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Smoothie Books Recipes For Housewife

5 good smoothie books recipes for smoothies and juices that are good for the body, bringing flexibility and health from the inside.

Most of the fruits are cool, contain fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, moreover, they are easy to eat and also have many health and beauty benefits for women such as supplements. Water, avoid aging and anti-inflammatory… What’s better than having a smoothie that is both cool and refreshing and provides many nutrients?

But many women still wonder because they do not know how to mix fruits to create a delicious smoothie and bring a good combination for health.

For those who have a passion for the art of bartending and intend to try their hand at this field, books on bartending are indispensable support tools. The following article will introduce the best drink making courses that you cannot ignore when learning the art of bartending.

What Are Vitamins? Nutritious Smoothies And Weight Loss

One day the body needs to be provided with a lot of vitamins and minerals for the body, but to ensure it is full requires us to eat a lot, this is not possible because at the same time, eating a lot of foods. there will be risk of abdominal pain, diarrhea … The most effective way is to use fruits and vegetables to make smoothies that have both refreshment effects but also ensure adequate supply of nutrients for the body.

Not only that, drinking smoothies also has many effective effects on the body, but vitamins are also an extremely effective beauty method that many women have used. So taking a smoothie every day is very necessary and very good, recommended by nutritionists every day.

What is a smoothie?

A smoothie is a drink made from fresh fruits, containing a lot of minerals and vitamins necessary for the development and maintenance of the human body’s health. Vitamins have the English name as vitamins, this is one of the nutrients that have a direct impact on the activities of organs as well as parts of the human body.

This word is derived from the Latin word, which means nutrients necessary for human life. The human body cannot synthesize vitamins on its own, so it is very important to supplement fruit smoothies containing essential vitamins. Although the human body all of us only provide a very small amount of vitamins from vitamins, it plays a very important role for the development of the human body.Vitamins contain a lot of nutrients needed by the body


Smoothies are extremely nutritious drinks, containing a lot of minerals as well as nutrients necessary for the human life process. Here are some of the amazing uses of this drink:

Vitamins contain many nutrients that contribute to the structure of bone, teeth and blood cells that nourish human life.

Helps to effectively regulate the network of systems of parts such as the nervous system and heart, enhance the eyesight of both eyes, help the eyes to be bright and avoid myopia.

Vitamins provide many important nutrients for the body

Helps the body convert nutrients in food into energy for daily activities.

Drinking smoothies daily helps the body to eliminate toxins, rosy, firm and smooth skin.

Drinking smoothies supports the weight loss process for people who suffer from obesity or overweight diseases, helping to bring a leaner body.

Provides more nutrients, vitamins, fiber necessary for the human life process.

You are a person who loves to drink smoothies and drinking smoothies every day is very necessary for you, so you are the one who will rarely experience gastrointestinal diseases. Because your daily smoothie habit not only provides the amount of vitamins and minerals you can, but because the fiber content in vegetables is very high and especially exists in liquid form, it can be absorbed into the body. Many words help fight digestive-related diseases, especially taking vitamins will help prevent constipation, which is good for pregnant women and children.

Drink immune system boosters

In addition to being a beverage, smoothies are one of the foods that help supplement nutrients, especially essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, calcium … are considered minerals. substances not only provide and protect strong bones, but can also strengthen the immune system against common diseases such as colds and fevers… Drinking vitamins also helps wounds heal faster by promoting and Collagen production helps to heal wounds quickly.

Drink vitamins to help prevent cancer

As you know, the fruit contains a lot of nutrients necessary for humans. Therefore, when using fresh fruit to make smoothies, it will bring some effectiveness in supporting the treatment and prevention of cancer effectively thanks to the mineral content in the smoothie. Drinking smoothies also provides the body with a number of high antioxidant components that help eliminate and inhibit the growth of some cancer cells such as oral cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer.

Drink vitamins with beautiful skin effects

Not only has a great refreshment effect and health benefits, drinking it also helps women have some effective beauty methods from this drink. Fruit contains a lot of nutrients and water, so when we mix many hybrid fruits together, it not only increases the great taste but also enriches the amount of nutrients.

Today, instead of using some cosmetics and using vitamins as a very natural skin beauty drink that is absolutely safe from the inside. For women who are in their 30s, this is the most intense skin aging process and the way to slow down the aging process is to drink vitamins every day. The fruit in the smoothie contains a lot of vitamin C ingredients found in the fruit that will not only slow down the aging process, but also have the effect of whitening and tightening the skin. skin whitening takes place faster. Smoothies are a very easy drink and suitable for summer days.

Drink vitamins to help lose weight

Losing weight is something that requires perseverance of each person because we have to fight with very unpleasant cravings, but if we eat, the dizzying weight gain occurs. With many diet methods to lose weight but failed, now just drinking a regular smoothie every day combined with a reasonable exercise regimen can help you control your weight very effectively.

Fruit contains many nutrients, so just drinking a smoothie a day will help you reduce cravings during the day. Since the body has already received all the nutrients it needs from the fruit, a vitamin and nutrient-rich smoothie will be the perfect choice to fuel up without having to eat as much as before. In addition, drinking smoothies will add water from fresh foods, which will help your body stay hydrated and feel full for longer. This is also a drink used when exercising, helping to lose weight and beauty very effectively.

Our List About Best Smoothie Books Recipes

  1. The Complete Book of Smoothies: 115 Healthy Recipes to Nourish, Heal, and Energize

Drinks made from fruits and vegetables are beverages with high nutritional value, but the ingredients are simple and easy to find. The recipes given in this book are divided into two groups: fruit-based drinks and vegetable-based drinks. The preparation steps are very simple, sometimes just squeeze the juice, boil it for a better taste or press it with a machine.

Fruits and vegetables are foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, C and E are good antioxidants, while minerals found in fruits and vegetables such as potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur help strengthen the body’s resistance. Acids and proteins from fruits and vegetables are essential for blood repair and regeneration.

  1. Healthy Quick & Easy Smoothies

The book provides 3 methods of drinking smoothies for you to achieve your desired goals:

Lose 1.5-3kg within 7 days without exercise when applying the method of drinking 3 smoothies a day.

Lose from 1-2kg within 7 days by method 2 – drink 2 green smoothies per day and 1 main meal.

Maintain weight and form good eating habits, improve health, strengthen the immune system by method 3 – a green smoothie a day.

Not only does this book give you scientific recipes and methods to help you lose weight, this book also shares shopping lists as well as secrets to help you have a smooth skin, improve health and form a healthy skin. good eating habits.

Drinks made from fruits and vegetables are beverages with high nutritional value, but the ingredients are simple and easy to find. The recipes given in this book are divided into two groups: fruit-based drinks and vegetable-based drinks. The preparation steps are simple, sometimes it’s just squeezing the juice, boiling it for a better taste, or pressing it with a machine.

Fruits and vegetables are foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, C and E are good antioxidants, while minerals found in fruits and vegetables such as potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur help strengthen the body’s resistance. Acids and proteins from fruits and vegetables are essential for blood repair and regeneration..

  1. Healthy, Quick & Easy Juicing

Healthy, Quick & Easy Juicing is a book created with love and passion for a girl who loves yoga, is addicted to juice, carries a persistent energy, and wishes to spread a positive, healthy lifestyle. to the community.

In addition to the basic information for you to understand and be able to make juice in a scientific, effective and nutritional way to the maximum, “Hello Juice” also contains more than 40 nutritionally balanced research recipes. Quality and flavor, richness and variety, with ingredients that can be bought at supermarkets and food stores in Vietnam so you can tinker and explore all day for recipes. Auspicious and unique juice.

From the lives that have been changed more positively thanks to Juice that Huyen knows as well as her own experience, she always wants to convey that good thing to as many people around as possible, so that she can contribute to the same. You create a life that is colorful, flavorful, and different every day because living healthy every day is also a joy!


Referring to fruit, surely from young children to the elderly, they are very familiar, they are used regularly before or after meals. More specifically, there are countless slimming people who eat and drink fruit smoothies instead of starch and protein. Fruit is a favorite dish loved by countless people, buying a lot of fruits with a variety of colors and nutritional ingredients. The use depends on the taste and preferences, some people like to eat sweet, sour carrots or cool succulent fruits with a mild aroma. 

Choosing to use different types of fruit must suit your needs, goals and financial scope to help you cure diseases like a good panacea both physically and mentally. To do so, not everyone knows how to eat and use fruit to bring out the best effects with the highest nutritional content when loaded into the body. There is even a waste of peeling and removing seeds by mistakenly thinking that they do not know the inherent value of some extremely good medicinal, herbal and essential oils.

Even more dangerous, some people with limited knowledge make the serious mistake of using fruits in combination with vegetables, which can create many incompatible toxic substances that seriously affect health. Therefore, surely the majority of people want to find out the most complete, more useful information about: What fruits have important effects in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as heart, cancer Letters, diseases related to dermatology… Fully synthesize the restaurant’s tricks to make smoothies, ice cream, fruit cakes that are extremely attractive, delicious and beautiful, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to look forward to, ready to go. ready to spend money to buy books, prepare to start a business and show off their talents with family and friends.

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