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Vitamix e310 vs 5200: Which One Is The Best For Your Family?

This is a comparison between two blenders – Vitamix e310 vs 5200

I am a food lover, especially smoothie drinks. And I want to share the information I found about good blenders so that you can choose the right blender for you.

Both machines are among the best and powerful blenders. However, there are still a few points that they still have outstanding features over the other machine.

Please go through this article to see which Vitamix machine is right for your personal needs.

At A Glance Of Vitamix e310 vs 5200

About Vitamix e310

This is the most popular blender line today. The most outstanding feature of the Vitamix e310 is that it has an extremely powerful motor, with precision and perfect quality control, making it easy to grind everything to the perfect smoothness, even the beans. In addition, this model does not cause loud noise like other models.

The Vitamix E 310 is a solid performer with only the necessary part combinations. It is similar to previous models and does not introduce any new features.

The good news is that it costs less than the previous entry-level model, and it has more functions. For a while, it looked like Vitamix had switched to just selling blenders with cordless technology, but this sample shows that Vitamix will continue to offer a series with just the basics (wired included).

The general plan of the Vitamix 310 is intended to be kitchen-accommodating. The blender estimates 18 inches tall and weighs 11.5 pounds, which implies it can without much of a stretch fit into the majority of your kitchen cupboards and top extras. As you might have seen, the Vitamix e310 sells a ton because of its reasonableness and execution. It accompanies a significant number of similar provisions as some other Vitamix Classic brands only at a less expensive cost. The e310 is just about as flexible as most models from Vitamix.


  • Users can easily adjust the speed of the blender to their liking.
  • Not only used to grind fruit, salad, but this powerful Vitamix blender can also grind pork, beef, … to create delicious sauces or soups.
  • The cup part of the blender has a moderate volume, is suitable for business, and is extremely reasonable for family meals.
  • Stainless steel blade, ensuring the safety of food as well as the taste of food
  • The cleaning process is carried out simply, no need to disassemble the blender strenuously
  • Cook many dishes with different recipes quickly and conveniently


  • Costly 
  • The trouble with high volume mixing, contrasted with the exhibition of other Vitamix blenders 
  • In the same way as other different blenders, the Vitamix e310 makes an extremely uproarious clamor when mixing food fixings. This is irritating, particularly at home, where it can even upset dozing kids while planning something for breakfast. 
  • The compartment that accompanies the blender is only 48 ounces and isn’t sufficient to make sufficient nourishment for an enormous family. 
  • Blender doesn’t have any pre-modified controls. 
  • The expense that accompanies a blender is far off for some individuals.

About Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 5200 Blender is a contemporary blender and the highest-rated model in the Vitamix Legacy line.

The 5200 was originally supplied in 2007, therefore it’s an older model, but its exceptional solidity and quality have been thoroughly tested by a large number of buyers.

Many homing chefs and unexpected business foundations, such as cafés and bistros, are still using the Vitamix 5200. Despite the fact that Vitamix has effectively appeared, it is still the most well-known premium model. Since 2007, there have been almost 20 recent figures.

The Vitamix 5200 is a Vitamix Legacy series relative. The Vitamix 5200 blender is not just a well-known blender, but also the most popular model in the Vitamix Legacy line. Despite the fact that many people regard the 5200 to be a more planned arrangement, it should be helpful and hence worth its money.

It is also quite beneficial, having unique features that make this gadget an ideal suit for your sustenance lifestyle.


  • The versatility of this unit is what buyers like best, especially the one minute you can cook frozen soups and cocktails.
  • Many users share it’s easy to make ice cream by mixing fresh frozen fruit with some milk.
  • This is a very easy-to-use blender. In addition, Vitamix wants customers to get the most out of the blender’s functionality, providing recipes that come with the product.


  • The motor will quickly fail, If you don’t change the grinding speed frequently
  • You can’t allow the blender to run at a lethargic speed for significant stretches without making harm the engine.
  • That is the compromise that accompanies having a blender that can mix nearly anything.



The two blenders have diverse compartment shapes. The Vitamix e310 arrives in a more limited and more extensive 48 oz conveying case. So it occupies less room. It can fit practically all ledges and doesn’t take up a ton of rack space. 

Vitamix 5200 has a bigger limit tank. Yet, 64 oz is appropriated in an unexpected way. Since it is a more seasoned model, the compartment has the conventional state of a more drawn-out jar. 

This represents the issue of restricted racking and extra room. The Vitamix 5200 will not squeeze into the low-hanging kitchen cupboards utilized in most present-day homes today.


The two models are the same with regards to motor force. The prevailing e310 is a shared 5200-year-old with a 2.0 HP motor. Vitamix 5200 additionally has 2.0 motor force. 

Nonetheless, the e310 is a more modest compartment that gets more force from the 2.0 HP engine than the 5200. In case you’re blending margarine or hard ice, the e310 will presumably do it quicker than the 5200.


Costs differ between models. The Vitamix 5200 is a more conventional and more established model and has strong form quality. It additionally costs a bit more than the Vitamix e310. 

In case you’re hoping to save a couple of bucks on these gadgets, the decision ought to be really obvious to you here. Yet, you can generally get a deal to change the cost to get the model you need the most.

Performance comparison

The e310 blender has the very presentation as the full scope of Vitamix blenders that highlight variable speed control. 

That implies it can make the smoothest smoothies, thick nut spread, and hummus. It can rapidly mix frozen pastries, make hot soups. 

5200 makes a generally excellent leafy foods drink in only a few seconds. It grinds into hard fixings, including pineapples, apples, carrots, nut spread, and the sky is the limit from there. 

It can pound any beans like espresso or spices without any problem. Moreover, it can effectively granulate flour, different grains like rice. 

The e310 has a heartbeat switch rather than the high factor switch found on the 5200. The 10 speed on the e310 is basically equivalent to the high velocity on the 5200. 

The e310’s speed control likewise includes a delicate beginning. This implies that on the off chance that you fire it up at max throttle, it will rapidly get a move on as opposed to beginning to pound at max throttle immediately as the 5200 does.


Both of these blenders weigh right around 13 lbs. The Vitamix e310 is marginally heavier than the 5200. It weighs about 10.5 lbs. Shockingly, their weight is so equitably disseminated despite the fact that they have various shapes. 

Notwithstanding, most blenders available weigh around 6 lbs. This implies that the Vitamix blender’s conveying case is much heavier than your commonplace juicer. 

This is both something worth being thankful for and something awful. The blender is a little heavier making it more strong on your ledge. Particularly for the Vitamix e310, since it has a more limited and sturdier form, the additional weight gives it greater solidness. 

Yet, on the off chance that you need to move the blender around and handle it regularly, the weight can mess you up.


Despite being the nearest, the e310 has a few nuances that we don’t see on the exemplary 5200. The blender comes about a year after the modern Ascent blender highlights progressed remote innovation and touchscreen controls. 

In any case, since the producer needs to show that it will in any case offer fundamental models, the e310 doesn’t accompany one of these new provisions. It simply acquires some styling of the sole, in regards to the dazzling bends on the sides. The machine is accessible in two shadings dark and red or completed in the record. 

Generally speaking, the 5200 (and other Legacy models) have smooth sides. The blender comes in three standard tones, which are dark, red, and white. It had two premium metal completes some time back yet they are not accessible right now.

Vitamix e310 vs 5200: The Winner

Generally, there isn’t a lot of contrast when contrasting the Vitamix e310 and the 5200, notwithstanding, you will track down that the 5200 can blend both little and huge clumps contrasted with the e310, which makes it ideal for prep work. nourishment for bigger families. 

Underneath, we’ve laid out the critical contrasts between the two, which will help you track down the most ideal choice for your requirements. 

The Vitamix e310 arrives in a 48-ounce container, while the Vitamix 5200 arrives in a 64-ounce container permitting you to plan bigger groups on the double. 

The Vitamix e310 accompanies a 5-year guarantee, while the Vitamix 5200 accompanies a 7-year guarantee. 

The Vitamix e310 has a stature of 18 inches and the Vitamix 5200 has a tallness of 20.5 inches. This may not appear to be a joking matter, however, it’s something you’ll need to think about when contemplating putting away your blender when not being used. 

The 5200 has a variable/fast switch contrasted with the e310 which has a heartbeat switch. 

The e310 has a handle made of Tritan Copolyester, while the 5200 has a handle with an elastic hold that will give you an agreeable, non-slip grasp on the pitcher as you pour. 

The e310 is stronger than the 5200, which is an interesting point in case you’re a glamor factor. 

With every blender so firmly coordinated in execution and elements, it’s practically difficult to say which is the awesome, individual inclination is positively fundamental. 

The 5200 is a demonstrated champ in most mixing tests with different brands, and the bigger 64oz compartment is truly valuable for bigger soups and plans. 

The Vitamix E 310 is a bit less expensive than the 5200 given the reality the fixings can be completely mixed. In the event that you have a strict financial plan, you can consider purchasing a Vitamix E 310 and save a couple of dollars.


Subsequent to perusing the whole aide, you choose which blender to purchase? On the off chance that you are as yet confounded, let me help you. I suggest purchasing the Vitamix 5200 in light of the fact that it has a huge conveying case, more guarantees, and the absolute best extras you will not get with a Vitamix e310 blender. 

So Vitamix 5200 would be a decent decision. Yet, in the event that you think Vitamix e310 is adequate for you, you can purchase this as well. You’ll wind up utilizing a blender all things considered, and the decision is unquestionably yours!

On the off chance that you have perused this far thank you kindly for going along. We have done inside and out exploration to present complicated examinations between the two blenders. 

In case you are searching for the best blender among Vitamix e310 vs 5200, we trust this article has added understanding to your exploration. With our aide, you will actually want to pick the right blender for you instantly.

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