Tips for Student Travel in Vancouver

Being a student in a new city is quite nerve-wracking. On the one hand, young people are filled with joy and excitement of being somewhere new for the first time. On the other hand, students may experience some anxiety and stress from being alone in a big city. That’s why it’s best to come prepared. So, if you are going to Vancouver to study, on exchange programs, or just to travel, there are a few things you better learn beforehand. Here are helpful tips for first-time Vancouver travelers. 

Get ready for a trip

Traveling is fun, no matter if it is a spontaneous or a planned experience. However, doing a little research beforehand may save you a considerable sum of money. Thus, before you head to Vancouver, why don’t you browse the web and find useful information about the city, including transportation, accommodation, food courts, and other places you will definitely use as a tourist? 

Additionally, early reservations frequently come with discounts, which is always an advantage for students. In fact, Vancouver is a city of diversities, so the choices you make will depend on the information you possess, so make sure you come to the destination prepared for the right choices. 

Seek free activities 

You don’t need much money to travel to Vancouver. Yes, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, many things in the city (or around it) won’t cost you a thing. In other words, you can try many free attractions and activities without spending any money. 

First of all, you can explore nature on the outskirts of Vancouver. This is an especially nice option for those who love the outdoors, hiking, and camping. Nature in Canada is one of a kind.

Secondly, depending on the season, most cities, including Vancouver, will have free festivals, open music events, exciting street markets to attend, and much more. So, better research such events and activities before buying your tickets. Perhaps, another fun and free festival is just around your ideal dates. 

Use public transport 

Here’s a simple but very helpful tip for you. Use public transport when you need to go from point A to point B. It seems like such a minor thing, but many travelers don’t trust public transport all that much. Instead, they tend to take taxis everywhere to rent cars. Well, it’s a mistake you shouldn’t repeat in Vancouver. The city transport there is inexpensive, accessible, and very convenient.

By the way, considering the size of the city you may as well walk everywhere you want. Yes, Vancouver is pretty compact, and it’s really easy to navigate. Hopefully, such a tip will be a life (and wallet) saver for any students out there. Maybe use the money you saved to order a personal essay from a writing service about your time in Canada. Such a trip is worth remembering. Read reviews like unemployed professors to select the most reliable service.

Visit in winter

Don’t be afraid to travel in winter. Many tourists avoid the winter season thinking it’s going to get too cold and snowy. Partially, it is true, of course. Winter is quite a thing in Canada. However, Vancouver is probably the warmest region in Canada during winter. It rarely gets too cold, with rain happening more often than snow. So, unless you come from a very hot climate, Vancouver will not scare you with its season change. 

Though, the benefits of coming in winter here are many. First of all, the city is a very tourist place. However, fewer people come in winter due to the reasons mentioned above. So, it means you will enjoy having all the sights and activities to yourself without big tourist crowds. Plus, booking places on short notice or getting discounts in hotels is much easier. Lastly, the winter holidays in Vancouver are really magical, despite the warmer weather.

Enjoy the Vancouver dining experience 

Vancouver is the Canadian capital of fine dining. Here, you don’t have to wait long till you stumble upon good restaurants, diverse cuisine, and dishes from across the globe. Needless to say, dining in Vancouver is a completely unique experience, and many come here to treat themselves to new restaurants or international food. 

Students will surely find something to their taste. First of all, you can find any Asian food you can think of here due to the large (over 45%) Asian population. Secondly, street food is rather popular. Finally, Canadian poutine is a national favorite among all students. 

Have fun with free city Wi-Fi 

You will be surprised to learn that Vancouver has hundreds of free Wi-Fi hotspots all over the city. So, coming to Canada for the first time, you don’t really need a local phone provider just to stay online. You can easily do so by just walking the streets and connecting to public hotspots. It’s quite a pleasant surprise to many travelers.

You are safe wherever you go

We often hear that Canada is a safe, tolerant, secure, and very polite country. Everyone in Canada is happy to help a stranger, you are safe wherever you go, and people will always be welcoming and tolerant. Well, all of this is actually true. Young people should not be afraid to travel to Vancouver or wander around the city. Any corner you take and the street you walk will be nice and safe. It’s best to watch out for your belongings, though. Canadians don’t give many promises about those. However, you, physically, should be just fine. 

Bottom line 

Whether you travel for the first time or the twentieth, Vancouver will have something to surprise you. For example, for all newcomers, Vancouver appears a rather small, quiet place, unlike what they might have imagined. Old travelers will be surprised to see how many new dining places have opened up or changed since their last visit or how creative the people were with their winter decorations this time. Overall, the city is easy to navigate and love, so don’t hesitate to come here. 

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