My Vitamix Won’t Turn On – What’s The Real Problem?

What if my vitamix won’t turn on? Vitamix mixers have been around for years, but technical advancements have transformed them from an advertising gimmick to a white quartz countertops marvel. I understand you’re here since you have a Vitamix mixer and use this to make a variety of nutritious dishes.

Most professional chefs and experts are familiar with Vitamix like an elevated blender. Play with various Vitamix mixes to incorporate more greens into your regular diet. However, because it is only a machine, this could cause issues to occur as a consequence of its long lifespan. Imagine you’re looking forward to having a smoothie first thing every morning, however, the Vitamix blender isn’t working.

Vitamix Machines – How Does Its Motor Work?

Vitamix is indeed a high-powered blender. A normal blender does exactly what it says on the tin: it mixes. This product cooks while blending, and it does so rapidly. Five minutes is all it takes to make a soup: add the veggies, stock, and other ingredients, and then let the device do the rest.

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There are several features that distinguish these incredible machines. Despite the quick cook periods, the nutritious content of fruits and veggies is preserved, giving Vitamix a better option than a microwave. Cooking periods are brief. Despite the fact that I am supposed to be a load of bull soup connoisseur, all of my soups have cleared the Vitamix blind tasting. 

It’s just as good at making cold drinks as it is at making blended soy yogurt recipes. Vitamix operates by asking individuals to manually adjust blending rates up to 2 hp, allowing them to combine almost anything: cold drinks, chip dips, pancake batter, all types of soups… once it mixes, the Vitamix will create it. The warmer the motor becomes, the further it operates. 

Vitamix also can prepare anything spicy in a couple of minutes. Blender warms by friction, as opposed to radios, which employ high-frequency radiation that decompose the nutritious content of food. That’s because whenever it works hard, it pulls more power, which generates heat. A richer mix simply means the motor must work even harder and then, as a result, will begin to heat up.

Vitamix motors are slowed by thicker mixes, that’s why you notice as much of a mixed texture while using Vitamix! The width reduces the blades’ option to break through it and mix materials together, as well as increasing contact between them when they brush against each other’s edges.

Reasons Why The Vitamix Won’t Turn On

Thick mixes might cause the engine to heat. This should shut off when it runs out, but you won’t be able to switch it back on till it has cooled down. Blend no more than four cups of viscous mixes like hummus, frozen fruit, or frozen yogurt to prevent overheating. When mixing thick materials, use the highest speed possible.

If the engine overheats, pushing airflow into the exhaust with a blower or dryer (on cool!) can allow you to go through it sooner. Many people place the Vitamix bottom in the freezer to speed up the chilling process, although if you keep it in for too long, moisture issues may arise when you remove it. The content of this section will go into the causes that cause motors to overheat, why rapid speeds are beneficial.

There might be other factors causing this issue:

1. Unless the engine is overworked for a considerable length of time, this Vitamix features an earth fault prevention system that will close it down.

2. If you’re mixing anything too thick, like peanut butter and hummus, and you don’t want to add sugar.

3. Examine the lid button under the surface of the liquid if your device turns off while mixing and won’t come back on even after disconnecting and reinserting the power cable.

4. It’s possible that the lid isn’t fully connected with the bottle’s blade assembly; push down on the top of your object until you feel a click.

Vitamix Won’t Turn On – How To Fix

Vitamix is indeed a machine designed for ease of use. Its amazing processing rates allow it to complete even the most complex dishes, such as hot lentil soups, in a couple of minutes. Get something pleasant for your home (and oneself) and spend if you really can manage to decrease your cook levels down to minuscule decimals of the initial. 

The Vitamix seems to be a high-quality industrial blender that has been used in cafe kitchens across the globe. It’s made to last longer and can handle a lot of the tasks we undertake in our restaurant on a daily basis.

It aids in the processing of strained or frozen components, such as when producing homemade whipped cream, that is made entirely of peanuts. Everything I must do is add all of my ingredients into the machine, lock the lid, pick level 1, then gently speed up to high, using the spatula to press the contents down, allowing it to work quicker.

Here are some fundamental steps: 

1. Press the secret button in the center of the Vitamix symbol; then that will say option.

2. Force directly 1 and then 6 right away.

3. After that, press the Vitamix symbol twice more.

4. To replace the parent program, press 4.

5. To return to factory reset, pressing and holding for 4 seconds.

In most situations, the worn-out motor connection of a mixer is the main cause. As a result, you should examine the input socket and, if necessary, ask for a new model. Other factors might include the incorrect sequence of components in the jar, overfilling the carton, or blending too many frozen ingredients. If you keep the jar in the refrigerator, the knife may become caught and stop spinning.

Is it okay for me to leave the Vitamix charged in?

In theory, appliances could be left plugged in, however, there are many blenders that don’t have an OFF/ON switch, and these blenders couldn’t be plugged in overnight, so be certain to unplug your blender if you’re not using it.

In order to make my Vitamix blender operate longer during overwork or frequent use, constantly distribute the ingredients in the container with your spatula so the engine doesn’t become too hot as well as the mixer blends evenly. I would like you to keep in mind that even if you overused it, this would close down to relax, and the engine life would’ve been reduced, as a result, then use it sensibly.

Other Causes & Solutions For Vitamix Not Working

Let’s say your Blender blade becomes caught or jams when you’re creating a milkshake or processing some other item. There might be other factors at play.

The components are in the wrong sequence.

You have the components mixed up in a strange order. When you add unsweetened applesauce or snow in the mixer initially, it may become stuck in the gears. As a result, you should start with the generalization in the jar. As a result, it is recommended to combine water, cheese, juice, and milk. 

After that, add the delicate and fleshy components, such as oranges. After that, add the tougher components, such as an apple. However, tougher components, such as sliced apples, should be chopped smaller. Afterward, you may add vegetables, frozen fruits, or ice. Last but not least, add the legumes.

Therefore you don’t have to jiggle the parts around when unclogging the rotors inside with the spatula. Once the ingredients are properly stacked, the Vitamix performs at its optimum. The sword has readily grasped onto anything by putting fluid and soft components at the base, and can therefore be dragged in hard materials easily. 

If you place hard components at the base, the sword will only contact them at a slow speed, such as ice or dried berries. It may cause blade stuttering and motor socket deterioration. Keep hard materials at the bottom of the Vitamix motor socket to make it stronger.

There are too many frozen components

When blending frozen items, don’t put very much in your mixer at once. It’s possible that the blander will stall as a result of it. To get a finer blend, use chilled and processed ingredients. Overheating the Vitamix jar might lead the blade to stop rotating.

If that’s the situation, try emptying the jar a little and rendering the components. The rotors are rotating now, as you can see. Putting the Vitamix jar in the refrigerator or refrigerator According to Vitamix, you must not put the Vitamix jar in the cold or refrigerator.

High heat in the refrigerator might damage the Vitamix sword assembly’s components. It may damage the razor and cause it to become stuck before your next usage. To preserve meals in the refrigerator or freezer, it’s indeed preferable using a plastic bottle or other recyclable containers.

The motor socket is by far the most common cause of the Vitamix knives not rotating. The drive connection must be in perfect working order. Check to see whether it’s wearing out or broken. Look for a new driving socket when it is burned out. If Vitamix is still under the company’s warranty, contact Vitamix service to have the problem resolved.

The drive connection must not be built any looser or tighter than it already is. Fix this with a screwdriver if that’s too slack or tight. Additional reasons for the Vitamix swords not spinning include incorrect ingredient arrangement in the jar, too many freezing ingredients, or perhaps an overfilled receptacle, among others.

Worn-out drive socket sets

Unless your Vitamix knife isn’t spinning, it’s possible that the drive connection is worn down. But how can you tell whether the driving socket is known to wear? Here’s how you can do it. Examine the driving socket’s exterior surface for fractures, nicks, or scrapes.

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Inspect the driving socket’s inner pinion gear to see if they are rusted out even in good shape. Whether any of those items are present, the input socket must be replaced. The drive connection should be firmly linked to the Blender container and impossible to slide. The connection between the drive connector and the Blender container should never be excessively tight. 

The sword will not rotate at its maximum speed or will not rotate at all due to the tight driving socket. The driving socket is typically extracted or is weak. Another cause for the sword not rotating is a weak drive socket. It’s important that the drive connection isn’t too loose. This should be pushed out and able to move back and forwards slightly. 

It indicates that the drive connection is not excessively slack or tight. Vitamix’s input socket connects the engine to the management and implementation. If the sword assembly is stopped from turning, it safeguards the Vitamix engine.

It is composed of sturdy materials, so it will last for a long time. Therefore, if your Blender blade is not rotating, the driving socket is responsible for rotating the blade system. Between the engine and the sword, the drive connector is the most important component. It also serves as a deafening silencer for your Vitamix.

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Final Thought

Do you get what to do when your Vitamix won’t turn on? The high power of this engine could be to blame if your Vita blender stops or turns off during mixing. This is typical but does not imply that your computer is malfunctioning. When you put too thick components, such as dried berries or tea bags, the stall might occur.

This can happen if you tend to combine at a pace that is too slow for the quantity of stuff in the bottle. We suggest adding liquids initially, followed by thicker components like dried berries and tea bags, to avoid slowing or turning off altogether during usage.

Experiment with several speeds before you discover one which best suits each recipe. So, don’t worry when your vitamix won’t turn on because you can fix it after reading this post. Hopefully, this article is useful and you can use it as a manual book to deal with your problem more easily.

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