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What Blenders Do Jamba Juice Use? – The Secret Of Choosing A Blender To Make Delicious Smoothies

With the fast pace of modern life, we need a simpler, more comfortable, and compact life but still have to ensure the quality that comes with it. People all know that fast food is not good for their health, it easily causes obesity and many problems with the heart. But it is still one of the best choices due to its convenience. Consumers do not have time to manually prepare favorite dishes as well as ensure their hygienic and nutritious quality. Being informed, Jamba has created a chain of Jamba Juice stores selling healthy and convenient drinks and has been a huge success. However, you can also successfully make those drinks in just a few minutes if you can answer the question: what blenders do Jamba Juice use?

A blender is a prerequisite to help you make drinks that are both full of nutrients, fast and convenient. We have experienced, learned, and discussed together to give you the most accurate information about what blenders do Jamba Juice use. Therefore, the road to your healthy, firm body and smooth skin will not be far away.

This article will include the following contents: what features should a blender for Jamba Juice have; what types of blenders Jamba Juice uses; and FAQs about blenders for Jamba Juice.

What Features Should A Blender For Jamba Juice Have?

Depending on your needs and purposes of use, you can choose the blender line that is right for you and your family. However, to choose the best blender for Jamba Juice, please consider the following criteria.


To be able to make Jamba Juice, you not only have to grind soft things like fresh fruit, vegetables, or water, but you also have to grind a lot of hard things like ice and frozen fruit. Therefore, machines with powerful engines, with a capacity of about 500W or more, are very suitable for Jamba Juice. The advantages of high-capacity machines are strong motors, fast grinding, and can be used for a variety of hard foods. The downside is that the machine makes a lot of noise and consumes much more power.


On the market, there are many types of blenders that are usually made from plastic or glass with very diverse and rich designs. Regardless of its material, the blender for Jamba Juice should withstand pressure and heat well. In specific, if you choose a blender made of plastic, you should choose polycarbonate material because this type is considered to be much more durable. On the other hand, if you choose a glass blender, you can see the thickness from its mouth, try typing and it is best to ask the salesperson for the most specific advice.


For the multi-function blenders, you should carefully consider their performance and compare it with your needs. These machines are often integrated with a control panel, automatically turning on or off when there is a problem. You will receive more convenience and safety if you invest in the blender that is equipped with full functions. Especially, for blenders for Jamba Juice, you must pay attention to the 2 essential functions below.

The Blender Grinds Almost Any Food Including Ice

The blender’s ability to grind has improved, becoming more and more convenient and modern. Currently, high-end machines can not only grind fruit but also other materials. You can find versatile blender products, diverse in both types of containers and blades. More advanced products may require only a single blade to handle all different types of food without needing to replace blades or containers.

When you make Jamba Juice, the ingredients used for grinding are also very diverse. From fruits and vegetables to more complex ingredients such as nuts, dry goods, ice can also be pureed. When buying blenders for Jamba Juice, you need to carefully consider whether the machine can grind ice or not because Jamba Juice cannot be without ice and frozen fruits. Actually, the blender can grind all ingredients will save more time and effort for you to do other things.

Versatile Mixing Feature

Nowadays, many blenders have a very special mixing feature that mixes all kinds of purée. With some other machines, this feature does not seem to be very effective because when grinding, it cannot be mixed well. Therefore, you should pay attention to choose machines with good mixing features. After putting the ingredients into the containers, you just press the button, and the food will be automatically mixed by the machine. This mixing is usually designed separately on the control panel, but with such a simple operation, even if you are not familiar with technology, you can use the blenders with ease.

Blender Blade

Depending on the function used such as grinding, mixing, stirring or dry grinding, wet grinding, grinding hard objects, soft objects, etc. then the blade of the blender will be designed differently. You just need to change the blade accordingly when using it. However, currently on the market, there are many models designed with only one container and one integrated blade that can perform all of the above functions. But no matter what type of machine it is, remember to choose a blender with a blade that can grind ice.

The Noise Level Of The Machine When Operating

Most blenders make a noise when operating, especially when you use them to grind ice, its sound is several times louder. If your home has elderly people or children, or you like a quiet space, you should choose a blender with a silencer, which helps to minimize the noise of the machine when operating. Blenders with built-in low noise functions are often more expensive than other blenders. You can choose a suitable blender depending on your financial ability.

What Blenders Do Jamba Juice Use?

Countertop Blender

This is the most basic type of blender and also the one that can grind Jamba Juice most effectively. Usually, each countertop blender can include both the body of the machine and the container, the two parts are easily connected and cut apart for easy cleaning.

First of all, the body of the machine is mostly made of plastic. The outside includes the control buttons, while the inside is the important parts of the blender including the drive disc, the electrical circuit system, the motors, etc.

Furthermore, the container is made from high-quality glass or shatter-resistant plastic. Inside is a blade made of stainless steel along with the lid and stirring rod.

Besides, such a versatile blender will have many types of blades and containers that are diverse in both size and structure. The structure of the blender blade will greatly determine the smoothness of the product, also known as an important criterion to consider whether the blender can grind dry or soft food. The blade will play an extremely important role in the grinding process, a dull blade will not be able to produce quality products. In order to serve the different purposes of consumers, the blender has been improved to have can be more versatile in many tasks.

Commercial Blender

Commercial blender products are blenders that are often used in restaurants, cafes, etc. Commercial blenders are designed with requirements and standards in line with the business needs of restaurants and cafés. These needs are completely different from the needs of home use, both in terms of frequency of use, ease of cleaning, time to complete a dish, maintenance costs, etc. This is the machine that creates all kinds of drinks in the chain of Jamba Juice. However, it just ranks 2nd on the list because if you are only making Jamba Juice for your home, using a commercial blender product seems a bit wasteful and consumes much more power. However, we cannot deny that this machine has many advantages.

Firstly, commercial blenders often have great durability to meet the needs of all cafes and restaurants. Therefore, throughout their life, commercial blenders will have fewer maintenance costs. In contrast, with a household blender, if you use it for a restaurant or cafe, malfunctions and failures are inevitable, and repair and replacement costs will not be small. 

Secondly, commercial blenders usually have a fairly high average blending speed and can be said to be much higher than other kinds of blenders. It even takes less than a minute to complete a delicious drink for a customer. Faster completion times allow you to shorten customer wait times and increase customer satisfaction. Another equally important benefit is to help you improve the service of the restaurant and improve the productivity of employees.

The reason for such a high blending speed is because commercial blenders usually have a fairly high capacity, usually at 1,000 watts. Therefore, when using commercial blenders for home, we find it quite power-consuming.

Thirdly, a commercial blender that cares about the user’s ingredients and recipes right from the design stage. All details of commercial blenders are designed and set up to meet the need of all jobs at the restaurant and cafe. This kind of blender usually has a large container size and a very sharp blade with a stronger power to be able to grind a large number of ingredients. Some commercial blenders are also pre-programmed with each drink corresponding to a separate blending mode. You just need to press the button corresponding to the type of drink you want to grind without having to watch or do other operations.

While ingredients have different degrees of softness, a commercial blender will meet all your grinding needs, including high-solid ingredients like ice to create a grind.

Some models such as commercial blenders are equipped with programmable controllers or timers. This way, you can go hands-free to do other things while the blender is running, and the blender will automatically stop blending when it’s done. This is a good option if you work in a high-volume kitchen, and you need to be in several places at once.

Finally, it sucks if a customer comes to your bar and finds out that their smoothie isn’t as good as the last time they visited. A commercial blender with a stable and consistent operation will help you create products with uniform quality. 

Single-serve Blender

In fact, there is not an exact definition of the single-serve blender. However, let’s temporarily convention together that the single-serve blender is a type of blender with a very compact size and weight. It’s just like normal blenders but in a smaller version. Therefore, it also includes 2 main parts: the body of the machine contains the motor, the control button; and containers are made from tempered plastic or even tempered glass and can also be used as smoothie cups. It has very high flexibility, when grinding is finished, just separate the container from the blender, close the lid and you can take it with you. However, because these machines usually have a fairly small volume, low capacity, and weak grinding power, we have ranked it 3rd in the list.

FAQs About What Blenders Do Jamba Juice Use

Q: What brands of blenders should we buy?

Currently, there are many famous brands that produce high-quality blenders such as Blendtec, Vitamix, KitchenAid, etc. Anyway, when buying, you should choose brands with clear support and warranty because it will help you a lot if you have problems during machine operation. Usually, for normal blenders, most brands usually warrant for about 1-2 years depending on the model. The long-term warranty is an implicit affirmation of the manufacturer about the durability of the product, which means you can rest assured that your blender will last longer. You should carefully read the warranty policy as well as your rights and compare between many different brands to choose a blender with the best warranty.

In particular, Blendtec is often highly rated among blender manufacturers. You can watch the interesting video below to see the sharpness and power of blenders from Blendtec.

Q: Is there any blender that is really quiet during Jamba Juice grinding?

Actually, there are no blenders that do not make noise when grinding. Especially when you have to make Jamba Juice, the noise is much louder than usual because in the grinding process you also have to grind ice. However, you can still choose some quietest blenders that have the function of reducing noise to the smallest level.


We have shown you the article includes all details to keep in mind when choosing a blender for Jamba Juice and the types of blenders used to make Jamba Juice. Hopefully, this article will be a basis for you to choose the best blender for drinks like Jamba Juice. Wish you success in creating delicious and nutritious drinks to get a healthy body as you want.

Also, if you don’t know where to find the right blender, you can click here for more details on the best blenders.

Last but not least, if you have any suggestions for us or have any questions, do not hesitate to comment below, we will answer all questions for you. All your comments will be a small contribution to make our web more perfect in bringing knowledge to you and other readers.

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