is the oster pro 1200 review for everything you have to read this piece, which gives you all the details required for this must – have item. 

Consider When To Buy This Item

oster pro 1200 review

With convenient and useful functions, the blender has become an indispensable item in every family. The use of a blender will save you a lot of time when preparing food, making the dish more delicious, especially with some recipes, you will not be able to complete without it.

However, each family has a different use for a blender, so before choosing to buy, please note the following issues to be able to buy a suitable blender and most convenient for your family.

Types of blender

Currently on the market there are many different types of blender, some only have basic functions while others can grind hard food, or used for stuffing or mixing food. The most popular is a jar blender whose characteristics, capacity and price range vary depending on its grinding speed, durability, functionality, and blade design. Multi-function grinders can be used more flexibly, but their prices are usually higher than those of other machines. Hand grinders usually have only basic crushing and mixing functions. While most hand blenders are electric, the cordless blender is a very convenient kitchen item and offers a lot of functionality.

Features of the bottle blender

Because the blender’s bottle capacity is so diverse, you should choose the one that best suits your needs, choose from 1L to 1.5L is the right one. Blender jars can be made of glass or plastic. High-end grinders often use glass bottles, while mid-range and low-end machines are usually plastic bottles. Mini blenders often use plastic containers.

In addition, the mouth of the bottle is also designed differently, so choose a jar with a curved mouth because the ones with a flat mouth are often difficult to pour and easy to drop dirt out. A blender blade, if made of stainless steel, is generally better and more durable, especially when used to grind ice.

Features of hand blender

Unlike a bottle blender, a hand blender has a long, compact shape, very handy when you hold it to mix, crush, stir the mixture right in a bowl or in a pot while cooking on the stove. With its smaller blade design, this machine can grind a small amount of food very easily. What’s more, the hand blender is so compact that it’s easy to store in a drawer, some even have a bracket to mount to the wall. Currently on the market there are both plug-in and cordless rechargeable batteries, this machine is very convenient when it comes to crushing cooked food or preparing drinks and some other uses. 

Multifunction blender

Multi-function blenders often have a lot more functions than conventional machines. Although more expensive, these best blender juicer combos are designed with very high applicability: food processing, juicing or flour mixing and many other functions. These grinders can even replace some other appliances in the kitchen, so it’s worth investing in one. Other versatile grinders also have additional accessories attached, used with the machine for chopping or processing food.

Breville BBL620SIL


If you only grind soft foods you can choose a small capacity blender (Under 300 W), to save electricity and still use it effectively. For machines with low capacity, you should cut fruits, tubers … before grinding to ensure the durability of the machine.

If you want to grind more hard nuts, grind small stones (crush the ice before putting it in the blender), you should choose some best high speed blenders with a larger capacity from 300 W or more.


A home blender should have a full capacity of 1 liter, whereas a company blender should have a capacity factor of 1.5 liters.

The blade

More and more use may be made from stainless steel including milled foods. and can also consider the kind of blade: The kind of blade to use: With dry grinding, use a straight blade, a cross blade of beef, and a serrated blade of wet grinding.


Currently the popular blender material for a blender is made of plastic or glass.

Plastic: Advantages are light, but easy to scratch and after a long time of use may be cloudy if you store it badly.

Glass: The advantage is less odor, easy to clean, durable and beautiful, but a bit heavy and fragile. So when grinding you should be very careful.

Some other utilities

Today, for the convenience of users, many manufacturers also integrate a number of conveniences when buying you may be interested in such as:

Non-slip base: Helps the machine firmly grip on the table top, limit vibration during grinding.

Auto-disconnect when overloaded: When operating continuously for a long time, the machine is hotter than the specified temperature of the manufacturer, or you grind too much food at the same time … the machine will shut itself off to ensure safety for users, limit electric shock, fire …

The machine has a stuffing button with Pulse or P symbol: it helps the food to be mixed evenly when grinding, and users can use this function to clean the machine after using it.


Product price is something you should keep in mind when choosing to buy a blender. When planning to buy a product, you should clearly define what price you can pay and discover our oster pro 1200 review. If you have a limited budget, you should choose to buy a cheap blender. With simple features, low capacity, one function is to squeeze the fruit. If you have better economic conditions, you can choose products with larger capacity, many convenient features, you can blend and squeeze fruit.

Reputable brand

On the market today, there are quite a lot of blenders with many different brands. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before making a decision to buy any product. Nowadays, reputable presses are popular in the market and favored by many users. For these models, you can be assured of the quality as well as warranty services.

Oster Pro 1200 Review

If before buying a blender, when you want to drink a smoothie or fruit juice, you will need to go to the cafeteria, restaurants, and supermarkets to buy and bring with you worries about preservatives, additives, and so on unsafe food hygiene problems.

But with our oster pro 1200 review that you can choose a perfect blender, you can completely rest assured to make your own drinks, favorite foods, add or remove sugar, milk, water, salt … depending on your preference. In particular, you do not have to be afraid of your smoothie, your fruit juice has preservatives and additives because it is processed with natural ingredients, full of vitamins, nutrients and of course, palatable and delicious. friend.

In addition, you can process green smoothies, extremely nutritious smoothies with ingredients including a variety of healthy green fruits and vegetables.

In order to support you to exercise, gain muscle, lose weight, recover from injury … effectively, there are recipes for energy drinks, special nutritional supplements that you can not find outside, can only do it yourself. If you have a home blender, it will be easier to make these drinks.

Oster has become one of the popular brands that manufactures kitchen appliances and mixers.

Here’s an overview of the Oster name. John Oster set up in 1924 in his workshop in Wisconsin as Oster Manufacturing Business. Initially, he developed manual hair clippers to cut men’s hair. The company invented an electric clipper in 1928.

Its Oster Company acquired a Stevens Electricity Company two years later. Oster received the patents on the hydrolyzing blender from this venture. These blenders have also been branded “Osterizer.”

In 1960, Oster Industrial Company was acquired by Sunbeam. The firm managed to produce small appliances after the takeover. Today the Oster brand is a national brand under it’s Sunbeam Products.

They also have a broad range of mixer types, each for various users. See for your convenience some of the especially interesting oster pro 1200 review.

Who are suitable for Oyster Blender?

Oster blenders were somewhat durable, several of them last for ten years.

Oster blender seems to be useful for producing smoothies with frozen fruits, protein shakes and even juices. You can also produce nut butters including soups with commercial food features.

Oster is known to be really strong, with an engine that can match anything you want to combine. That is also the weak point of Oster, with the powerful capacity to crush food, fruit or vegetables, so Oster makes a noise that can affect the surroundings. Especially if you want to prepare food for your family in the morning, or noon when everyone is resting. So you can opt for another quietest personal blender instead if you don’t need a blender with as large a capacity as Oster.

Vitamix 36019 

Pros and Cons of Oyster Blender


  • It is indeed a ver­sa­tile device with countertop, per-sonal blenders or food preparation, at a rather reactive speed.
  • This unit is highly powder-producing for all of its budget range and also can produce excellent quality smooth products as well as shakes with no gross texture in the beverage.
  • This gadget has a pitch glass, which is quite seldom for a powdery mixer.
  • That 7 speeds & programming provide a strong combination.
  • This unit is well constructed and robust, with all-metal motor drives and couplings and an all-metal blade. The war-type services and helpful cus-tomer service in Oster are very pleasant.


  • This device is more powerful and loud for its strength than average.
  • It is not really steady upon this counter and it will operate hard.
  • The tightness of the key pitch lid can be a concern.

Features & Benefits

The purchasers are drawn by its inexpensive price, robust structure and flexible functions, the other being unexpected given the price of less than $100.

Power blending 4.4/5

Simple to clean 4.4, 5 4.

Sheerness 4.3/5

Material consistency 4.3/5

Authority 4.2/5

Level of noise 3.5/5

Functionality including Versatility

This powder-powerful Oster 1200 Pro gadget provides an impressive blending set.

Smoothie: It is made of a very creamy smooth-ie of fruits or also green végétal cells, whereas many blenders have green leafy ingredients throughout this price range. This gadget can even pulverize even seeds such as strawberries or blackberries without any residual seed residue. During the mixing phase it may need a swirl to really get off of pockets of air, but that in general seems to do the task really well.

Juice: This unit does not generate classic juice since it’s a mixer. The liquid would be sep-rated from its fiber. And yet if you want to create a very clear, smooth, often referred to as whole fruit, then perhaps this mixer is ideal for this job.

Ice Smash & Frozen Desserts: Also, this gadget has ample powder to grind ice and mix frozen ingredients. It can even shave ice on snow cones which can easily be used for baking frozen sweets and beverages.

Puree-ing: It really well purifies fresh or cooked veg-eta-bles. And the carrot puree comes with a texture that is perfectly smooth. It may also be the best answer for all those who seek a gad-get to manufacture baby food. So this blender fits with a sin-gle serving cup which is tiny batch food.

Soup/hot ingredients: the blender is free of a heat-ing elekt and cannot heat foods by friction but boil-ing temper-a-ture foods and can handle soup veggies coming directly from the oven. This computer, no doubt, is great for bullet-proof cof-fees too.

Pulse prep: use the wide or sin-gle serve pitch-er in pulse mode, and render a performance slaw-ad, hum-mus, sal-sa or shred veg. The low speed of the blender is very low, but the quality of its chop ping seems to be very high. The machine with the chop-ping blade as well as the slicing disk for stainless steel will also perform chop-ping, slicing, and dicing functions with a number of different recipes.

Nut milk: with that kind of blender it’s also possible to manufacture high quality nut milk.

Nut-but-ter: The blender is very shallow to produce a nut but-ter. This includes a stir-ring, and this machine is not supplied with a stir-per. You would be able to render fine nut but-ter in around ten minutes by stopping period-i-cal-ly and moving the concentration by means of a medi-um mixing pace. Yes, it’s a little timely.

Dough/battery: The dough cannot be kneaded, but the bats may be mixed. The kit of food processing and connection comes with chop-ping and slicing accessories only and does not have any dough handles.

Milling: Pulse or moderate speed functions can ground spices, chopped nuts or milled oats, but cannot produce baked meal.

Put it before in the pitcher while blending hard or leafy components into smooth-ies, then phase the pulse feature for a few seconds, and then apply your rest including its food and mix it into the smooth-ie pre-set program. Acting in this manner with the programs and levels, you can try to produce optimal outcomes with every ingredient you use. The bladder for 48 oz., and sin-gle-serve for 24 oz contain-ers are all the same, because even if you use one maybe another, there is little difference in the quality of mix-ing. The main differentiation is the amount processed.

In general oster pro 1200 review, this is an excellent and verticable system for less than 100 dollars, and it is particularly suited for someone who wants a mixer for large and small batch foods that doesn’t need a heavy-duty stand mixer.

Speed and Software Settings

oster pro 1200 review

That Oster 1200 Pro con-trol panel has a total of 9 keys. The following programs are available: green/frozen smooth-ies, food chop/salsa and milk shake; 4-speed settings — pulse, low, medium and high — and stop-off and stop-off.

The computer settings for milk and smooth shakes do the role really well. The reversed smash motion blades drag all food into the bottom, incorporated into the vortex, so that it is pointless to stir foods that are hard to combine. If every program setting is too limited for par-tic-lar operations, its pulse mode with the program may be used again.

Speeds and styles mix in all ways and levels from low, medium to high and back. You must click the pause button to disrupt either mode, and the pulse button operates once you keep it. This gadget has no setting for ice cubes crushing, but you’ll get there during pulse mode. Each blender provides strong con-trol over-processing for both pace and program-setting. The consumer may use speeds & programs to conform to all specifications. The man-u-al consumer often offers good instructions for how this computer should be operated for different purposes.

Simple to use and clean

An Oster 1200 Pro also has a removable blade, so some effort is needed to assimilate and clean this unit. According to the man-u-all of the customer, it should be removed and washed any moment it is used. As this is rather incongruous, it is all right to wash it with the next usage, by simultaneously washing with water and combining it with soapy water in a few seconds. Take it out at least twice per month for a proper washing. The room between the container and the plastic jar cap bottom-tom can, I would say, accu-mu-late some soil.

To disassemble this gadget, start by unscrewing the black plastic cap at the glass pitch-bot-tom. The sealing gasket can be withdrawn and you can find at that stage also that the blade system item is opened, ready to have been removed. When this blender is replenished, ensure that the foundation is tightly screwed into the pitcher and that the resin gasket is mounted in the correct manner. Anyway, it can spill, something very com-mon for those blenders with removable blades.

The key pitcher and the single serving cup are served each by one blade. Follow the same procedure for assem-bling and dis-bling sin-gle-serve cups and principal pitchers.

Unit of base and engine power

Its Oster 1200 pro is equipped with a powdery 1200-watt peak engine and a blade velocity of 19,000 rpm. The processing powder decreases to about 900 watts and it’s really fine for a mixer in that price category. The sys-tem engine has an all-metal drive shaft and connections that add hard-distance to the engine.

The foundation is constructed of polished plastic, so it looks pretty good and simple to keep it clean. Although the device is well constructed, each base of all this gadget isn’t quite stable and it usually springs over the counter.

Containers Oster Pro 1200

The blender is provided with a key 48 oz (6 cups) pitch-er, a 24 oz. cup sin-gle-serve and a 5 cup food processing bowl (only for food processing). The key container is constructed of high quality laboratory, stress and temperature-resistant glass of borosil i-cate. The Oster is among the few labels still providing the glass container that is so common with con-sumers. The bottle of glass is simple to clean and avoids unknown contaminants from leaching to food.

The wide container has a revolutionary concept for this model. It arrives with such an extra large bot-tom to make mixing quick. The black plastic seal, which is stitched on the glass container, has a trigger that guarantees that only the jar ties to the basis and does not split loosely. How-ev-er, the pitch-er plastic lid isn’t quite secure. If you really have this problem for your blender, swap the cover with the contact customer servo.

The sin-gle or smooth-ie cup and the food processor bowl are constructed of polycarbonate clear of BPA. The sin-gle serving cup comes with a stable and safe lid and an open/close lock.


This blender works with a pull-out blade; a sharp blade with a diameter of 3.5 centimetres, which is very wide for this sort of blender. That’s the six-point, two-point direction blade, which holds protruding blades down and up that enable food to travel easily with mini-pockets of air. All of this provides outstanding performance and a great concentrate for milk shakes & smoothies.

The blender knives, food processor blade, slicing disk and the post are all mounted in stainless steel and adds a long length to all the blade sys-tems. The blade appears very robust and strong.

Special Features

oster pro 1200 review

The blender is available in polished nickel and black finishes and includes few accessories. The key package is supplied with the counter-top and per-son-blender attachment. The package is available with the largest, sin-gle-serve container and the commercial food attachment. It is worth remembering also that a food processor is not ideal for a hard operation. The package price for the food processor is just 20 dollars more than for the original one.


Even though a noisy person is a preference, it is obvious that this machine is very noisy. It grumbles as ice with frozen ingredients is broken. The only solution I can give is to use some rubber under this mixer, so that the level of noise can be reduced noticeably.

Accessories optional

Although most accessories and pitch models are compatible among the different Oster 1200 Pro models, each Oster 1200 Pro features a new design which includes the broader bottom pitch-er and larger blades. This limits the variety of Oster accessories. This model contains just three attachments: the principal blender, the per-son-al cup and also the food processor, that can be purchased either in packaging or separately.

Watch this video to know how to clean your oster blender

Alternative Products Suitable For You

Almost all types of a blender, from hand blender to multi-function blender, commercial industrial blender have a certain vibration as well as noise. will typically range from 30 to 110 Db. The high capacity as well as the simple construction of the machine are the cause of the loud noise.

Now, with a high-end blender, there will be vibration reduction, noise reduction and will minimize noise, even run quietly and you feel like you are in a very space quiet period. If you are still wondering by some of oster pro 1200 review’s weaknesses and looking for an even more perfect. Here are a few alternatives we recommend for you

  1. Vitamix Professional Series 750


  • 750 Blender Vitamix Advanced Collection
  • Design of low profile
  • 2.2 horsepower supercharged engine
  • Excellent for crushing ice; greatest for smoothies
  • Consistent effects of mixing
  • Extra-long promise


  • Costly Expensive
  • Heavy

If somebody is a knowledgeable cook would know the brand Vitamix. It is the top of the range blenders that the amount of gold of the segment is considered. The Technical 750 series is incredibly common because it had the strength of the initial with a smaller profile configuration so that it can fit into a shell. You can produce soups with a smooth texture in your kitchen with this blender, transform chickpeas into sour cream & peanuts through butter and mix frozen fruits in a tasty sorbet. And you will struggle to find the device that made you easier.

The blade stays in the container for washing, avoiding the activities of removing all materials, and afterwards reassembling them. As you might anticipate the Vitamix to be priced at an incredibly long eight guarantee, but your purchase is secured.

  1. Wolf Gourmet


  • Useful forms of presetting
  • Engine 2.4 horsepower
  • Five Year Guarantee


  • Heavy
  • Costly 

With a professional stainless steel housing that matches the famous Wolf line and a range of mixing capacities, this High Performance Mixer is no wonder. The WGBL100S will annihilate even for the hardest fruits and vegetables within a few seconds. With a strength of 2,4 hours, their blades start spinning to 210 mph.  Apples, cabbage, celery, fruits: nothing is lucky. In only a few mins you can also make hot broth — right throughout the mixing pot.

4 preset modes exist: smoothie, ice smash, purée and broth. That LCD panel offers continuous input on mixing level, runtime & user configuration. That WGBL100S measures 20 inches high and almost 16 pounds heavier than any of its rivals, but if you have the room, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Vitamix 5200 


  • Strong engine
  • Material of quality
  • Easy to use
  • Good for hard work
  • Well-constructed


  • Costly.
  • Not a pleasant dishwasher

That Vitamix 5200 has become a good illustration of the high output of the company. Its machine succeeds over its owners with its longevity, easy controls and strong power.

The engine reaches 1400 watts. It operates with a luxury steel blade that transforms your fruit and veggies into silky drinks in a matter of minutes (such as smoothies or even creamy sauces).

  1. Ninja BL770


  • Strong engine
  • Good package with accessories
  • Concurring price
  • Security lock


  • Noisy 
  • Mediocre in challenging roles
  • Additional storage space is needed for all extras

With a high-performance engine and additional food processing accessories, its Ninja BL770 brings outstanding value to your stockpile but also comes at a decent rate.

Some reviewers claim they are satisfied with the strength, but troubled by the machine’s noise level. You assume the bad case and also the limited plastic spacers are liable. Many others agree upon this suction cup status and claim that the blender cannot be retained during service.

Closing Thought

If you process bananas & berries into smoothies or make a snack of strawberry daiquiris, a reliable blender will process the components into a smooth, creamy flavour.

After the whole oster pro 1200 review it is obvious that introducing this gadget to the kitchen opens up too many different possibilities for cooking food. This device can improve your life and create incredible, nutritious smoothies with utter ease.

If you’re searching for such a blender that does so much more than one item, that Oster Pro is an excellent tool for any smoothie lover, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran. If you still have some queries about that please see this reviews to find your best Oster blender.

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