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Wrong When Drinking Orange Juice Answer The Question Why Does Orange Juice Make Me Poop

Oranges and tangerines are all fruits that contain many nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, good for skin, bones, heart health, muscles, and digestive system… However, when eating and drinking water, This fruit and the following foods can make them “incompatible”, and then cause immeasurable harm to health. Read the following article about the wrong time to drink orange juice and answer the question of why does orange juice make me poop to avoid bad things from happening.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Orange Juice?

Orange juice is not only delicious but also has many health benefits. Here are the uses of orange juice that you can refer to.

  • Stabilizes blood pressure: Orange juice has a high magnesium content that stabilizes blood pressure, making it the perfect drink for people with low or high blood pressure.
  • Improves Immune System: Orange juice and citrus fruits are both rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen immunity, effectively fighting flu and colds.
  • Prevents Cancer: Vitamin C and D-limonene in oranges protect against mouth, colon, breast, and lung cancers.
  • Helps to beautify the skin, for a balanced figure: The antioxidant properties of oranges help keep the skin healthy and youthful, minimizing aging effects. Besides, these antioxidants also support effective weight loss.
  • Improve anemia: Due to its high vitamin C content, orange juice helps to absorb iron into the blood, effectively improving anemia.
  • Orange juice helps prevent cardiovascular disorders: Hesperidin in oranges works against an arterial blockage, reducing the risk of a heart attack very well.

How To Preserve Orange Juice?

Orange juice is very good for health but needs to be stored properly to keep its effects. At room temperature, orange juice can be kept for 1 hour. In addition, if stored in the refrigerator, it can be kept longer but not more than 24 hours.

You can refer to how to store orange juice as follows: It is recommended to store orange juice in a glass bottle with a lid in the refrigerator to avoid infection and should use a wide-mouth bottle for easy cleaning, but also note that Leaving it for more than 24 hours makes orange juice denatured and not good for health.

Instructions For Drinking Orange Juice Properly

We all know orange juice contains a lot of nutrients. But our bodies can’t always absorb all of them. It depends on how and when we use orange juice. How to drink orange juice properly? And besides orange juice, what other dishes from oranges are also good for your body?

Types of orange juice you can drink

The habit of drinking orange juice is maintained by many people regularly or even every day. With a sweet and cool taste, easy to drink, orange juice becomes a refreshing and nutritious drink for the body. However, have you ever wondered what kinds of orange juice there are? There are products called orange juice, but you are best not to use it, abuse it! Types of orange juice you can drink include:

Pure orange juice

Pure orange juice is 100% juice from fresh oranges and has not undergone any processing other than heat sterilization. Therefore, this type of orange juice retains its flavor and does not change its nutritional composition.

Orange juice mixed with other fruits

Another way to drink orange juice you can refer to is to mix orange juice with other fruits and vegetables. For example, mixed with apples, carrots, strawberries, etc. This new juice mixture is a blend of 2 or more flavors that will surely create a new and interesting experience.

Mixed orange juice

Mixed orange juice is a product line that has added several other substances such as flavorings, sweeteners, stabilizers, etc. They are cans and bottles of orange juice sold in the market. Although you can drink these orange juices, they are not good for the body. This comes from the cause: the nutritional components in orange juice have been modified, transformed. That is also the reason if you drink too much of this orange juice will affect your health.

When is the best time to drink orange juice?

Drinking orange juice properly also needs to be based on the right time. Accordingly, experts all say that 1 to 2 hours after eating is the most appropriate time to drink orange juice. At this point, the stomach has digested all the previous food and is ready to do a new task. In addition, drinking orange juice at this time also helps you feel fuller longer, less craving for snacks. In particular, do not eat oranges when you are full, which can cause you to experience bloating.

You also need to note that, do not drink orange juice at night before going to bed. Because in the composition of this type of water there is a diuretic factor that will directly affect your sleep.

Should you drink sugary orange juice?

The habit of drinking orange juice with a little sugar is very common and is not harmful. The sweetness of the sugar will mix with the sourness of the orange, so the orange juice will taste better. However, it should also be noted that the amount of sugar added should be appropriate. You should not add too much sugar to make orange juice lose its natural cool taste. Drinking orange juice with a lot of sugar will also cause blood sugar to rise, causing you to lose control of blood sugar in the body.

Don’t drink orange juice and brush your teeth

Drinking orange juice properly does not include enjoying oranges while brushing your teeth. To explain this, nutritionists explain: Because orange juice is highly acidic, when orange juice sticks to the surface of tooth enamel, along with the strong scrubbing action of the brush, it can cause enamel damage serious injury. So, the best way is to eat and drink orange juice and rest for a long time before brushing your teeth.

In addition, after eating oranges, you should also rinse your mouth to eliminate the adhesion of acid to the enamel. They will help prevent timely acid from eroding your enamel.

How long should you drink orange juice before drinking milk?

It can be affirmed that drinking orange juice properly does not include drinking it with milk. So, how long is it reasonable to drink orange juice with milk?

Nutritionists have recommended that you drink orange juice and milk 1-2 hours apart. This is explained to create space for the stomach to rest. When the digestive system has worked out with milk, you can drink orange juice without worrying about bad effects.

Why Does Orange Juice Make Me Poop

The answer for why does orange juice make me poop:

Drink milk with orange juice

Protein in milk will react with tartaric acid and vitamin C in oranges, it not only affects digestion and absorption of food but also can cause bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea… Therefore, should drink milk before or after you have eaten oranges for an hour or more.

Drink orange juice when eating seafood

Most seafood contains high levels of toxic pentavalent arsenic. Normally, these substances are not harmful to the body, but they are harmful to the body if eaten with large amounts of foods rich in vitamin C.

When entering the body, arsenic pentavalent will convert into arsenic trioxide, also known as arsenic, causing acute poisoning, if severe, can be life-threatening.

Drink orange juice right after eating

When you have just eaten, your stomach has to work at full capacity to digest food. Drinking a glass of orange juice during this time puts extra pressure on the functioning of the stomach, causing abdominal discomfort and discomfort.

Notes To Know When Using Oranges Every Day

Orange juice is very good for health, but it needs to be used properly and should not be abused, drinking too much and at the wrong time can be harmful to health. Here are a few notes when drinking orange juice:

Do not drink orange juice in the evening because orange juice has the effect of creating new fluid and diuretic, so it is easy to cause nocturia, causing insomnia; At the same time, the acid present in oranges will attack and damage tooth enamel.

Do not drink orange juice before brushing your teeth: the acid in oranges will stick to your teeth, under the rubbing action of the brush, it will cause tooth enamel to be severely damaged.

Do not drink orange juice with drugs: the acid in oranges will damage the chemical structure of the drug, changing the drug’s effect.

Do not drink oranges if you have a stomach ulcer: because they increase acid in the stomach, causing heartburn and making the ulcer worse.

Do not drink oranges before and after drinking milk: affect the digestion and absorption of food, causing bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea…

Oranges should eat how much is enough?

According to nutritionists, the amount of vitamin C and nutrients in oranges needed for a person needs to be based on factors such as gender, age, and whether or not a person uses tobacco, specifically:

Men over 19 years old should use 1 orange with a diameter of about 5 cm/day. Women need 1 orange with a diameter of 4 cm/day.

For pregnant women, the amount of vitamin C needed is 80 mg, equivalent to 1 orange with a diameter of 4.5 cm/day. And this number will increase to 120 mg when you breastfeed.

For young children, mothers should note that they should only eat or drink half an orange a day. The reason is that children eating too many oranges during the day can cause allergies.

For those who regularly smoke, it is necessary to add about 35 mg of vitamin C daily to compensate for the body.

Drink orange juice when you have a stomach ulcer

If you are suffering from stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, or pancreatitis, you should not drink orange juice, because it contains a lot of organic substances that increase acid in the stomach, causing heartburn and worsening ulcers. more; And orange juice has a laxative effect, so if you have diarrhea, you should dilute them with water and drink it little by little.

Drink orange juice before brushing teeth

The acid in orange juice adheres to the surface of the enamel and under the rubbing action of the brush can damage your enamel if you regularly eat and drink orange juice before brushing your teeth.

You should rinse your mouth immediately after drinking orange juice to eliminate the adhesion of acid on your teeth, preventing acid erosion with your tooth enamel.

Drink orange juice right after eating

When you have just eaten, your stomach has to work at full capacity to digest food. Drinking a glass of orange juice during this time puts extra pressure on the functioning of the stomach, causing abdominal discomfort and discomfort.

Drink orange juice with antibiotics

Orange juice contains acids, which can damage the chemical structure of drugs. And once they lose their specific chemical structure, antibiotics will no longer have the power to kill bacteria.

Drinking orange juice while on medication will put the patient at risk of prolonged infection. Orange juice can also interfere with drug absorption, reducing blood levels of drugs, reducing absorption from the intestines.

Is it good to drink orange juice at night?

Orange contains 14% Potassium, a substance necessary for blood circulation and metabolism of the body. Drinking a glass of orange juice every day will help you have good health. Orange juice is best drunk when you are not full or hungry. Therefore, it should be taken 1-2 hours after a meal.

However, drinking orange juice after dinner will not be beneficial for your health. Orange has cooling, diuretic, and neoplastic properties, so it is easy to cause nighttime urination, especially in the elderly and young children. In addition, you should not eat too much in the evening, it will lead to indigestion and bloating.

Therefore, after meals, you should limit the use of foods and drinks with many nutrients such as orange juice. Although it is not recommended to drink orange juice in the evening, after a meal, you can also eat a few pieces of orange for dessert, this will be very harmful to health.

Should I drink orange juice after breakfast?

When is the best time to drink orange juice? Many people believe that drinking orange juice after breakfast will bring the best effect. Orange juice has a high sugar content, and many vitamins and minerals, so if you drink it right after eating, it will cause bloating and abdominal pain. Poor health will affect the quality of your work and activities throughout the day.

So please note that orange juice should be drunk 1-2 hours after breakfast is the best. This is the right time when the body is not hungry and not too full, which will limit the situation of fermented orange juice causing bloating. Many housewives often prepare orange juice and store it for a long time, leading to the loss of nutrients in oranges. Young children with poor resistance and digestive system when drinking orange juice for a long time will lead to diarrhea.

After sports

Orange juice provides a lot of energy for the body, helping you recover quickly. Therefore, drinking orange juice before and after exercise is reasonable, helping to tone muscles and replenish energy fastest.

In addition, orange juice will bring the best effect when you drink it when you are not hungry. So every day, drink a glass of orange juice after breakfast or lunch for 1-2 hours. Orange juice will bring you health, full of energy to study and work effectively. Children who are in puberty should drink orange juice daily for muscle growth and height.


With all the great information on drinking orange juice the right way, do you know how to use this juice? Hopefully, with this article you have understood why does orange juice make me poop?

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