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Top 15 Quietest Mini Refrigerator Bring You A Peaceful Home All-day

In order to choose to buy a refrigerator, apart from such criteria as saving electricity, beautiful designs, enduring operation, the problem of running quietly is one of the criteria that many people are interested in when choosing to buy a mini refrigerator. However, the mini refrigerator is also quite diverse in terms of price, size, cooling method, power consumption, and many different designs. Which is the right choice for you? To make your choice even easier, we've created a list of the quietest mini refrigerator to meet your needs and budget.

quietest mini refrigerator
quietest mini refrigerator
quietest mini refrigerator
quietest mini refrigerator
quietest mini refrigerator

Quietest Mini Refrigerator For Overall

Quietest Mini Refrigerator For Freezer

Quietest Mini Refrigerator For Energy saving

Quietest Mini Refrigerator For Compact size

Quietest Mini Refrigerator For Large capacity

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the quietest mini refrigerator, but you can also click these following links to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Top Quietest Mini Refrigerator Reviews 2021

One of the quietest mini refrigerators is Daewoo FR-044RCNM. This mini refrigerator's design is very beautiful, with the classic style and main mint colors that help stand out in your kitchen area. The structure of the cabinet includes a door and 4 compartments, including 1 compartment for making ice. Relatively large compartment capacity for you to comfortably store different types of food and foods.

This mini refrigerator is equipped with a direct cooling system in a short time, quiet operation, low noise thanks to the absence of a fan. Daewoo FR-044RCNM is rated quite high in saving power consumption.

Cabinet door material made of stainless steel alloy, good resistance, sturdy. The outside of the cabinet door is coated with a shiny powder coating that is easy to clean. The shelves in the cabinet system are tempered glass to minimize breakages, cracks, and the shelf positions can easily and flexibly change with different usage needs.

Inside the cooler, there are integrated knobs to customize the temperature to suit the purpose of using different foods and foods, thereby reducing power consumption and maximizing the efficiency of the operation.


  • Large capacity.
  • Fast cooling effect.
  • Premium materials for outstanding durability.
  • Luxurious design
  • Easy to use.


  • Costly

Compared to other brands, Smad offers a wide variety of mini refrigerators, with both 1-inch and 2-door refrigerators with a capacity of 50 - 150 liters to meet various needs of users.

Smad mini fridge has the ability to cool quickly, operate smoothly, save electricity, the tray system has a good bearing capacity, easy to adjust the height, and has a long warranty period.

In particular, the company also has many product models equipped with modern technologies such as multi-dimensional cooling or antibacterial deodorization to bring the best user experience to customers.

With a simple design, only 19.69 inches tall with 2 cooling panes, consumers are choosing to buy a lot. The cabinet's design is not large, but the cabinet tray system is smart, effective for users. Disassemble increased cabinet area.

Cabinet material is stainless steel, effective insulation, the power consumption is not too great. It makes almost no noise. It works extremely quietly, even allowing a person to sleep without any distraction on the go.


  • Compact, luxurious design.
  • Rapid cooling.
  • Durable, high-quality material.


  • Small capacity limits users.
  • Product cost is high.

Danby DAR033A6BDB Refrigerator design capacity 3.3 cu for the needs of 1 user comfortably, super compact design, convenient for living spaces, narrow houses.

This compact fridge uses Can Canororor's unique door and shelf system to give you storage space for a wide range of beverage sizes. This beverage storage can slightly cut into the main compartment, but the refrigerator's three adjustable shelves are still large enough for most products. The 1-door refrigerator does not have its own freezer compartment, and the simple fridge meets the needs of food preservation in a simple cool environment.

The user can easily control with the knob for the right temperature, the tempered glass tray. The stainless steel cabinet material offers high durability products. This mini operation is quiet, low noise making it become one of the quietest mini fridge.


  • Spacious
  • Modern design.


  • The noise can come out shortly after which it will run very quietly.

Midea is a reputable brand that offers good quality mini-refrigerators, freezers, durability, and stable performance for a long time. Midea mini refrigerator has a variety of designs, capacities for users to choose from. The refrigerator operates smoothly, cooled quickly, and less noise during operation.

Midea WHD-113FSS1 with a separate freezer and cooler compartment, rapid cooling technology helps preserve food optimally in a cool environment. You can easily adjust the cabinet temperature to fully optimize the cooling effect for different foods at will, thanks to the knobs in the cabinet to help adjust the temperature flexibly and comfortably as you like.

Stainless steel material for high durability of cabinets, bearing glass tray for easy height change, position to expand the storage compartment effectively, large cabinet volume, storage of many items, convenient to use. Midea WHD-113FSS1 incorporates fast cooling technology, saving energy and low noise.


  • Large capacity.
  • Fast cooling with many modes.
  • Outstanding durability with premium cabinet materials.


  • There is an ice appearance

One of the most prominent models of KUPPET is KUPPET Retro 2-Door Compact Refrigerator. KUPPET Retro 2-Door Compact Refrigerator with large capacity for large use needs of the family. KUPPET's high-end refrigerator model with direct cooling technology, fast cooling, optimal food preservation in the refrigerator compartment

This compact fridge consumes mid-range power. Separate design of freezer and cooler compartment, effectively making ice quickly, effectively cooling. The refrigerator tray is manufactured with high-quality tempered glass material, outstanding durability.

The cabinet is stainless steel, sprayed with black powder coating to improve product durability. Stylish design, size is not too large for convenient living space.


  • Beautiful color
  • Large enough to hold quite a lot of food.


  • None

We can easily see that the mini refrigerator Galanz GLR31TBEER and KUPPET Retro 2-Door Compact Refrigerator have many similarities. One of the most noticeable features is that the structure of these 2 refrigerators is a 2-door refrigerator, which has a large capacity.

Direct cooling technology, fast, convenient, refrigerator capacity is only about 0.55 kW / day, saving energy. 2-refrigerator style, with tempered glass tray, the cabinet trays easily change position for larger cabinet space. This compact fridge operates quietly without causing annoying noise. It is equipped with LED lights that illuminate the cabinet's inside so you can easily see the cabinet.

This compact fridge has 2 separate cool and cool freezer compartments, convenient for users to preserve food and make ice. You can customize the device according to your needs, helping to optimize the device's efficiency. 

The cabinet's size is not too large, suitable for small rooms, stainless steel outside to increase bearing capacity, and high cabinet durability. On top of that, it has a classic look that makes the refrigerator seem more expensive than it is.


  • Beautiful design
  • Lots of space


  • The stand in the main part takes up space.

This is a minimalistic, ergonomic design that may not win many style points, but it does everything it needs to do. The whole door's material is made of stainless steel, high-grade, easy to clean, clean, less dirty, and shiny. Accompany, it is the firm bearing handle.

The system of shelves, shelves inside the cabinet can be flexibly exchanged, depending on your needs. The trays' material is extremely durable tempered glass to avoid breaking and cracking during transport and use.

The cooling system of Midea WHS-160RSS1 is a direct cooling system that quickly cools in a short time. The system's operating mechanism is low noise, quiet, low power consumption, helping to save electricity when in use.

Convenient knobs integrated inside the cabinet help you customize the temperature to suit each different purpose. Accompany it is a LED light that supports easy observation.


  • Large space
  • Minimalistic design


  • Small freezer space and slow freezing.
  • There are no interior lights.

No products found.

With a low energy level, this is a suitable choice for an energy-saving quietest mini fridge. The inside of the refrigerator body is equipped with many compartments, which are convenient to sort and arrange. The tray and shelf system in the cabinet is easy to clean, to clean, made of tempered glass, so the food capacity is large, sturdy, and durable.

Inside the refrigerator, some lights and knobs control the temperature. The freezer has a separate lid that keeps the ice from smelling the food underneath.

Its sleek stainless steel look offers luxury and is easy to clean with water at the same time. Cabinet design with a simple wing, gray main gamut create a modern, luxurious space for your kitchen.

KUPPET does not contain Chlorofluorocarbon - this is harmful to the environment and users. AKUPPET refrigerators meet the RoHS (hazardous material restriction standard) from Europe.


  • There is a lot of room.
  • Stable temperature control
  • Utility design.


  • The freezer compartment is a bit small.

Basically, hOmeLabs Mini Fridge and KUPPET Mini Refrigerator are relatively similar. All have a one-door design, both space-saving and simple to use. The difference between them is the capacity of the compartments and the size of the cabinet.

The cabinet's door and body are anti-fingerprint and have good bearing capacity due to the stainless steel alloy. The shelf system is made of tempered glass, has high shatter resistance, is extremely sturdy, and is easy to clean. All the materials of the above parts are high-grade, durable.

You can flexibly customize the height of the shelf to serve the arrangement and storage of food and food. The temperature in this compact fridge is cooled quickly in a concise period of time because the direct cooling system reduces energy costs. There are many customizable temperature modes that you can customize to suit a variety of foods. There are also knobs to help you customize this temperature.

Like KUPPET Mini Refrigerator, this Mini Refrigerator from hOmeLabs meets the (RoHS) standards of safety and environmental friendliness issued by Europe. The cabinet uses a bright LED system to save energy and is easy to observe.

Convenient design with multiple compartments and compartments, easy to separate food, drink, and skincare products like masks or serums. The refrigerator operates quietly and does not make a loud noise, so you can keep it in the bedroom without worrying about noise.


  • There is a lot of room.
  • Compact
  • Minimalistic and luxurious design


  • It's too cold for the cooler, but not enough heat for the freezer.
  • There is no light bulb in this mini refrigerator.

The COSTWAY brand is too famous in the refrigeration market with high-quality refrigerators and outstanding durability. The COSTWAY refrigerator is not too outstanding in design because of its simple design, ease to use, high-quality cabinet material, durability, and high efficiency in the process of keeping heat. 

This compact fridge is made from stainless steel material, does not stick to fingerprints, creating a luxurious accent for your home.

COSTWAYa refrigerator applies fast cooling technology and optimizes power consumption to reduce costs during use, quiet device operation for quiet spaces, and mid-range prices. The ability to cool and fast ice quickly thanks to the direct cooling method to keep food and beverages fresh.


  • Wide freezer
  • 2 separate compartments


  • Small door racks don't hold much.

The refrigerator Willz WLR31TS1 is a silver color without CFC, friendly with the environment. The product is rated in compliance with the European Restricted Hazardous Materials (RoHS) standard.

The Willz WLR31TS1 refrigerator with delicate silver design and compact size will easily combine with any home interior space. You will not have to worry about the cabinet taking up too much space.

The shelves of Willz WLR31TS1 are made of durable tempered glass. Users can comfortably hold food and clean it easily. The quick ice setting feature of the Willz WLR31TS1 gives you ice cubes in just 1 hour. A separate fresh food storage compartment prevents smells. Your family will comfortably store many foods with modern tempered glass shelves.

Equipped with direct cooling technology, multiple temperature control levels help cool quickly, keep food fresh and flavorful. In particular, the refrigerator is equipped with LED lighting, which is energy-saving and more durable than conventional incandescent lamps.


  • Great freezer area.
  • Small refrigerator area


  • None

The mini refrigerator model has a compact size for personal use needs. You can install the cabinet in a private room to cool drinking water or preserve cosmetics. With the adjustable temperature knob, you can easily customize the appropriate heat level according to each type as well as the amount of food to be stored. As a result, the optimal cooling effect of preserving food for a longer time. 

Due to the integrated integration of the ice tray, the company has designed the freezer compartment with a very convenient anti-odor lid to preserve fresh food and avoid mixing odors with other foods.

The product has beautiful black tones and is easily arranged anywhere without affecting the living space’s aesthetics. If your cooling needs are not too much, this will be an energy-saving option. This mini refrigerator uses a direct cooling system that effectively saves electricity for users, and at the same time, operates extremely smoothly due to no fan noise.


  • The right temperature
  • Widely.
  • Utility layout.


  • It makes a high-pitched sound when it starts to run and then goes quiet.

The Euhomy mini refrigerator is rated quite well, with high-quality materials, durability and stable operation, and efficient cooling. Euhomy mini cabinet design with large capacity and large food storage, convenient for users' needs, low price is a competitive feature of Euhomy refrigerators.

Compact Euhomy refrigerator combined with luxurious silver-gray colors. Equipped with a fairly popular direct cooling system, this mini fridge can cool quickly while operating extremely smoothly and saves electricity.

Euhomy refrigerator also allows users to change the shelf to suit individual storage needs flexibly. Inside, this mini refrigerator also has a vegetable compartment to help you preserve fresh vegetables for longer. When using this mini refrigerator operates smoothly and stably. Temperature can be adjusted easily with the knob inside the refrigerator, helping to preserve vegetables more effectively.

The tray system is made of durable tempered glass, gives good bearing capacity, does not worry about cracking, and is safe for you during use.


  • Large freezer space
  • Convenient interior design.
  • Very strong cooling capacity


  • Strong cooling capacity is also the downside of this mini refrigerator.

No products found.

This mini refrigerator is equipped with nano silver technology capable of effectively antibacterial and deodorizing, keeping food fresh longer while not causing unpleasant odors. The product uses a CFC-free refrigerant, which is safe for the health of users.

This mini refrigerator has an ice-maker tray arranged on top with a separate lid, free from the underlying food's smell.

This type of cabinet has many different capacities for you to choose the right one freely. This mini refrigerator has a compact size and design and good flexibility, which is very suitable for families who often go on trips or holidays.

This mini refrigerator's outstanding advantage is that there are two separate hot and cold modes: hot mode to keep warm with cold weather and cold mode for refreshing purposes when it is hot. You can flexibly switch these two modes thanks to the easy-to-use switch system.

Besides the above outstanding advantages, this mini refrigerator is also used as a decoration thanks to its beautiful and luxurious design and design. The power source used for this mini refrigerator is 220V. If you use 12V electricity from the car, you must have a power adapter.


  • Small but still able to hold many items
  • Very reliable temperature


  • Small freezer space

This is a hot-selling refrigerator thanks to its compact design and very lightweight. It's an eye-catching mini fridge with a black and stainless steel finish. Balanced feet and reversible doors make it convenient to install anywhere in your office or under a desk. This mini refrigerator uses direct cooling technology, saves electricity, and makes no noise when in use.

The compact refrigerator is equipped with Nanosilver coating technology, which helps keep food fresh for a long time and strongly antibacterial. The cabinet is also equipped with a small, convenient ice-maker for freezing a small amount of food or ice.


  • Freezes fast.
  • Small frozen top compartment.
  • Manually defrosts fast.
  • Easy to use.


  • It needs frequent defrost.

Buying Guide: Tips To Choose The Quietest Mini Refrigerator

quietest mini refrigerator

You do not want to buy a mini refrigerator that makes too loud a noise during operation, affecting your sleep, concentration, or conversation moments with loved ones, right? In this article, we will go through the necessary criteria when choosing to buy the quietest mini refrigerator. Before deciding to buy your quietest mini refrigerator, do not miss this article.

Refrigeration Principle

There are 3 types:

  • Electronic thermal cooling:

This type of refrigerator is very suitable for storing beverages and food in a short time. This technology is mainly applied to travel refrigerators. Larger fridges are usually not in use because the performance is low.

This type of cabinet works on transferring hot heat from one side of the hot clam to the other side of it. As a result, it includes a heating feature, and the vast majority of users appreciate its heating rather than cooling!

Its noise is not too loud during operation, as the only sound you hear is from the radiator fan. Usually, this type of cabinet has lower noise than the air compressor. However, if you use a familiar high-end refrigerator, you will not be satisfied when hearing its noise! But anyway, this is also the cheapest type of cabinet.

  • Refrigerated by the air compressor

This is the most common type on the market. The noise generated by this type is mainly due to the operation of the air compressor, partly due to the radiator fan. Usually, due to its compact size, manufacturers rarely equip it with modern noise-canceling technologies. So if you want to put it in a bedroom, near a bedside, or in a luxury hotel, you should consider the noise it makes.

  • Absorption refrigerator

By not using compressors, they make very little or no noise.

Cooling Systems

There are 2 main cooling systems: direct cooling and indirect cooling. Let's take a look at some of the differences of each type below.

quietest mini refrigerator
  • The direct cooling system is equipped with a cooling system in the freezer compartment for direct cooling. Refrigerators using this system usually have a soft cost, low power consumption, so the cost is not too high. Since there is no fan, the refrigerator will make no noise when it operates. Besides, because there is no heat to defrost automatically, the refrigerator's heart’s temperature is always stable, making it easier to maintain the food's freshness.

However, you will need to do the defrosting yourself about 3 to 5 times a year. The amount of cold air naturally moves convection, which can cause uneven cooling between areas.

If you want to use it as a second refrigerator, the direct refrigeration system will help keep the fresh food longer. However, if most of your food needs to be frozen, a home freezer is a better choice.

  • An indirect cooling system is a method of bringing air from the cooler outside the refrigerator and using a fan to blow cool. This type of refrigerator does not require defrosting, suitable for busy people. Thanks to the fan, the cold air is spread evenly and cools anywhere in the refrigerator.

However, refrigerators tend to increase room temperature due to frequent defrosting and higher electricity costs than direct cooling systems. Besides, the noise during operation is also a point worth considering.

Since the refrigerator will operate day and night, you may be affected by the noise caused by compressor operation. If you are in a small apartment or dorm room and need to place the refrigerator near your bed, pay attention to the noise level when choosing to buy.

Noise Level

The noise level at 30dB is the humming sound, 20 dB is the sound of leaves touching each other or the second hand's sound from the clock. Ideally, it would be best if you chose a noise level of 25dB or less. Check the specification on the manufacturer's website or the accompanying product information sheet for your quietest mini refrigerator.


quietest mini refrigerator

The larger the mini fridge, the better.

It sounds different, but you need to know that buying a large refrigerator will save much more energy. With large-sized cabinets, the manufacturer can fully equip insulation panels, which helps the cabinet not have to operate continuously but still ensures the necessary cold and saves electricity than small cabinets. Equipped with insulation, it must operate continuously to ensure the cold.

However, you should consider your usage needs before deciding to buy.

Ease Of Maintenance & Cleaning

One of the reasons your mini fridge is noisy is the lack of maintenance and cleaning.

When using it, you will need to keep the inside of the refrigerator clean. However, you won't want to spend too much time cleaning regularly. 

To whether the cabinet is equipped with an automatic defrosting feature, you should also check that the shelves in the cabinet are made of glass material that is easy to wipe the dirt and the ice's detachability trays.

quietest mini refrigerator

In addition, the heart of the size refrigerator tends to be colder depending on the season. Therefore, you should also check the position and usage of the switch to adjust the temperature flexibly.

To choose a good mini-refrigerator, you should choose one with a shelf system made of tempered glass, which offers better bearing capacity than the mini refrigerators with plastic shelves, no worry about being broken, and also makes it easier for you to clean and clean.

In addition, to optimize the cooling space, the customizable mini-refrigerator is one thing you should keep in mind when choosing to buy a mini refrigerator. Thanks to this smart design, you will adjust the shelves as you like or remove them for more comfortable food storage.

Pay Attention To The Types Of Foods To Preserve

Normally, mini fridges are manufactured only to store beverages such as beer, soft drinks, bottled water, confectionery, etc. So if you need to store more fresh food, you should ask the salesman's advice to choose your suitable refrigerator.

Check out the video below to learn why your refrigerator is noisy and how to fix it.

Conclusion: My Top Pick For Quietest Mini Refrigerator

Now you are up to date on our top 15 quietest mini refrigerators, and we have pointed out the pros as well as the cons of each that we have mentioned above. We believe that you will make a suitable choice for your own. So here is our pick:

Hopefully, this article can help you choose for yourself the quietest mini refrigerator. If you would like to comment or require further information, please use my contact form to get in contact.

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