Top 5 Popular Universities in Canada

Canada is famous for its great schools and international study programs. No wonder young Canadians choose to stay home for college, and other countries send their students for Canadian degrees. These diplomas are valued all over the world and make a fine addition to any resume. However, the main issue here is choosing the right school.

Since Canada has so many strong universities, picking just one of them gets tricky. One may start to narrow down their choices by cities or regions, while others look for study programs and other academic advantages of each school. So, let’s see the top five universities in Canada to help you make the final choice.

1. The University of Toronto

Who doesn’t want to receive a degree from the best school in Canada? The University of Toronto is in the top 20 among the best universities across the globe. Yet it is almost unchallenged in the national ratings. The university has around 700 undergraduate programs and hosts thousands of students, including many international students from nearly every country in the world.

Being one of the oldest schools in Canada, the university is still known for its innovation. It’s surely one school that goes in step with the times. UofT scores the highest in classic disciplines like Medicine, Engineering, and Business. However, it also massively contributes to the art scene of Toronto and the world. Thus, it offers strong courses on culture and arts, encouraging talented students to enter the UofT rows. 

An interesting fact about the University of Toronto is that the school has no less than 44 libraries across three campuses and learning facilities. 

2. McGill University, Montreal

Located in the French-speaking region of Quebec, McGill University still offers multiple courses in English, which is rare for the region. However, due to the language accessibility, the university is not only the 3rd in popularity in Canada but also highly respected across the globe. Thus, this school has some of the highest ratios of international students. 

McGill University focuses on individual learning, prioritizing studying in smaller classrooms. Thus, it ensures that all voices are heard and no students lack attention. Of course, such an approach also means a greater number of teaching staff. 

The school offers over 300 study programs, the majority of which focus on undergrad studies. Overall, it covers around 20 disciplines, such as medicine, dentistry, law, art, education, and environmental studies.   

3. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Students often choose Vancouver as their place of study for its warmest climate, international environment, and strong schools. Sure, the University of British Columbia (ranked 2nd in Canada) is one of the top choices when it comes to Vancouver. It has around 60,000 students, with over 30% being international students. The school focuses on more than 20 academic disciplines, offering a large variety of degrees, both undergraduate and postgraduate. 

The school is also big on research and innovations, constantly presenting discoveries in various industries to the world. For example, the recent one was in the field of immersive virtual reality simulations, which put UBC on the map for all IT companies across the world. However, the school also goes strong in the physics and health department, focusing on disease prevention and sustainable food options.

4. McMaster University, Hamilton

Any students interested in research and scientific discovery should look into McMaster University in Hamilton. It’s one of Canada’s influential, oldest, and most respected schools for creating the generation’s brightest minds. This school is proud to name Nobel Prize winners, international intellectuals, tech innovators, and other leading names in various industries as alumni. 

Indeed, studying in this school requires good research skills, strong determination, and deep knowledge of your specialty. Fortunately, students can count on occasional breaks by ordering assignments online from the best paper writing services after reading reviews of their work. Still, to graduate from McMaster with honors, one must be ready to complete and work hard. The school’s prior focus lies within only six disciplines, including engineering, humanities, science, and business.

5. University of Montreal

As expected, this Montreal University teaches mainly in French, though several programs are designed for English-speaking students. Hence, it’s not a popular school for international students due to language barriers. Yet, the University of Montreal is closing the top five best national schools, so its reputation and high-quality education are hard to underestimate. Plus, it is certainly the main choice of all French-speaking Canadians out there. Moreover, it is the best French-speaking school for research programs in various disciplines, with a powerful network of postgraduate programs. 

Overall, the school has around ten academic divisions centered on social studies, natural sciences, arts, humanities, and health science. Plus, the university has many partner schools, mainly in Europe and the US, to cooperate in certain cybersecurity, health immunology, and criminology programs. 

How to Choose the University to Enter? 

Browsing the list of the top 5 most appreciated universities in Canada, a lot of students get confused, as making a choice seems complicated. Besides, keep in mind that the number of reputable educational facilities is not limited to the above-mentioned list. So, how is it possible to make a decision you will not regret? 

The most important rule the student should remember is that the choice is individual, and no one can make it except for the learner. Follow a few tips that will draw you closer to the desired results and will help you get settled.

  • Analyze the available options. Read information about the most popular universities in Canada, analyze the advantages and downsides of each, compare them and make corresponding conclusions. 
  • Find out what every college offers its students in addition to academics, as it may also influence your choice. 
  • Talk to people who have studied at the universities you are choosing between. Their reviews may help you single out the most beneficial one. 
  • University library may be the factor that will help you decide. Have a tour around so that you know what to expect. 
  • Make sure the university offers comfortable accommodation for students, as it is critical for the overwhelming majority of students. 
  • If you are fond of sports, find out the teams you can join. 

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